How to submit wallpapers to the Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 wallpaper contest

  1. After you've read the guidelines and prepared your artwork for upload, first head over to the attachments of the submission page.

  2. Upload your wallpaper with this name-format: "authorname_wallpapername.jpg" ("jpg" is only an example filename extension, obviously it can also be svg, png etc.)
  3. After you've successfully uploaded your wallpaper, edit the page-contents.

  4. Then copy-paste this template-text and update it with your information:

=== Wallpaper Name ===
[[attachment:authorname_wallpapername.jpg|{{attachment:authorname_wallpapername.jpg|Wallpaper Name|width=250}}]]
  '''Author:''' Author Name
  '''License:''' CC-BY-SA
  '''Resolution:''' width x height

  1. Then save the page and you're done.
  2. Patiently wait for your submission to be accepted.

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