Full Circle Meeting #4 Log

This is a log of Full Circle Meeting #4, held on Saturday 14th July 2007 at 17:00 UTC.

This log is unedited!

<ronnietucker> hi all! Ready for another fun filled, action packed, monthly meeting? Smile :)

<mrmonday> yep

<ronnietucker> right... first thing: News articles, we need some current news items for the news pages, just nice short stories...

<ronnietucker> if you've got any please email them to

<ronnietucker> next, monthly columns... how's Xubuntu going mrmonday?

<sampbar> ronnietucker, im a bit behind Smile :) should be done by tommorow evening though

<mrmonday> ronnietucker, bout 90% not done

<ronnietucker> ok sampbar, sooner the better Smile :)

<mrmonday> will be done by tomorrow

<mrmonday> hopefully

<ronnietucker> well... sooner the better mrmonday Smile :)

<mrmonday> yeah

<ronnietucker> update on #3 - apart from the News items, Xubuntu install and Ubuntu Youth pages #3 is about 70% complete

<mrmonday> ok

<sampbar> any news about becoming official?

<sampbar> and also are we moving to the ubuntu forums?

<mrmonday> we said we'd look at that after #3 didn't we?

<mrmonday> sampbar, we are asking at their next meeting

<ronnietucker> next is the private wiki - just to fill folks in that at the moment we have a wiki which is for translators and proof-readers.

<ronnietucker> only myself, mrmonday, linuxgeekery and the proof-readers have access to the articles, this is so that the proof-readers can touch up the articles before I put them into the layout. We'll see if it works when I send #3 off to the proof-readers, by rights there should be very little mistakes in the articles since they SHOULD already have been proof-read

<ronnietucker> putting the articles into the wiki also lets the translators pull down the proof-read articles for translation, rather than copy/paste the articles out of the Scribus file.

<ronnietucker> sampbar: only after #3 would we be thinking about going for 'the blessing'

<sampbar> ok Smile :)

<faemir> (just to let you know, i am here, but I'm busy, so if you need me, then do so)

<ronnietucker> Ubuntu Forums seem to have skipped past us in their last Council Meeting. I've left a message on the forum asking if our application can be brough up at their next meeting...

<sampbar> is it possible for us to attend the meeting?

<sampbar> to make sure its not skipped again

<mrmonday> yeah

<ronnietucker> probably i'll have to attend at some point to say why we should be given a forum

<mrmonday> it's in #ubuntu-meeting

<ronnietucker> but if they don't add it to the agenda it just doesn't get brought up... (i assume)

<ronnietucker> they only do one per month

<mrmonday> not sure when though...

<mrmonday> ronnietucker, ?

<ronnietucker> it tells you on Ubuntu Forums in their Forum Council section

<ronnietucker> i think their July one might be next week... not sure...

<mrmonday> we should probably check

<ronnietucker> well i'd hope they'd accept the application then tell us so that we know and can attend...

<ronnietucker> next: Documentation wiki...

<ronnietucker> the Documentation Team have contacted me asking if we would be willing to put our used articles onto their wiki so that others can benefit from them.

<ronnietucker> any objections?

<ronnietucker> (mainly the How-To articles)

<mrmonday> no, except it seems like a lot of hassle, moving them *again*

<ronnietucker> we can still keep our wiki up for translation/proofing purposes

<ronnietucker> our wiki is for us to keep track of what is used and what isn't

<ronnietucker> what we would need though is a volunteer who'd be willing to put the articles onto the Documentation Team wiki on our behalf... any volunteers?

Action: mrmonday hides

Action: sampbar hides

Action: faemir is not here.

<mrmonday> lol

<sampbar> hehe

<ronnietucker> that'll be a 'no' then... :/

<ronnietucker> fair enough, i'll put out an email from the blog and see if I can get a volunteer that way...

<faemir> (ronnietucker, how long did you say you want those descriptions on the sites again?)

<sampbar> sorry but im late with my article :| and it takes about a day to write

<ronnietucker> faemir: maybe about two thirds of an A4 page in OpenOffice (or whatever you want to use) and a screenshot (or two) to go with it

<faemir> ok. i had in mind a small article, but yeh xD

<ronnietucker> make it smaller if you like...

<faemir> this one might have to be a bit shorter due to time-constraints at this end Sad :(

<ronnietucker> no worries, make it about half a page (or less) and a screenshot

<faemir> size 50 font? Big Grin :)

craig1709 joined #fullcirclemagazine.

<ronnietucker> Big Grin :) erm... then again... Wink ;)

<ronnietucker> no no, just standard font size Smile :)

<mrmonday> back

<ronnietucker> well, i'm pretty much done. Anyone want to ask anything?...

<ronnietucker> going once... going twice...

faemir left irc: Remote closed the connection

<ronnietucker> sold! Meeting done... Smile :)

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