Delegation of Ubuntu development teams

Traditionally, Ubuntu developers gained upload access through a two-tier system of ubuntu-core-dev (full access) and motu (universe and multiverse components). However, this meant that experts in particular fields often had to spend time on areas they weren't very interested in, in order to demonstrate enough general capability to be added to one of these teams.

We are now moving towards a finer-grained system for this, which makes it easier to grant access to specialist developers. The ability to grant upload access to parts of Ubuntu, divided up by source packages, can be delegated to responsible and well-organised development teams. Several teams are now using this system with reasonable success.

Which teams can take part?

If your team manages an Ubuntu flavour (e.g. Kubuntu, Xubuntu, etc.) which already has its own seeds, or if your team manages a collection of related packages (e.g. "games" or "chemistry packages"), then you are eligible to take part.

We will expect teams applying for this system to be well-organised and to already have good standing in the Ubuntu development community. If you're just looking to get upload access to a few packages, you may be better off applying for per-package upload access.

How does delegation work?

The packages your team should be able to upload will be aggregated into a "package set" in Launchpad, and a permission entry will be added for your team. You can inspect existing permissions using the edit-acl tool in bzr co lp:ubuntu-archive-tools. In the case of an Ubuntu flavour, the contents of the package set will be managed semi-automatically by archive administrators; in other cases it will be managed manually by the Developer Membership Board.

Teams approving their own members

We may grant your team's administrators the ability to grant upload access to parts of Ubuntu. In this event, we'll want to make sure that you're acting in general accordance with how other teams work. The following are the basic requirements:

  • Applications should be announced to an appropriate publicly-readable mailing list, to provide an opportunity for feedback.
  • Successful applications, or administrator additions, must be announced to and to an appropriate publicly-readable mailing list for the team.

  • developer-membership-board must be a co-administrator or the owner of your team.

  • ubuntu-core-dev must be a member of your team

  • Applicants must meet the general requirements for specialist Ubuntu developers.

  • Your team must maintain a wiki page describing your policy for granting upload access, and any special requirements for team membership.

If not, applicants will follow the standard application process.

How can I request a new team?

  • Email with

    • A description of your set of packages. The Developer Membership Board will use this description to verify which packages should belong to the set both now and for future changes. This description should contain a name for the team and set out critera against which packages can be tested for membership.
    • An initial list of packages.
    • An initial list of members (with Launchpad IDs).
  • The Developer Membership Board, at its next meeting (providing this is more than 7 days after the application), will discuss the package set with the applicants and then vote on its creation. When applying for a set, please be prepared to attend an IRC DMB meeting.
  • The Developer Membership Board will take care of creating the package set and ensuring that the requested permissions are granted.

Changes to package permissions

  • Email with the proposed change(s) and the team to which the change applies

  • A Developer Membership Board member will review the request and either make the change or ask for further clarification if it us unclear that the package falls under the delegation granted when the team was created.



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