Most Ubuntu-specific packages and big part of Ubuntu's infrastructure used to be maintained in Bazaar repositories in the past, but since then Git became the most widely used version control system. Launchpad already supports Git and there are guidelines for converting still existing Bazaar repositories to Git (1,2).

Automated conversion tools

If you would like to convert your existing repositories there are existing solutions minimizing the manual steps:

  • Desktop Team's DesktopTeam/git/NewPackageImport based on git-remote-bzr with presets for desktop packages

  • Generic mass conversion tool based on bzr fast-export (verifying the result with git-remote-bzr) merging multiple Bazaar branches to a single git reposity set up for pushing it back to Launchpad.

    • Known Issues:
      • - Git does not store empty directories thus their addition is omitted from the history, but empty directories present in the top of the Bazaar branches are preserved by also adding an empty .keep file.

        - Archive's default bzr does not attach metadata as text to commit messages, the following PPA hosts an updated package to do it: ppa:rbalint/bzr-to-git

Packages currently maintained in Bazaar repositories

Packages can declare the repository where they are maintained in debian/control's Vcs-* fields. The following packages still declare a Bazaar repository in Vcs-Bzr in Ubuntu's development release: Packaging repositories in Bazaar by Team

Migration Schedule

Packaging repositories can be migrated independently usually, ideally when there are no outstanding merge proposals against any of the branches. There are a few cases where the repository is changing often and the migration needs coordination with the contributors.

Please add your package below and the planned time of migration if you would like to announce the migration in advance and want to give time for either merging or closing outstanding merge proposals.

Repository Migration Plans

* livecd-rootfs 2018-12-12, moved to: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/livecd-rootfs/+git/livecd-rootfs

Ubuntu's infrastructure in Bazaar repositories

Tools needed in archive administration and related activities are collected here: https://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/+git/bzr-git-mass-convert/tree/infrastructure-in-bzr.txt

Migration Schedule


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