Make the Breezy live CD competitive with, or superior to, any other modern live CD platform.


Scope and Use Cases

  • Breezy's live CD must be feature-comparable to popular live CDs, including Knoppix and Morphix

Implementation Plan

Data Preservation and Migration

Packages Affected

User Interface Requirements

Outstanding Issues


  • Infrastructure
    • unionfs vs. device-mapper

      • done - 09/05/2005 with kernel upload.
        • NOTE: PPC still does not have unionfs.
        • hch from #debian-kernel says that unionfs is generally oopsorama.
      • 2005/07/29 - ppc has unionfs too.
      • 2005-08-15 - unionfs udebs added, casper support added and uploaded.
    • squashfs vs. cloop

      • done - 10/05/2005 with kernel upload.
  • Features
    • Automatic mounting of hard disk partitions
      • Read-only or read/write?
      • What to do about unclean filesystems? (e.g., swsusp)
    • Recovery tools
      • Graphical partition table editor?
    • Persistence
      • Persistent home directory
      • Persistent filesystem overlay
    • "Share this CD": one-click bittorrent seed

UDU Pre-Work

  • Create feature comparison matrix for Ubuntu live vs. Knoppix vs. Morphix vs. ???


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