an excerpt from #ubuntu-meeting

[19:01] <jcastro> ok, please holler if you were here the last meeting (about a month ago)
[19:01] <jcastro> if this is your first meeting, then please introduce yourself and which loco you are from
[19:01] <jono> hi folks, sorry I can't help run the meeting
[19:01] <jono> a last minute call I have to get on
[19:01] <jono> I am sure the able hands of jcastro will do a great job :)
[19:02] <b1ackcr0w> alistair - just a relatively new user looking to get involved - maybe in documentation in due course - UK based
[19:03] <Daviey> Hi b1ackcr0w, good to hear
[19:03] <jcastro> ok so to just recap
[19:03] <jcastro> in the past Ubuntu has had a "Ubuntu Global Bug Jam"
[19:03] <jcastro> which was a coordinated effort to get all the local teams to triage bugs during one specific weekend.
[19:04] <jcastro> This went well but we thought we could expand it to include other things, not just bugs
[19:04] <jcastro> so this time we're calling it the "Ubuntu Global Jam"
[19:04] <jcastro> and your loco can pick what they want to do
[19:04] <jcastro> so you could do an installfest, a translations thing, a documentation sprint, whatever
[19:04] <jcastro> We are coordinating this effort here:
[19:05] <jcastro> if you look here:
[19:05] <jcastro> you'll see that local teams are already signing up to do certain types of things
[19:05] <jcastro> the Jam isn't actually until October
[19:05] <jcastro> so we started early because people need time to get venues, have time to advertise, etc.
[19:06] <jcastro> so right now we're still in the "get Local Teams to sign up" phase
[19:06] <jcastro> any questions so far?
[19:06] <e-jat> jcastro: how to sign up ? is it just filling up the event on the wiki ?
[19:06] <jcastro> yep
[19:06] <e-jat> of sorry .. btw .. im from ubuntu-my loco
[19:06] <jcastro> rock and roll!
[19:07] <jcastro> however, depending on how your loco works you might want to ask around first
[19:07] <jcastro> it might be bad if you post on your list "hey guys I just committed us to a 12 hour installfest! come help me!"
[19:07] <jcastro> Some locos might work like that though, heh.
[19:08] <e-jat> what is "others" mean
[19:08] <jcastro> the other people in your loco
[19:08] <e-jat> jcastro: owh really ..
[19:08]  * ball wishes there were other people in his loco team
[19:08] <ball> ...or even his lug
[19:08] <e-jat> jcastro: yeah .. for sure ill ask the team members 1st
[19:08]  * ball shrugs
[19:09] <jcastro> e-jat: so what we usually do is someone asks "so hey, what do we want to do for this global jam?"
[19:09] <jcastro> you might want to do a bunch of things, depends on the interests of your members
[19:09] <jcastro> our lug for example will probably do bugs, but not an installfest.
[19:10] <jcastro> another reason we try to fill out the events page is so that locos can know what other locos are doing
[19:10] <jcastro> so you can share information and materials
[19:10] <e-jat> jcastro: maybe we can separate into groups ..
[19:10] <jcastro> but also as an opportunity for people to browse the list and find a loco that they can join
[19:10] <jcastro> e-jat: yep, whatever way works best for your team
[19:10] <e-jat> who n which their interested to ..
[19:10] <e-jat> yeah .. the wiki might help ..
[19:10] <jcastro> Ok so we make some resources available to you to help you run a good jam
[19:11] <jcastro> on the wiki page you see that Jono and  I run IRC and video sessions on how to run a jam
[19:11] <e-jat> resources ? a mentor ?
[19:11] <e-jat> ic ..
[19:11] <jcastro> that's where we cover things like how to find a venue, how to advertise, things like that
[19:11] <jcastro> so someone from your team should try to attend one of those sessions, they are very useful
[19:11] <jcastro> or click on the IRC logs link to follow along
[19:12] <jcastro> if you're an experienced Loco and want to have other sessions or lessons, that would be great too!
[19:12]  * jcastro looks over to Daviey 
[19:12] <jcastro> :p
[19:12] <e-jat> how about triage a bug ?
[19:12] <jcastro> e-jat: sure
[19:12] <Daviey> o/
[19:12] <jcastro> so some resources available to you
[19:12] <jcastro> if you look at
[19:13] <jcastro> we've recently revamped this documentation to be easy to read and apply to your team
[19:13] <sbalneav> Afternoon all
[19:13] <e-jat> jcastro: great .. it will be great if our loco can get a mentor while running the bugs jam
[19:13] <jcastro> people from other Loco's have been adding information too so you don't repeat mistakes made by other teams
[19:13] <jcastro> hi scottie!
[19:13] <Daviey> <-- a quick write up from our one earlier this ear
[19:13] <Daviey> year*
[19:14] <jcastro> e-jat: another reason we have the loco event list is so that newer teams can learn from more  experienced teams
[19:14] <jcastro> e-jat: don't worry the entire weekend has a ton of locos in IRC, so you should never feel like you are in a vaccum
[19:14] <e-jat> :)
[19:15] <jcastro> sbalneav: here's the URL
[19:15] <jcastro> so what we are trying to do right now is to get other Loco teams from around the world to sign up with an event
[19:15] <jcastro> it's still early so alot of locos aren't signed up yet
[19:15] <jcastro> so part of the reason we have this meeting is to encourage everyone to sign up for an event
[19:16] <jcastro> and to get the word out so other locos become interested and sign up as well
[19:16] <jcastro> So please blog/dent/tweet/call/smoke signal/morse code the jam throughout all our communication channels
[19:17] <jcastro> the goal of the Jam is for locos to get together
[19:17] <jcastro> so even if your "event" ends up being 2 people in a pub because you live in the middle of nowhere (ie. Canada), then that's ok too
[19:17] <dantalizing> +1
[19:17] <grantbo1> +1
[19:17] <e-jat> Daviey: great writeup .. but how can ubuntu-my afford to fly in the developer :)
[19:17] <jcastro> Sometimes locos get concerned because they have 20 people show up and they "only triaged X amount of bugs"
[19:18] <jcastro> if your members have a good time and learn something and you're coming together, then that is success.
[19:18] <e-jat> +1
[19:18] <jcastro> so don't get too bent around the axle about numbers of bugs or code or docs or whatever.
[19:18] <Mean-Machine> yeah. we already started working on our 2nd Bug Jam
[19:18] <jcastro> this one time we planned a jam at the library and we got random people walking in and kind of interrupting
[19:18] <e-jat> jcastro: just make it done which how much u can , right?
[19:18] <jcastro> so instead we just brought them in and talked beginner stuff
[19:18] <jcastro> right
[19:19] <jcastro> So sometimes things don't go according to plan - but if you get a bunch of new people then concentrate on them
[19:20] <e-jat> agreed..
[19:20] <jcastro> because even if they are not interested in ubuntu or anything at that moment in time, they will remember the nice group of geeks that took the time to explain things to them and show them ubuntu, etc.
[19:20] <jcastro> any questions so far?
[19:21]  * e-jat no from me ..
[19:21] <ball> jcastro: is there anything that a small LUG (that isn't necessarily affiliated with a LoCo) can do?
[19:21] <jcastro> yes
[19:21] <jcastro> so the last jams there was a group called "club ubuntu"
[19:22] <jcastro> which was a virtual loco
[19:22] <jcastro> of people just like you banded together
[19:22] <grantbo1> interesting
[19:22] <jcastro> or, you can just be involved individually if you want
[19:22] <jcastro> you can hang out the entire weekend in irc and just follow along with what people are working on
[19:22] <jcastro> the ubuntu teams usually do things like put together a list of bugs to look at
[19:22] <jcastro> or wiki pages that need to be cleaned up
[19:22] <jcastro> or things like that
[19:23] <jcastro> you would just follow along like everyone else
[19:23] <ball> Hmm... okay.  Thanks.
[19:23] <e-jat> c00l
[19:23] <Daviey> e-jat: He happend to be in London :)
[19:23] <jcastro> actually, 2 global jams ago I think the club ubuntu virtual loco got in the largest number of bugs touched
[19:24] <e-jat> Daviey: ;]
[19:24] <jcastro> ball: whatever works for you
[19:24] <jcastro> trust me there will be plenty of people without locos looking to contribute
[19:25] <Daviey> We actually found that a large bulk of people who attended had never even heard of Launchpad, let alone had an account!
[19:25] <jcastro> Daviey: right so that's one thing I cover in the training sessions
[19:25] <jcastro> it's useful if you tell people how to prepare beforehand
[19:25] <jcastro> like, "everyone go sign up for an lp account if you don't have one!"
[19:25] <jcastro> there will still be people who don't have them
[19:25] <jcastro> but you can at least get the word out early
[19:26] <Daviey> I think people who attended still found it useful to have a real life "tour" of launchpad
[19:26] <jcastro> yes, for sure
[19:27] <ball> I have a Launchpad account, just very little idea how to drive the thing.
[19:27] <jcastro> Daviey: if you can find someone in your loco to do a few irc sessions during july/august that would be great, I am travelling:
[19:27] <Daviey> I also found that you need to keep checking people, to see how they are doing.  The inner geek in many found it hard to say "i'm stuck", and sat there scrolling mouse up and down - not knowing what to do.
[19:28] <e-jat> Daviey: +1
[19:29] <jcastro> ok, so at a minimum we should all make sure our locos want to plan to participate
[19:29] <jcastro> and then get on the event wiki page
[19:29] <jcastro> I have 2 sessions in september on how to run a successful jam
[19:29] <jcastro> but hopefully someone can have some in july/august
[19:29] <jcastro> but most of the information is on the wiki, if you've got a person who knows how to plan events it shouldn't be so hard.
[19:29] <Daviey> jcastro: Do you mean on a LoCo level, or global thingy?
[19:30] <jcastro> Daviey: loco level to find out if you want to do the global level. :D
[19:30] <jcastro> also, something that people don't tend to know
[19:30] <Daviey> heh, we are
[19:30] <jcastro> the global bug jam is just one event
[19:30] <jcastro> that is coordinated amonst all the locos
[19:30] <jcastro> your loco can have as many jams as it wants
[19:30] <jcastro> whenever you want!
[19:30] <Daviey> i'm having a jam in my house right now!
[19:31] <ball> Daviey: jamtastic
[19:31] <jcastro> so if your loco is good at something and you have the people, Just Do It(tm) and tell the world about it
[19:31] <e-jat> Daviey: woo
[19:31] <grantbo1> Ubuntu Global Jam - we all still stick Bug in there sometimes, haha
[19:31] <grantbo1> or were you talking about the weekly bug jams?
[19:31] <Mean-Machine> if you're organizing the bug jam for the first time I'd suggest to bring along someone who has done some triaging before. the intro was done by one of our members the 1st time and it was extremely useful
[19:32] <jcastro> grantbo1: we'll always have one big coordinated jam per cycle, the global jam
[19:32] <Daviey> grantbo1: Well it's not *wrong* to be focussed on bugs IMO.. To an english speaking nation, the translations are less importiant.. but could also do an "Answers" focus jam
[19:32] <jcastro> grantbo1: and your loco can have all sorts of jams if it wants
[19:32]  * grantbo1 nods
[19:32] <jcastro> the global thing is nice because we can do one big event as a group and learn what other locos are doing
[19:33] <e-jat> Mean-Machine: +1 .. but how if dont have any? so need to refer someone in IRC to help about it right?
[19:33] <jcastro> I cannot stress how important cross-pollination of ideas from locos can be
[19:33] <Daviey> "set a date, and people will come"
[19:33] <jcastro> so like, some locos put together signs and graphics and put them on the wiki
[19:33] <jcastro> that you can adapt to use for your needs, etc.
[19:33] <grantbo1> common problems, common solutions
[19:33] <Mean-Machine> e-jat, IRC is always helpful. loads of ppl online during bug jams. you'll get answers in miliseconds :)
[19:34] <jcastro> ok, if there are no more questions let's officially end the meeting now, and just chat for a bit (unless there's another meeting)
[19:34] <jcastro> oh I almost forgot
[19:34] <jcastro> if you're struggling, please mail the loco-contacts list
[19:34] <jcastro> this is where a bunch of loco leaders hang out, so they can always help you
[19:34] <jcastro> and of course feel free to mail me at if you need help or advice
[19:34] <grantbo1> will this meeting's log be posted to the wiki page?
[19:35] <jcastro> grantbo1: good idea!
[19:35] <Daviey> grantbo1: well voluntered!
[19:35] <jcastro> I am screened in and I fail at copy and paste in screen, so someone else will have to do it
[19:35] <jcastro> but feel free to put it in there
[19:35] <grantbo1> I can, but there's already a log when using this channel, right?
[19:35] <Daviey> !logs
[19:35] <ubottu> Official channel logs can be found at - For LoCo channels,
[19:35] <e-jat> jcastro: ill mail u if need help ..
[19:35] <jcastro> hey look at that!
[19:35] <grantbo1> ty
[19:36] <grantbo1> should I cut it up and put just this meeting on a wiki page?
[19:37] <jcastro> sure
[19:37] <grantbo1> cut up the html one I guess.
[19:37] <grantbo1> kk
[19:37] <e-jat> or buzz at ya microblog :)
[19:38] <Daviey>
[19:38] <Daviey> ^ txt
[19:39] <grantbo1> Daviey: are you volunteering?  ;-)
[19:39] <Daviey> grantbo1: nope, you did that nicely. kkthnx
[19:41] <grantbo1> actually, you did it for me when I asked a question, lol.  it all works out.
[19:41] <mhall119|work> jcastro: you still around?
[19:42] <jcastro> mhall119|work: yep
[19:42] <mhall119|work> would it be possible to have some LoCo channels pinged before these meetings?
[19:43] <jcastro> mhall119|work: indeed, let me make sure they're on the fridge calendar as well
[19:43] <mhall119|work> I was in #ubuntu-us-fl all morning and had no idea there was going to be a meeting here
[19:43] <Mean-Machine> mhall119|work, great idea
[19:43] <mhall119|work> even if it's just a bot that joins, mentions the channel and time, and parts
[19:43] <Mean-Machine> an email to lococontacts would also be nice
[19:44] <jcastro> Mean-Machine: noted
[19:44] <Mean-Machine> could then forward to the locos lists
[19:44] <mhall119|work> the problem with email is that I'm at work,and don't check my personal email often
[19:45] <mhall119|work> but, thanks to irssi, I'm on IRC
[19:45] <jcastro> well, a few days before would be good
[19:45] <mhall119|work> you over-estimate my memory
[19:45] <mhall119|work> but you're right, a 24 or 48 hour notice would help
[19:45] <jcastro> and on top of that we're not on the fridge calendar either
[19:45] <Daviey> rly?
[19:45] <jcastro> oh no, wait, it is
[19:45] <Mean-Machine> jcastro, tis ;-]
[19:45] <Daviey> but hidden! :)
[19:46] <Mean-Machine> +3 more

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