How to operate the Ubuntu GNOME Remix build script

This tutorial teaches you how to use the Ubuntu GNOME Remix ISO build script so that you can build Ubuntu GNOME Remix.


  • An internet connection
  • A Ubuntu system
  • bzr installed. To install bzr type  sudo apt-get install bzr  in a terminal.


1. Open a terminal or a terminal emulator.

2. Type

cd Downloads

3. We will then download the latest daily ISO and put it into the Downloads folder (for the tutorial's sake).

To download the 32-bit one type


for 64-bit versions type


4. Type

cd ~

to go back to your home folder.

5. Type

bzr branch lp:~ubuntu-gnome-dev/+junk/iso-build-script

to branch the iso build script.

6. Change directory to iso-build-script by typing

cd iso-build-script

7. To update the script use

bzr pull

8. Clean the working directory by typing

./ clean amd64

Please note that if you want to use i386 version type

./ clean i386

This only applies if you have compiled a build before. 9. To start building using the 64-bit iso use

./ customize amd64 ../Downloads/quantal-desktop-amd64.iso


./ customize i386 ../Downloads/quantal-desktop-i386.iso

It takes at least an hour to compile the script (with a fast internet connection). It may take more time with a slow internet connection. Please do clean the working directory using step 8 before building the ISO.

The ISO will be placed in  iso-build-script  with a file name like

quantal-ubuntu-gnome-"architecture (amd64/i386)"-YYYYMMDD.iso

You can use Virtualbox to test the ISO afterwards.

Hope you have an enjoyable time using Ubuntu GNOME remix!

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