Training - How to run a Jam, jcastro 2010-03-10

   1 <jcastro> 3 minutes!
   2 <JManGt> 3 minutes!!!
   3 <jcastro> ok just one more minute in case we have stragglers!
   4 <ajenbo> o/
   5 <jcastro> in the meantime please introduce yourself and what loco you are from!
   6 <jcastro> I am jorge and I am from ubuntu-us-michigan!
   7 <ajenbo> Anders Jenbo, Translator, part of Danish loco
   8 <ajenbo> *LoCo
   9 <YoBoY> I'm Philippe, I am from Ubuntu-fr and i'm the french documentation administrator
  10 <sound-top> im michael from the danish loco
  11 <sound-top> og hej anders ;o)
  12 <pep> I am Pierre, from Ubuntu-be, planning for a Jam at my school (computer science)
  13 <ajenbo> nice pep
  14 <ajenbo> and hi sound-top :)
  15 <jcastro> awesome
  16 <jcastro> welcome everyone
  17 <jcastro>
  18 <jcastro> this is where we have all the docs for the jam
  19 <jcastro> so you can refer to those in case you need tips and help!
  20 <jcastro>
  21 <jcastro> if you are running an event and haven't listed your LoCo on this list then please add it!
  22 <jcastro> Ok so who here is from a LoCo that has never run a Jam before?
  23 <jcastro> and who is here from LoCos that have run jams before?
  24 <ajenbo> have (i wasn't there)
  25 <jcastro> ok
  26 <YoBoY> have (i was there)
  27 <pep> Ubuntu-be has run Jams before I think... I haven't, but my planned Jam won't be a very big one.
  28 <jcastro> so, let's start off with what a Jam is.
  29 <Espen-_-> No official loco in my area, but maybe after the jam ;)
  30 <jcastro> "Jam" is really just a slick term for "let's get together and do something"
  31 <jcastro> you can run jams on a variety of subjects
  32 <jcastro> and whenever you want
  33 <jcastro> for example my LoCo is great at Beer Jams! :)
  34 <jcastro> once per cycle though, we try to have one big series of Jams all around the world during the same weekend
  35 <ajenbo> Espen-_-, I'm x'ing my fingers for you.
  36 <JManGt> Javier Alvarez - emergin Guatemala Loco
  37 <jcastro> we do this right as Beta is coming around since it's an opportune time to get some testing on Ubuntu
  38 <jcastro> so, in the past we did the "Ubuntu Global Bug Jam"
  39 <jcastro> but after a while we just decided to add a bunch of other ones, and now we just call it the Global Jam
  40 <jcastro> and we've written little instructions on the different kind of jams you can do
  41 <jcastro> so that if your LoCo wants to concentrate on a certain area of Ubuntu then you have the tools you need to get things done!
  42 <jcastro> Currently we have 6 kinds of jams
  43 <pep> (the doc is well made!)
  44 <jcastro> The first is a bug jam - this is where you all huddle around and triage bugs
  45 <jcastro> this is the oldest jam and probably has the most documentation
  46 <jcastro> and is always a good resource for that
  47 <jcastro> We also have packaging jams, which is where you all decide how to learn Debian/Ubuntu packaging
  48 <jcastro> I won't talk about that too much, since usually for the global jam we're concentrating on fixing what we have, not adding new things
  49 <jcastro> however a packaging jam is great early in the next ubuntu cycle when people want to learn that kind of thing
  50 <jcastro> next up we have translation jams
  51 <ajenbo> \o/
  52 <jcastro> dpm will have a session on that tomorrow at 0900 UTC
  53 <jcastro> but basically you just pick a package/area of interest and go translate it
  54 <jcastro> we also have documentation jams, in which you update documentation
  55 <jcastro> (these are all pretty self explanatory)
  56 <jcastro> I want to talk about upgrade and testing jams though
  57 <ajenbo> what kind of documentation?
  58 <jcastro> there are two kinds
  59 <jcastro> online docs, which is the wiki
  60 <jcastro> and then system docs, which are the actual help files in Ubuntu
  61 <pep> Do we need to get in touch with translation or doc teams before these jams?
  62 <jcastro> if it's your first jam then something like a wiki jam might make sense, since it's pretty low barrier to entry
  63 <ajenbo> so this would mainly be in US english?
  64 <ajenbo> except maybe for the online docs
  65 <jcastro> nope, any language!
  66 <jcastro> if you're translating docs into another language then it's probably a blend of translation and doc jams
  67 <jcastro> pep: you don't have to, but it's probably good to touch base with a team
  68 <ajenbo> arh ok
  69 <pep> Ok.
  70 <jcastro> so that they can best support you
  71 <jcastro> "oh hey, a bunch of people are coming to my place tomorrow and we want to fix docs on DNS" or whatever
  72 <jcastro> sometimes people on other teams can even be available to you to help
  73 <jcastro> during the global jam since everyone is doing it most teams will be ready to help all weekend
  74 <jcastro> however if you want to run an independent jam at some point you should ask for help so that other teams can support your work!
  75 <jcastro> it would be a shame if you planned a Doc Jam and 50 people showed up and no one knew what to do!
  76 <jcastro> of course that's why you have people like me to poke for things like that
  77 <pep> Okay ;)
  78 <jcastro> ok, so I wanted to talk a bit about two kinds of jams that are easy to do
  79 <ajenbo> Is there some way of cordinating witch teams work on what doc?
  80 <jcastro> and you can do them even if you decide to have some other kind of jam
  81 <jcastro> ajenbo: yep, we'll have this channel and the typical ubuntu channels available on IRC
  82 <jcastro> you'll see some people saying things like "hello from Detroit, we're going to work on this doc, if someone wants to work on this other one that would be great!"
  83 <jcastro> and that kind of thing
  84 <jcastro> also remember too that these are really guides
  85 <jcastro> if half your loco wants to translate something and the other half wants to do bug work, then that's totally fine!
  86 <jcastro> remember that your LoCo determines what is best for your LoCo, this is just a set of guides
  87 <jcastro> there are 2 kind of jams that will be critical this cycle
  88 <jcastro> the first is upgrades
  89 <jcastro>
  90 <jcastro> this might be hard for some locos, since upgrading can be very network intensive.
  91 <jcastro> however if people show up and want to test lucid, then those docs there will be useful
  92 <jcastro> those people can go through the checklists for example:
  93 <jcastro> and of course we'll have plenty of people in #ubuntu-testing
  94 <pep> Great.
  95 <jcastro> people can also do ISO testing
  96 <jcastro> so it might be useful for people to burn the daily ISOs from the night before
  97 <jcastro> and test on as many laptops as you can!
  98 <jcastro> that brings me to the testing jam:
  99 <jcastro> this one is fun because anyone can do it!
 100 <jcastro> if someone brings a laptop you can just run through the hardware database bits
 101 <jcastro> I like this one because all you need is one CD
 102 <jcastro> and you can just run it on everyone's laptop
 103 <jcastro> this is also good for beginners
 104 <pep> (and usb sound gear, etc... if you want to do it extensively, no?)
 105 <jcastro> they might show up and be scared by all the kinds of jams and things to do!
 106 <jcastro> pep: sure, if you have more hardware, the better!
 107 <jcastro> but at a mininum if someone brings their laptop and submitted something for the hardware database they've already helped!
 108 <jcastro> so I encourage you, regardless of which jam you want to do, to get these tests done on hardware!
 109 <jcastro> ok, so those are the kinds of jams
 110 <jcastro> any questions on those?
 111 <Espen-_-> Does it make any difference on the submission if we do the tests in VM or on Hardware?
 112 <jcastro> Espen-_-: real hardware is always the best.
 113 <jcastro> we get plenty of tests on VMs, but having people from around the world gathering together with laptops is rare, so we try to take advantage of that!
 114 <jcastro> ok so it's also important to remember
 115 <Espen-_-> For me it looks like the docs encourage using VM
 116 <ajenbo> Sugestion: if there where some thing a bit more static then IRC, for telling if you are working on a specific doc. I think it would help on prevent multiple teams working on the same docs
 117 <pep> the wiki is good for that I think...
 118 <jcastro> Espen-_-: a bunch of ISO testing can be done in VMs
 119 <jcastro> but for the hardware submission bits the real hardware is best.
 120 <Espen-_-> found
 121 <Espen-_-> awesome resource
 122 <jcastro> Espen-_-: however, leading up to the jam if you want to test all the ISOs in VMs then that's always useful
 123 <jcastro> yeah
 124 <jcastro> ok so now that you know what kind of jam to have there's the bit about actually running it
 125 <jcastro> for that we have this doc:
 126 <jcastro> hopefully by now your loco has a venue
 127 <jcastro> some locos have a static venue where they always hold events
 128 <jcastro> some like to change it every time
 129 <jcastro> really whatever works best for your LoCo
 130 <jcastro> most LoCos just need power and internet. :D
 131 <pep> and drink (coke of course)
 132 <jcastro> We have found that having a projector has been invaluable
 133 <pep> oh, that's a good tip.
 134 <Espen-_-> pep: Ubuntu Coke? :P
 135 <jcastro> so that when someone who doesn't know anything asks a question someone can just plug in and walk everyone through it
 136 <jcastro> "I need help learning how to burn an ISO"
 137 <jcastro> "ok here let me show you" then you plug in
 138 <jcastro> or whatever
 139 <jcastro>
 140 <jcastro> this mailing list has tips and is available to you if you want to get advice on how to plan stuff
 141 <jcastro> you'll also want to make sure your venue is accessible
 142 <jcastro> so like, if you have it at a pub and it's 21 and older and 4 16 year olds show up and get turned away that would be :(
 143 <jcastro> our first jam we did it in a bar and it was too smokey for people
 144 <jcastro> so remember to consider other people when picking a place!
 145 <jcastro> any questions on venues?
 146 <jcastro> remember to be prepared, some venues aren't geek friendly.
 147 <jcastro> they have like one wireless router and if it doesn't handle the workload then you'll have to think of something to talk about for the people that show up!
 148 <ajenbo> would it be a good idea to start it of with an introduction on the projector
 149 <jcastro> so it's always handy to have fresh CDs with the builds from the day before, etc.
 150 <jcastro> sure
 151 <jcastro> it can be odd because if it's your first jam then no one really knows what to do
 152 <Espen-_-> Maybe set up a local repo ?
 153 <jcastro> which is totally ok
 154 <jcastro> Espen-_-: yep!
 155 <jcastro> in fact our first few jams weren't really productive, we were just really kind of figuring out what to do
 156 <jcastro> which is fine, remember the goal of the jam is for your LoCo to get together and have a good time
 157 <jcastro> so don't get frustrated if you don't feel like you're getting anything done
 158 <jcastro> in fact, you want to be flexible
 159 <jcastro> if you planned to have a jam and instead you get a bunch of new people who have never heard of ubuntu you might want to focus on user-level things
 160 <jcastro> like how to use openoffice or firefox or something
 161 <jcastro> you'll find that the more you advertise your jam the more people you don't expect will show up!
 162 <jcastro> that leads up to the next step
 163 <jcastro> promoting your jam
 164 <jcastro> usually we have mailing lists, lugs, etc.
 165 <jcastro> you can put up signs at your local computer shop (with their permission of course), etc.
 166 <jcastro> and of course you want to blog about it, add it to the Fridge calendar, etc.
 167 <jcastro> any questions on promoting your jam?
 168 <Espen-_-> wasnt there a site for ubuntu posters?
 169 <jcastro> that's pretty straightforward, we're all pretty good about being loud. :D
 170 <jcastro> actually there's a bunch of reusable art all over the wiki
 171 <pep> Espen-_-: spreadubuntu is in the works...
 172 <pep> I am working on it as we speak
 173 <jcastro> this cycle is kind of odd since we're redoing all the artwork
 174 <Espen-_-> pep: cool
 175 <jcastro> but as long as you get the word out
 176 <ajenbo> Is there any advice on having a jam in you flat or in a public place?
 177 <pep>
 178 <jcastro> I've had jams at my house!
 179 <jcastro> ajenbo: that depends on how comfortable people are going to someone's living place
 180 <Espen-_-> Considering hosting a jam at home
 181 <pep> Yeah, I'm planning to have the jam at my house too... we've got this nice big room with space for many tables and laptops and everything...
 182 <Espen-_-> Since only 8 people showed up at the last release party :P
 183 <jonnor> jcastro: is there a list of Ubuntu Global Jams somewhere?
 184 <jcastro> yep
 185 <pep> jonnor:
 186 <jcastro> ok so now that you've told the world there's actually running the jam
 187 <ajenbo> is the source avalible for theas?
 188 <jcastro> I recommend that someone always goes to the venue early
 189 <jcastro> that person should check things, like the network
 190 <jcastro> projector if you have it, power, etc.
 191 <jcastro> ajenbo: there's a link right there to the source files
 192 <jcastro> on the top page
 193 <jcastro> when running the jam while someone is checking the gear you should probably have a person being the "greeter"
 194 <jcastro> this is usually the nice person in the group
 195 <jcastro> that can greet people who might be there for the first time or whatever
 196 <pep> hehe :) the lesser geek...
 197 <jcastro> right
 198 <Espen-_-> The one with most connections on LinkedIn ;)
 199 <jcastro> you should always remember to be welcoming
 200 <jcastro> sometimes people see a room full of people with computers and laptops and freak out!
 201 <jcastro> some people might not even be there to jam
 202 <jcastro> they might have seen a post or something about "this ubuntu thing" or something
 203 <jcastro> and might just be dropping by
 204 <jcastro> in which case you're already ready with their free CD to take home and try! :)
 205 <pep> We thought setting up a relaxed corner, with couches, snacks and tux racer... and the rest of the room tables for the laptops
 206 <jcastro> yeah
 207 <jcastro> some LoCos just do social activities all year around
 208 <jcastro> which is encouraged!
 209 <jcastro> oh, one thing I forgot to mention
 210 <jcastro> during the prep phase
 211 <jcastro> is to encourage people who want to work on Ubuntu to have launchpad accounts before they show up
 212 <jcastro> our first jam spent like an hour getting people signed up to launchpad
 213 <jcastro> this is a waste of good Jam time that you can be collaborating!
 214 <pep> noted.
 215 <ajenbo> Snack and some thing to drink is also a good thing for making people feel welcom
 216 <ajenbo> or a ball of fruit if you want to be healty :)
 217 <jcastro> yeah
 218 <jcastro> we order pizza
 219 <jcastro> also, the length of the jam
 220 <Espen-_-> What about sponsorship from local companies?
 221 <jcastro> if you schedule a 12 hour long marathon then that likely won't be popular
 222 <Espen-_-> sponsor food and drinks ?
 223 <Espen-_-> and venue?
 224 <jcastro> Espen-_-: sure!
 225 <jcastro> in fact last time we had it at some place that donated space
 226 <jcastro> Espen-_-: you'll want to just make sure you mention them in blog posts, your loco page, etc!
 227 <Espen-_-> of course
 228 <jcastro> so the length of the time will be up to you
 229 <jcastro> some people will wrap up and then go home and participate all weekend
 230 <jcastro> since there will be people in IRC, etc.
 231 <Espen-_-> good point
 232 <jcastro> I recommend that you have at least one person on IRC duty
 233 <jcastro> this person can be useful
 234 <Espen-_-> So hosting the live jam on the first day might be best
 235 <jcastro> so if someone gets stuck and no one can help them you can ask on IRC
 236 <jcastro> Espen-_-: yeah but you can also have it later and people can watch on IRC how other teams do it
 237 <jcastro> whichever works for you
 238 <Espen-_-> valid point
 239 <jcastro> so, the IRC thing can be important
 240 <jcastro> for example in a bug jam a few years ago we had this bug
 241 <Espen-_-> Does alot of teams have live cam streams and such?
 242 <jcastro> and we put it up on the projector and we didn't know what to do with it
 243 <jcastro> so on IRC we asked the Chicago team what they would do with the bug.
 244 <jcastro> and they helped us get through that and we moved on
 245 <jcastro> Espen-_-: lots of teams take pictures and there's a bunch of activity on planet with pics
 246 <jcastro> I am not aware of someone doing a live stream though
 247 <jcastro> (that would be cool though)
 248 <paultag> hey jcastro
 249 <paultag> jcastro, why are you on IRC?
 250 <jcastro> paultag: I live here!
 251 <paultag> jcastro, Happy Birthday!!!!!
 252 <YoBoY> :O
 253 <paultag> jcastro, It's your birthday :P
 254 <Espen-_-> :O
 255 <jcastro> paultag: I am giving a session on my birthday, that's how dedicated I am. :D
 256 <Espen-_-> grats man
 257 <YoBoY> Happy Birthday jcastro :D
 258 <jcastro> also, you should ensure that you're using IRC to connect with teams around you
 259 * YoBoY hugs jcastro
 260 <jcastro> let me give you an example
 261 <jcastro> paultag: Your ubuntu jam will pale in comparison this year to the one in Michigan
 262 <ajenbo> Where where planning to experiment with having live streams on the projector as some are spread preaty fare appart and might not be able to be there physicaly
 263 <jcastro> (See what I did there?)
 264 <paultag> jcastro, It's on :)
 265 <jcastro> ajenbo: that would be interesting!
 266 <jcastro> ok so I have 10 minutes left, let's just open it up to questions
 267 <ajenbo> jcastro, happy birthday
 268 <jcastro> oh, and after the jam
 269 <jcastro> don't forget to blog about it
 270 <jcastro> and take pictures!
 271 <jcastro> at the end we like to put up every picture from around the world!
 272 <jcastro> ajenbo: thanks!
 273 <Espen-_-> ajenbo: I was thinking of a status board on a projector. inspired by
 274 <jcastro> Espen-_-: I so want an ubuntu one of those
 275 <jcastro> also remember that between now and then you can always ask questions in here about running a jam!
 276 <jcastro> any other questions?
 277 <jcastro> ok so smoke if you got em! Thanks for coming and feel free to hang out!
 278 <ajenbo> thanks
 279 <pep> Thanks for the information
 280 <Espen-_-> Thanks
 281 <YoBoY> thanks


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