Full Circle Meeting #5 Log

This is a log of Full Circle Meeting #5, held on Saturday 11th August 2007 at 17:00 UTC.

This log is unedited!

<ronnietucker> ok, first thing, the ever late Colin Watson interview. I got sent some questions which i can add to the pool of questions so any last minute questions from anyone?...

<mrmonday> how many Qs we got

<mrmonday> I can make some up if we don't have enough

<ronnietucker> roughly 20

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<mrmonday> that's probably enough

<ronnietucker> i'll email you the full list of questions mrmonday after the meeting. It's up to you which order you ask them in... Smile :)

<mrmonday> ok

<linuxgeekery> Any last minute questions, or is that it?

<ronnietucker> we'll give it to the end of the meeting for questions for Colin... bu we'll move on

<ronnietucker> should FullCircle use US/UK spellings?...

Topic changed on #fullcirclemagazine by mrmonday: Meeting in progress | should fullcircle use US/UK spellings? <topaspv> uk

<mrmonday> uk

<ronnietucker> bearing in mind that Canonical and Ubuntu use US spellings

<linuxgeekery> either way

<mrmonday> uk: 2 votes

<linuxgeekery> But I'm in the US, so I lean towards U

<linuxgeekery> US

<mrmonday> UK: 2 US: 1

<ronnietucker> i'm UK but would rather use US since all other Ubuntu documentation uses US

<topaspv> i didn't of canonical and ubuntu using us spellings.. so i'm pro us, too.

<mrmonday> UK: 2 US: 2

<topaspv> +think

<linuxgeekery> No, US: 3

<mrmonday> UK: 1 US: 3

<linuxgeekery> :P

<linuxgeekery> Anyone else?

<mrmonday> looks like it's US then...

<linuxgeekery> Anyone else? Last chance Smile :)

<ronnietucker> ok, from #5 we'll use US spellings so set your spell checkers to US! Smile :)

<mrmonday> I haven't installed US...

<linuxgeekery> Well, install it then

<linuxgeekery> Wink ;)

<mrmonday> no...

<mrmonday> it'll take too long

<linuxgeekery> How come?

<mrmonday> /use up too much effort

<mrmonday> /I can't be bothered

<linuxgeekery> Do you use openoffice?

<mrmonday> yeah

<ronnietucker> well just make sure you check it first before submitting it mrmonday :/ <linuxgeekery> mrmonday: sudo aptitude install aspell-en

<ronnietucker> ok, next:

Topic changed on #fullcirclemagazine by mrmonday: Meeting in progress | require a MyPC

<ronnietucker> we still require a MyPC

<ronnietucker> anyone want to email in a photo of their PC and a quick paragraph?

Action: mrmonday is psychic

<linuxgeekery> back a bit earlier, did I do a MyPC or My Desktop?

<mrmonday> I think desktop

<ronnietucker> it was a my desktop linuxgeekery

<ronnietucker> your depressing black one Big Grin :)

<linuxgeekery> I've changed it

<linuxgeekery> But it's still dark

<ronnietucker> you going to show us your PC then this time?

<linuxgeekery> If you can't find anyone else, I'll do one

<ronnietucker> ok, email me a photo and some text...

<linuxgeekery> When is Issue 4 going to be released?

<ronnietucker> better still, put your photo and text on the wiki

<linuxgeekery> OK

<ronnietucker> next: a review

<linuxgeekery> If you can't find anyone by the 14th or so, I'll send mine in Smile :)

Topic changed on #fullcirclemagazine by mrmonday: Meeting in progress | require a review

<ronnietucker> put it on the wiki anyway linuxgeekery we'll use it.

<linuxgeekery> OK

<ronnietucker> we still need a review of something. Software, hardware... something...

<mrmonday> how long can you wait?

<ronnietucker> couple of days

<mrmonday> I could do XChat

<mrmonday> as it is the app I use most :P

<ronnietucker> i was hoping more for a game or non-geek app Big Grin :)

<mrmonday> ok

<linuxgeekery> ronnietucker: you could do Thunderbird Smile :)

<mrmonday> no review offers then

<ronnietucker> fair point linuxgeekery, was also thinking of doing Miro

<linuxgeekery> aka Democracy Player

<ronnietucker> yeah

<topaspv> faemir had a nice program some days ago: mumble. perhaps someone (he?) can write something about it

<linuxgeekery> What does mumble do? Never heard of it

<ronnietucker> ditto

<topaspv> it's a open source alternative for teamspeak

<topaspv> uses alsa (teamspeak uses oss)

<linuxgeekery> ah Smile :)

<ronnietucker> well, if he wants to review it then fair enough but i'll do a review of Miro then for #4

Action: mrmonday adds something to the agenda

<ronnietucker> any objections?

<topaspv> don't know if he wants to do it.. but it might be an interesting application

<ronnietucker> no last minute objections to my Miro review then?

<topaspv> not from me Smile :)

<mrmonday> nope

<linuxgeekery> Nope

<ronnietucker> ok, i'll write that up tomorrow and put it on the wiki for proofing.

<ronnietucker> mrmonday: how goes the Edubuntu article?

<mrmonday> finished

<mrmonday> not by me though Smile :)

<linuxgeekery> ?

<mrmonday> topaspv did it Smile :)

<mrmonday> I was going to do it yesterday

<mrmonday> but had writers block :/

<mrmonday> and didn't have time today

<ronnietucker> (aka: laziness) Wink ;)

<mrmonday> so I asked topaspv

<mrmonday> who agreed Smile :)

<ronnietucker> all hail topaspv

<ronnietucker> all boo mrmonday Smile :)

Action: mrmonday bows down

Action: mrmonday boos himself

mrmonday kicked from #fullcirclemagazine by mrmonday: BOOOOO!

mrmonday joined #fullcirclemagazine.

<linuxgeekery> Big Grin :)

<ronnietucker> harsh, but we'll see if it works come next deadline Big Grin :)

<linuxgeekery> Erm... this isn't good. I ran wine and it turned parts of my screen black

<linuxgeekery> and then crashed

faemir joined #fullcirclemagazine.

<mrmonday> lol

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<mrmonday> hey faemir

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<ronnietucker> ok, so we can put that on the wiki too (topaspv's article)

<mrmonday> I'll add it after the meeting

<mrmonday> ronnietucker, he did sampbars article too

<ronnietucker> hey, faemir is here just in time to tell us how his article is going...? Smile :)

<ronnietucker> mrmonday: i know, hence why he should be hailed Smile :)

<mrmonday> yeah

<faemir> my ultra stable and reliable windows system crashed on me, taking the unsaved article with it :@

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<mrmonday> topaspv, you've been promoted

<topaspv> don't want to

<mrmonday> lol

<ronnietucker> ok, show of hands: who believes faemir? Big Grin :)

<topaspv> hrhrhrhr

<faemir> >_>

Action: mrmonday lowers his hand

<faemir> it wasn't finished admittedly

<faemir> :P

<ronnietucker> *sound of crickets chirping*

linuxgeekery joined #fullcirclemagazine.

<faemir> it was like half done :|

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<linuxgeekery> back

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<linuxgeekery> hmm

<ronnietucker> ok, so no-one believes you faemir... you've got until tomorrow... Smile :)

<faemir> then you can be in the wrong then :P

<faemir> and i know :|

Topic changed on #fullcirclemagazine by mrmonday: Meeting in progress | becoming official

<ronnietucker> you presented no evidence in your case mr faemir, thus we're right... Wink ;)

<mrmonday> twas next on the agenda

<mrmonday> we said after #3 we would talk more about it

<ronnietucker> ok, becoming official...

<mrmonday> now is that time

<mrmonday> erm

<mrmonday> what happens if we become official?

<ronnietucker> i'd prefer to have had more people for deciding something like this but... go on mrmonday

<ronnietucker> from what i'm told: not a lot.

<mrmonday> ronnietucker, we'll skip to the last thing on the agenda then Smile :)

<mrmonday> then go in reverse order

<mrmonday> wait

<mrmonday> no

Topic changed on #fullcirclemagazine by mrmonday: Meeting in progress |

Topic changed on #fullcirclemagazine by mrmonday: Meeting in progress | getting more people to meetings!

<mrmonday> how can we do this?

<ronnietucker> ok, more people in meetings...

<linuxgeekery> :P

<mrmonday> we need more people who want to come

<mrmonday> we should maybe post on the blog?

<ronnietucker> well i normally send out a message through the blog to the near 2,000 subscribers...

<linuxgeekery> I noticed it wasn't announced on the front page

<ronnietucker> (a few days before hand)

<mrmonday> maybe we put something on the ubuntu mailing lists about it?

<mrmonday> if we could?

<ronnietucker> but which ones?

<mrmonday> dunno

<mrmonday> the ones with the most subscribers who would care, and use IRC

<mrmonday> some of the thousand who idle on #ubuntu-uk

<mrmonday> *#ubuntu

<mrmonday> autocomplete...

<linuxgeekery> :P

<ronnietucker> and the k/x/edu mailing lists too

<ronnietucker> so who wants to get the blame of spamming the mailing lists then?

<mrmonday> ronnietucker, you have the most experience in the field Smile :)

<mrmonday> I vote you Smile :)

<ronnietucker> i'll -1 that mrmonday Smile :)

<linuxgeekery> Ronnie's attempt to make a wikipedia article failed

<ronnietucker> and +1 you since it is your idea... Smile :)

<linuxgeekery> It got deleted

<mrmonday> lol

<ronnietucker> that would be the article you then changed linuxgeekery?

<linuxgeekery> Yeah

<ronnietucker> I believe you take the blame then Big Grin :)

<linuxgeekery> It's marked for deletion

<linuxgeekery> So is your original one

<linuxgeekery> :P

<mrmonday> "It is proposed that this article be deleted, because of the following concern:

<mrmonday> Advertising bordering on spam "

<linuxgeekery> Yup

<linuxgeekery> Nice going ronnie Big Grin :)

<ronnietucker> thanks Smile :)

<ronnietucker> and you linuxgeekery Big Grin :)

<linuxgeekery> Yay... :P

Action: faemir is back

<mrmonday> Country Flag of the United States United States <-- pfff

<mrmonday> it's international...

<ronnietucker> anyway... back on track...

Topic changed on #fullcirclemagazine by mrmonday: Meeting in progress | cloaks

<topaspv> brb

<mrmonday> still no word about them

<ronnietucker> whoa boy... we didn't get any ideas for people to meetings!

<faemir> surely, it's not more advertising than say the article for windows defender?

<faemir> or PC Pro

<faemir> or anything >_>

<faemir> eh, sorry

<ronnietucker> not you faemir, mrmonday

<faemir> no, i was apologising for keeping going after you said back ontrack

<ronnietucker> we still need ideas to get people into meetings to help decide on things

<faemir> hack the ubuntu website?

<faemir> >=)

<linuxgeekery> lol

<mrmonday> lol

<ronnietucker> faemir: -1000000000000000000000 Smile :)

<faemir> xD

<mrmonday> you volunteering for that faemir ?

<faemir> heh

<ronnietucker> and when you get caught we'll deny we knew you

<linuxgeekery> got nmap and sshcrack ready? :P

<faemir> lol

<faemir> saying that, I wrote my own ftp cracker :P

<faemir> it takes a long time Sad :(

<ronnietucker> any other ideas?

<linuxgeekery> FTP is easy...

<faemir> you go do so then

<linuxgeekery> "accidentally" spam people with the announcement 5 times? Big Grin :)

<faemir> ronnietucker, if you put it the latest issue, a page or something saying how we need people in the meetings for ideas etc?

<ronnietucker> linuxgeekery: actually, can you take a look at the membership database as last time i sent out the meeting thing it said we had less to send to than we had members...

<linuxgeekery> ronnietucker: ok

<ronnietucker> faemir: i'll maybe add a bit of blab then to the Contribs page with the meeting date

<ronnietucker> thanks linuxgeekery

<faemir> and say something like "if you want the stuff you want featured featured, then come to the meeting"

<faemir> damn i love double wording Big Grin :)

<linuxgeekery> ronnietucker: we have 1922 members

<linuxgeekery> ronnietucker: excluding admins and other stuff

nalioth joined #fullcirclemagazine.

<ronnietucker> yeah but pretend to send a message and you'll only get about 1,500 at most

<mrmonday> hi nalioth

<linuxgeekery> ronnietucker: I see

<linuxgeekery> Maybe we have too many members for it? :P

<ronnietucker> any other 'people to meeting' ideas?

<faemir> do lots of slap scripts on them when they come here at times that aren't the meeting?

<faemir> actually, an easy way would surely be to have a big banner on the website right?

<faemir> since as they go there for the magazines

<mrmonday> linuxgeekery, pm

<faemir> you could say something like "we are out of ideas, so if you want #5 to happen, then get to the meeting!" or perhaps something less.... dramatic? xD

<faemir> is anyone actually here? Sad :(

<ronnietucker> come to the meeting or the kitten gets it... Wink ;)

<faemir> heh

<faemir> none of my explorer windows will close >_>

<faemir> "the only excuse is that windows has crashed" xD

<mrmonday> faemir, because you should be in linux for the meeting Smile :)

<faemir> I have no hdd space until get new HDD

<faemir> which is in 1-2 months

<topaspv> bk. i think mentioning something in the magazine and here in the topic should work. we could also tell everyone in this channel about it

Action: faemir thinks of a bot named spambot would be appropriate Smile :)

<ronnietucker> topaspv: we already do that and it doesn't seem to bring people... :/

<topaspv> what about the proof readers and so on? aren't there a lot people being involved? perhaps you could massmail them

<ronnietucker> topaspv: we kinda do that through the blog, i email from there to nearly 1,500 people and still only a few appear :/

<mrmonday> if any...

<topaspv> i read that. but you could also email the contributors/proof readers etc

<topaspv> i, for example, don't read the blog regularly

<topaspv> what i'm trying to say: others might not read it either

<mrmonday> topaspv, it automatically emails anyone who's signed up

<topaspv> so do you know if all the contributors are signed up there?

<ronnietucker> only problem there is that contributors change each issue... we'd end up with a long list of emails with most of them defunt

<topaspv> oh, ok.

<topaspv> i thought they were pretty much the same

<ronnietucker> the HowTo authors usually change

<topaspv> what about the translators?

<topaspv> they're "stable" Big Grin :)

<ronnietucker> i'd say more semi-stable as some translations stopped after #0

<ronnietucker> but i'll maybe do a mass email to people (from my address book) before meetings to see how it goes...

<topaspv> i thought the french, spanish and italian translation teams were quite big Sad :(

<ronnietucker> and Polish

<ronnietucker> but yeah, i'll email before the next meeting

<topaspv> btw: german translation makes progress

<topaspv> we got a rather active new translator Smile :)

<ronnietucker> cool Smile :)

<topaspv> wait

<topaspv> one more thing

<ronnietucker> hm?

<topaspv> do you have any idea who Christian Kloy is?

<ronnietucker> name doesn't ring a bell... nope...

<linuxgeekery> where's the name form

<linuxgeekery> from

<topaspv> like an e-mail from him or something.

<linuxgeekery> Where'd you meet/find out about him?

<linuxgeekery> Name sort of sounds familiar

<topaspv> from the german translation site at the wiki. i don't know how to contact him and he wrote he was doing a translation

<ronnietucker> this guy:

<linuxgeekery> Well, he has a Launchpad page

<linuxgeekery> Says he's translating FCM into Germna

<topaspv> ronnietucker, that's as far as i got

<linuxgeekery> German

<topaspv> i don't know if he actually does something or if i should translate his pages

<linuxgeekery> brb 1.5 mins

linuxgeekery left irc: "leaving"

<ronnietucker> is he part of your team? Or just some random guy who's started translating on his own?

<topaspv> i never got an e-mail from him or something. he was just there at the wiki

<ronnietucker> topaspv: your shout there, if he's not contacted you to give an update then you could fairly assue he's AWOL

<ronnietucker> *assume

<topaspv> awol?

<ronnietucker> missing Smile :)

<topaspv> ok

linuxgeekery joined #fullcirclemagazine.

<linuxgeekery> back

<ronnietucker> anything else we should bring up in this meeting... ?

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<topaspv> nope

<linuxgeekery> not that I can think of

<ronnietucker> same here... mrmonday?

<mrmonday> meeting over?

<ronnietucker> case closed... Smile :)

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