I propose creating a structure or framework for collecting and grouping ideas. I'm visualising a pyramid.

Below Ground Level: Detecting hardware and "just working."

We can probably agree that if Ubuntu doesn't work with someone's hardware, that is outside the scope of the BrainStorm and is either a bug or for another session. The common problems with wifi and sound probably fall into this area.

Level 1: Annoying little stuff / tweaks to the OS

Things the user needs to do to get full operational. Examples would include accessing a network computer or setting up a modem.

Level 2: Adding functionality to existing programs.

Ubuntu installs a program but functionality is limited for a good/bad reason. Examples would include most restricted formats (mp3, divx, etc) and installing firefox plugins (flash, java, etc).

Level 3: Installing new software

The user wants more functionality than is provided by the base install. Examples would include a video editor (eg kino) or desktop publishing (eg scribus).

If we can agree on this framework, it will be a lot easier to sort through the universe of ideas logically rather than giving the squeeky wheel the oil.

We can then rank ideas by common-to-rare (x-axis) and easy-to-hard to implement (y-axis).

Collected Ideas

PLEASE CONTRIBUTE but remember you cite your source (if you have one)

UUSG = Unofficial Ubuntu Starters Guide; UF (Ubuntu Forums) = # of views of thread

Level 1: Annoying little stuff / tweaks to the OS

  • Add additional repositories to apt/synaptic (UUSG)(UF=957+others)
  • MenuEditor for Gnome (UUSG)

  • Clipboard Daemon (UUSG)
  • Additional fonts (UUSG)(UF=13,951+5,105)
  • Chinese input method (UUSG)
  • Graphics drivers [Nvidia and ATI] (UUSG)(UF=10,498+9,478 for ATI; 4,434 for Nvidia)
  • Mount/Unmount CD/DVD manually (UUSG)
  • Mount a partition/drive (UUSG)
  • Samba to share files (UUSG)(UF1,272)
  • Mount a network share at startup (UUSG)
  • Turn on Num Lock at startup (UUSG)
  • Show each folder in same window in Gnome (UUSG)
  • Firefox load pages faster (UUSG)(UF=3,046)
  • Change screen resolution (UF=6,208)
  • Start/Stop services (UUSG)(UF=1,297)

Left off the list: prelinking (UF=2,936), ubuntu logo for gnome foot (UF=2,748), block ads in Firefox (UF=2,605), tweak hard drive (UF=4,228) and numerour others that seemed to cross some invisible threshold.

Level 2: Adding functionality to existing programs

  • Multimedia Codecs for Totem/Rhythmbox (UUSG)(UF=16,268+1,194)
  • Java for Firefox(UUSG)(UF=2,103)
  • Flash for Firefox (UUSG)
  • Totem embedded with mozplugger (UF=9,098)
  • pdf inside Firefox (UUSG)
  • enable compositing (UF=34,096)

Level 3: Installing new software

This may be solved by PackageManagement ????

Open Source

  • Download Manager (UUSG)
  • FTP client (UUSG)
  • P2P (UUSG)
  • WinPopup (UUSG)

  • Video Editor (UUSG)
  • Audio Editor (UUSG)
  • Email Client [Thunderbird] (UUSG)
  • Newsreader (UUSG)
  • Project management (UUSG)
  • Web authoring (UUSG)
  • Project management (UUSG)
  • Desktop publishing (UUSG)
  • CD burning (UUSG)(UF=2,977 for K3B)
  • Partition editor (UUSG)
  • RAR (UUSG)
  • Firewall (UUSG)
  • Games (frozen-bubble) (UUSG)
  • Basic compilers (UUSG)


  • Win4Lin (UUSG)

  • CrossOver Office (UUSG)

  • Cedega (UUSG)
  • Real Player (UUSG)(UF=2,240)

(TimMorris) I'm going to keep working on this until the first session on Wednesday. I'm assuming anything in the UUSG is a common problem. Ubuntu forums give data through the number of views. I've asked Ryan (Ubuntu Geek) to see if he can sort all threads on the forums by number of views as this will show need. I've also asked him to poll the forum moderators on the most common problems new users have (in their experience). I'm struggling to seperate the wheat from the chaft with other sources (eg #ubuntu).

SebastienBacher and DanielHolbach

  • Nautilus actions
    • Spare users the pain of using the command line
      • convert .mp3 to .ogg
      • create thumbnails
      • ...
  • gnome-system-tools
    • dial-up improvement
      • more than one connection
      • ease of use
  • hotplug stuff
    • automatically launch applications with plugged in hardware
      • webcam: camorama
      • bluetooth: multisync, gnome-phone-manager, gnome-obex-server/gnome-obex-send
      • printer: start foomatic-gui (if not already installed)
      • ...
    • GUIs for choosing "default actions"
    • ...
  • games in gnome-app-install
  • improve evolution
    • proper spam-solution
    • ...
  • GUI for starting/stopping daemons/services
  • encourage work on Abiword / Gnumeric / Criawips to push gnome-office
  • menu edition (GNOME 2.12 will provides something for this)
  • audio CDs recorder
    • review gnomebaker for inclusion in main

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