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The current version, Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick):

To be more specific, translate /UbuntuSpecificTranslations.

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First of all thank you for helping the Ubuntu community in Israel to grow and develop.

In order to join the team and start translating Ubuntu or help the community the first thing you need to do is create user account in the translating system. Please read HowTo: Creating your launchpad account, Please note that you need to enter your full name in the 'Display name' field in order that your application to join the team will be accepted.

After you've created your account, enter the Ubuntu page and hit the "Help translate" button on the left side of the page. ubuntu.png

Scroll down the languages list until you reach the Hebrew entry and click on it. There you go, you've reached the heart of the translation system, just choose a program/package and start translate it, that simple! Smile :)

The finale step is to propose yourself to the translators team. Just enter the Ubuntu Hebrew Translators page in launchpad click the 'Join this team' button or 'Join the team' link on the left and wait until your proposition will be accepted.


Contact, meetings etc.

Or contact one of the official translators via the launchpad page


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