Ubuntu Future Project

At the moment there are different ways to disclose the communities ideas to the developers. We for example have the IdeaPool on this Website, we have a german IdeaPool (on ubuntu-de.org), the two mailing lists, different irc channels, and what ever. And we have - for instance - the "3rd Party Projects"-tab at ubuntuforums.org where users can submit there own software. Some of the software is really good and extends the usabillity of Ubuntu (->Wireless Connection Manager), but it still needs to get better to be included in Ubuntu.

The idea is to have one central place where users and developers dicuss their ideas on a web site. Users can write down their ideas in different categories (i.e. System, Desktop Functionallity) and add Pictures and Downloads to it. The downloads could be small programmes or Glade files (bigger programmes could be stored at well known sourceforge). After all information is submitted a ».tar.gz«-Package of the article (HTML) plus the pictures and downloads is created.

In the comments the users can also add files and graphics, to show how they would do, or would have done it. Comments are arranged as in a forum (not a board!). That means: Every user can answere to every comment (comment a comment ;); to contradict the comment before, but not the article at all) and the article.


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