Why is it asking for my email address?

The error message looks like this:

Launchpad ID registration failed for the reasons listed. You may register now, or if you already have an account you can log in now and add your Launchpad ID under "My Account"
You must enter an e-mail address.

This is really exactly what it means. The OpenID modules create a user account for you on the system. In order to create the user account an email must be given. One was not given from the OpenID provider. One must be entered by the user.

The email provided can not be one that was used previously. If you used that email when creating the administrative user for the site, you will need to change one of them or log into your account and manually add the OpenID string.

Why isn't Launchpad returning the email?

You need to have your trust root approved by Launchpad. All you need to do for this is to go the Launchpad Answers and ask them to add your trust root. You will need to tell them that all you need to the email address for the Launchpad OpenID modules. Feel free to copy/paste this.


I am using the Launchpad OpenID modules for Drupal. I would like my trust root added so I can have the email passed back for the user creation process.

My trust root is: TRUST ROOT


Please, don't do this on a bunch of random testing site. It's far simpler for you to just put up with one or two times of manually entering an email and have your trust root verified later when you move to your final site. AGAIN, please do not request this for your testing site.

The name UserName is already taken. The e-mail address email@... is already registered.

When you installed drupal, you were prompted for a Username/Email combo to create for the first user. If you made either part here match your Launchpad profile, then this issue will result.

It happens because the OpenID modules attempt to create a user account for the Launchpad ID since the OpenID URL isn't found on the system. When this is attempted, an error is thrown because of duplicate constraints.

To fix this, you will need to rename your default account and change the email.
Just go to yoursite.com/user/1/edit?destination=admin%2Fuser%2Fuser to update these values.

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