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We aim to get weekly news out about Ubuntu Development. With such a huge variety of teams and efforts going on, it's important that we do our best to

  • keep everybody up to date
  • celebrate excellent work that is going on
  • provide insight into Ubuntu development
  • invite new developers in



Currently the weekly development update is posted on:

Also is it mentioned by the @ubuntudev account on social networks:

Help out

We need help to write these updates and collect great information. If you are interested in joining a young team interest in Ubuntu development, please join the ubuntu-news-team mailing list and introduce yourself. We're happy to have you on board!


Up until now the guides had this or a similar structure:

  1. Dev update
    1. News from Ubuntu development
    2. Quick look at the ReleaseSchedule

    3. Upcoming Events
    4. Call for help
    5. Welcoming new contributors / new uploaders
  2. Interview with contributors / Spotlight on a team or initiative
  3. Closing with instructions to get involved / get in touch

Submit news

If you have development news you want us to include, get them to (and prefix the subject with "[dev]") until Thursday. We are interested in almost every story. If you want to

  • highlight some great work done by somebody else
  • explain some changes that are upcoming
  • ask for help on a project
  • give a bit of background about something your team is working on
  • an interview you did
  • ...

Thanks a lot in advance!

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