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  • Questions about the program posed during Ubuntu Global Jam

LINK: http://akgraner.com/?p=1020 (roadmr, 15:03:44)

  • Any Other Business

Meeting ended at 15:19:14 UTC.


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  • 15:00:54 <roadmr> #startmeeting Ubuntu Friendly meeting

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    15:01:23 <roadmr> Welcome everyone! The official agenda for today is short, but if you have something you'd like to discuss regarding Ubuntu Friendly, we'd be happy to hear about it.

    15:01:57 <roadmr> Don't forget to use "o/" if you'd like to comment on something. Also, please follow the convention of using ".." on a separate line when you've finished what you want to say.

    15:02:14 <roadmr> We'll go over agenda topics first, so here goes:

    15:02:42 <roadmr> #topic Questions about the program posed during Ubuntu Global Jam

    15:03:19 <roadmr> akgraner was kind enough to post a great report of Ubuntu Global Jam, along with a series of questions that came up regarding Ubuntu Friendly.

    15:03:44 <roadmr> #link http://akgraner.com/?p=1020

    15:04:16 <roadmr> victorp took a minute to reply to most of them earlier today (and yes, checkbox 0.12.6 should be available now), but if some quick clarification is needed on some of those this might be a good opportunity.

    15:04:32 <roadmr> guess I'll follow the convention too :

    15:04:33 <roadmr> ..

    15:05:46 <roadmr> anyone? Smile :)

    15:06:36 <roadmr> last chance!

    15:06:52 <victorp> going once

    15:08:45 <roadmr> looks like the answers are so far OK then Smile :)

    15:09:13 <roadmr> I'll o/

    15:09:50 <roadmr> I'd just like to say that adding this to the UF FAQ may be worthwhile, akgraner's blog is a fine spot due to her contacts in LUGs

    15:10:18 <roadmr> but keeping stuff like this in a central location also makes sense, we probably shouldn't scatter the information around too much, makes it harder to find

    15:10:19 <roadmr> ..

    15:11:10 <roadmr> Anyway, if more questions pop up or you can think of something to add to this, you're quite welcome to post on the mailing list.

    15:11:20 <roadmr> So let's move on!

    15:11:27 <roadmr> #topic Any Other Business

    15:11:38 <roadmr> Would you like to discuss anything else today?

    15:13:32 <roadmr> nothing? Smile :) nobody?

    15:14:42 * charlie-tca thinks it must be close to a perfect project, now Wink ;)

    15:14:53 <roadmr> speak now or forever (or at least until next Monday) hold your peace?

    15:15:30 <roadmr> charlie-tca: heheh we welcome praise as well Smile :)

    15:15:43 <roadmr> last chance, any takers?

    15:16:32 <roadmr> OK, so let's wrap this up then. Remember, you can always speak up on the next meeting, or on the ubuntu-friendly mailing list. We like to get feedback! try the new checkbox! file bugs! give us suggestions!

    15:17:55 <roadmr> It was a quick meeting today, still, thanks for being here, do take the System Testing app out for a spin and let us know how useful you think the tests are.

    15:18:38 <roadmr> See you next time, Monday September 19th at 15:00 UTC!

    15:19:14 <roadmr> #endmeeting

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