As brought up on the Edgy Forum (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=189739), Ubuntu users are showing an interest in launching a service that would act similar to MS Live or .Mac and be targeted for launch in the timeframe of Edgy+1. This idea has been raised previously under the name Ubuntu(Dot)Mac and has pages on the wiki and in Launchpad, but this page was created for the community to start brainstorming about the features they would like to see included and also about possible pricing points since such a service should not be expected to be completely free. The general consensus so far seems to be to utilize the existing ubuntu.net domain for a service like this either under the name Ubuntu.Net or Ubuntu Live.

Ideas from the community so far include:

  • File backup
  • Universal login between the wiki, Launchpad, Ubuntu Forums, Ubuntu.Net, and future sites
    • Login would also provide all users with a free email address
    • Provide Ekiga soft phone compatable entry/directory/service.
    • Instant messaging, other Presence services.
  • Addition of multiplayer games (think Zone.com, Yahoo! Games, etc.)
    • This really should be a GNOME issue rather than here. Except perhaps the issue of where to put a game presence server.

These features are also listed on the UbuntuMac wiki page:

  • Calendar/Address Book synchronization
  • RSS reader
  • Public homepage with CMS
  • Blog
  • Ability to read documents/view photos online
  • Music store (probably not the scope of this idea)
  • Group functionality
  • Guest access
  • VoIP service

(For more information on the above points, see the UbuntuMac wiki page

To anyone reading this page: please feel free to add your own ideas, comments, etc. However, as this is a discussion page, please do not delete anything someone else has written!!! Simply indent and add it directly under what someone else has said, or just add your feedback at the bottom of the page.

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