We are trying to merge every LoCo theme with ours. Our primary goal is to have a theme that you can simply drop in place of the one you are currently using. We realize there will be a limited number of instances where this is not possible. In these rare cases, we will consider merging your theme as a branch of our project. We offer a very specific set of plugins. This set is designed for integration into Launchpad.

Our Goals

We need your help to meet our goals.


You can get started by contacting us using the email listed on the LoCo Drupal team page.

  1. Our first goal is to help you begin using our package
    1. We will support any conversion issues you encounter
    2. We can try to expand the theme to meet your needs
    3. We can try to offer alternatives
  2. If the theme you're using is substantially different
    1. We will go over all the afore mentioned again
    2. We will review your theme
      1. If approved: We will register a branch for you
      2. If declined: We will work with you further to help you utilize this package

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