Birmingham BugJam

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26th - 28th March 2010 09:30 until 17:00

The Linux Emporium,
Bridge House,
17a Maybrook Road,
Sutton Coldfield,
B76 1AL

This is near ASDA at Minworth, just off the A38 Kingsbury Road. It is on the left hand side near the end of Maybrook Road and opposite Unit 11. There is a white bridge from road level to the top floor of our offices.

Direct link to Google Maps, OpenStreetMap. should anyone need help getting round Birmingham; see this page.

Getting there by public transport

The easiest way is to take a train to Chester Road Station, and get picked up from there: give us a ring on 0121 313 3850 say 15 minutes before arriving at Chester Road and someone can pick you up. But please try and organise things so that a group arrives at the same time as we don't want to spend all morning going back and forth.


  • Free Wifi (Of Course!)
  • Spare Machines to test installations on
  • Wireless devices to test and spare access points
  • Projector and web-cam
  • Two rooms
  • Space for up to 15 (maybe a few more at a push)
  • There will be water to drink (fresh from the tap)


Hi all, John Pinner from the Linux Emporium has kindly donated his conference room for the use during the bugjam.

Times are flexible at the moment, and will depend on when people want to turn up/go home. We're not adverse to starting later, but it's best to stick to Office Hours. It'd also be nice to try and link up with the other UK bugjams. Please indicate below the times you'd prefer to attend.

All are welcome, whatever your level of experience.

Additionally we are looking for anyone who knows bug triaging fairly well and can handle questions and some of the unexpected issues that are likely to come up. Ideally they would have participated in past Bug Days and regularly visit #ubuntu-bugs or the mailing lists. Hopefully these people would be able to lead some sessions. If you can, please mark yourself as a possible leader.

"I suggest we start at 10 or 10.30 on Saturday or Sunday. John."

Could you please update the list if you are wanting to attend.


IRC Nick

Day/s Attending

Preferred Time(s)


Food Requirements, eg Veggie

@ train station

Quentin Wright


26 - 28

9 - 5

If needed

Martin Meredith


26 - 28

9 - 5

Probably, again

@ around 9

Antonio Roberts


26 - 28

9 - 5


Can make my own way there

Tom Lloyd


26 - 28

9 - 5


Can walk but will be comming by trains so a lift would be appreciated

Nick Booker




Mark Croft


26 - 28

9 - 5



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