This page contains meeting agenda information for the UbuntuInstantServer project meetings. Summaries of past meetings can be found at UbuntuInstantServerMeetingSummaries.

Next Meeting Date, Time and Place

The Ubuntu Instant Server Project meetings are scheduled every 2 weeks. The next meeting will be on Tuesday, the 23th of November, 2005 at 21:00 UTC at #ubuntu-instant, irc.freenode.net. Extra meeting has been set for 10th of November, 2005 at 21:00 UTC at #ubuntu-instant, irc.freenode.net to discuss packages that will go into instant-webserver (Easy Instant and Advanced Instant).

As always, these meetings are open to everyone.

Agenda for November 10, 2005 Meeting

  • Introductions
  • What packages to include for the UbuntuInstantWebServer (just how Ubuntu has chosen the best at each task we will do the same)

  • We should have a formal spec in Launchpad
  • Where to host the work we do, source repository, etc... as we ramp up we will need this stuff
  • Conclusion - Any other business, the floor is open

Agenda for November 8, 2005 Meeting

  • Introduction (MG)
  • Overall Mission Statement - so that people DO understand what we are doing and why (MG)
  • Target Audience (MD)
  • Benifits Overview (MG)
  • What Instant Servers do we need? (MD)
  • Instant Server specs /Server components, etc. (MD)
  • How can we optimize each Instant Servers performance? (MG)
  • How will we distribute? ISO? apt-get install instant* meta-packages, etc... (MG)
  • Instant Media Center - MythTV, etc... (MD)
  • Attracting additional contributors (MD)
  • Conclusion - Any other business, the floor is open (MG)

NOTE: (MG) - indicates topic lead by MattGalvin, (MD) indicates topic lead by Mario Đanić

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