Ubuntu needs to be translated into Inuktitut (the language of the Inuit). For this to happen, we need some pieces.


  • Pigiarniq font is what the Government of Nunavut uses. http://www.tiro.com/syllabics/resources/index.html

  • Emailed inquiring under which license it is released.
  • http://www.gov.nu.ca/font.htm - Here is a font, but unknown licence

  • Emailed Nortext about the Nunacom font, said it was pretty much obsolete now.
  • "The font is pretty much public domain - never had anybody ask us about the license before.

If we had to choose one, I would say CCO - http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/legalcode"

Collect existing translations

  • There are a number of exisiting translations out there. Find them and get them into Rosetta
  • ACTION ITEM - search and contact existing translators

Contact new translators

  • There are a fair number of Inuktitut speakers/profs out there. Find them.
  • ACTION ITEM - visit your local University's language faculty and ask around

Find out where Microsoft is at

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