The right to have an Ubuntu email address alias (@ubuntu.com) is a privilege that all members (direct/indirect) of the Ubuntu members team on Launchpad possess. For information about Ubuntu membership, see Membership.

The address is taken from your Launchpad username so will be: launchpad_username@ubuntu.com , email sent to this address will be forwarded to your main email address set on Launchpad.

A similar service exists for Kubuntu members and Edubuntu members (@kubuntu.org and @edubuntu.org respectively).

This document explains some common questions about the service.

Alias creation times

The script which creates the email aliases runs every 2 days. So please wait at least 48 hours before checking if the email is working (or leave it a couple more days to be sure).

If you change your Launchpad ID or "Contact Address", there will also be up to 48 hour delay until this takes effect.

Launchpad primary/contact address

As the alias forwards email to your contact address on LP - please do not set your contact address for Launchpad to your Ubuntu email address. If you do, this will either result in a loop or your email alias will simply not be created. This is a known problem, please see bug #5292 for more information.

Changing your Launchpad name

If you would like to change your Launchpad nick (known on LP as your "name"), please note that when the alias script runs this will change your Ubuntu email from the old nick to the new one.

Any mail sent to the old address will be lost and a "Virtual address does not exist" mail will be sent to the sender. Be sure to update any mailing list subscriptions to point to a temporary address while the new address is being created. Otherwise, they will receive a load of bounces which may result in you being unsubscribed.


You probably want to configure Thunderbird by editing your existing account (where the mail forwards to) and adding an Identity using the Manage Identities button. Enter your name and new Ubuntu email address there, then when sending mails use the new dropdown next to From to make it come from the desired address.


Testing your mail with GMail

Please note that if your contact address in Launchpad is a GMail address, then you cannot use that specific GMail account to test that forwarding is working. The reason is this pattern looks like an endless loop of e-mails between gmail.com and ubuntu.com; and GMail does not accept these e-mails.

It is a better idea to ask a friend to send you an email to your new address to test it, or use a non-Gmail account to test.

Sending email from GMail with your Ubuntu address

After your new Ubuntu alias has been created, one may setup Gmail so that messages from the new address appear to come from an @ubuntu.com address.

Google has some more information on the subject.

Expiration date

Your Ubuntu membership will expire in two years. You'll receive an automatic email to renew, then your Ubuntu membership (and email) will be extended.

I still need help!

Should you require more assistance, please email rt@ubuntu.com with a link to your Launchpad profile and the details of your problem.

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