Full Circle Meeting #9 Log

This is a log of Full Circle Meeting #9, held on Saturday 08th December 2007 at 17:00 UTC.

[17:01] <ronnietucker> right, lets start...

[17:02] <Ttech> Ok, lets...

[17:02] <ronnietucker> first: just a note from Matt (podcast) who can't be here

[17:03] <ronnietucker> Those who are on the Panel List must email me ( to indicate if you are available. Please check the calendar for the time. Release date expected to be 14th of Dec.

[17:03] <catfacts>

[17:03] <Ttech> First topic?

[17:03] <ronnietucker> panel list :

[17:04] <Ttech> #endmeeting

[17:04] <catfacts> wait Ttech are you going to have ronnie be the chair

[17:04] <Ttech> ronnietucker: run #startmeeting

[17:04] <Ttech> Big Grin :)

[17:04] <ronnietucker> Ttech: catfacts: - i'm just going to copy/paste the log so SHH!

[17:04] <catfacts> Ttech: run a #endmeeting

[17:04] <linuxgeekery> he already did

[17:05] <catfacts> hmm odd it isnt in my log?

[17:05] <linuxgeekery> I think FCMBot can log

[17:05] <ronnietucker> ok, point two from Matt:

[17:05] <linuxgeekery> or we can just C/P

[17:05] <catfacts> Ttech try #mootbot-test to play around with it

[17:05] <ronnietucker> Please add any *buntu related stories to the ideas tank as they will be reviewed there.

[17:05] <catfacts> ok

[17:05] <catfacts> I have something to add to that

[17:05] <Ttech> ok, I have one

[17:06] <JordanC> :O

[17:06] <JordanC> Whoa who whoa

[17:06] <JordanC> Where did you get that from

[17:06] <ronnietucker> ideas tank :

[17:06] <Ttech> Speaking of stories, the issues seem to only (or primarily) use only KBuntu. Sad :(

[17:06] * catfacts points to Ttech's big stick he keeps pokeing people with

[17:06] <linuxgeekery> lol

[17:06] <catfacts> those can kill people you knwo

[17:06] * Ttech hides...

[17:07] <Ttech> Oops

[17:07] <ronnietucker> ok, anybody want to comment on those two points from Matt?

[17:07] *** ChanServ gives FCMBot the permission to talk.

[17:07] <Ttech> Matt?

[17:08] <linuxgeekery> Podcast host...

[17:08] <Ttech> Oh yeah, well I'd say we could use some more dev (idea tank)

[17:09] <ronnietucker> no no, that's a separate topic, i'm just looking for comments on the two points i mentioned

[17:09] <Ttech> I must be missing something

[17:09] <Ttech> Sorry.

[17:09] <ronnietucker> Ttech: you were probably too busy screwing around with MootBot when i dont need it!

[17:09] * Ttech is sorry...

[17:10] <_Nicola_> I don't think there's anything wrong with an episode to focus on stories from one *buntu over another, maybe for the first show, it would be nice to have a balance, though

[17:10] <Ttech> Agreed... Balance is good.

[17:10] <ronnietucker> _Nicola_: true, sometimes the mag has more Ubuntu than Kubuntu but that can change in later issues

[17:11] <ronnietucker> ok, you're up next Ttech...

[17:12] * catfacts pokes Ttech with a large stick, revenge

[17:12] <Ttech> Yeah, sorry...

[17:13] <Ttech> Ah, like I said before, catfacts and I could you a little more dev help. We are pretty good, but there is only two of us.

[17:13] <Ttech> And the more heads the better

[17:13] <catfacts> dont forget mrmonday

[17:13] <catfacts> he said he was in

[17:13] <Ttech> True, true.

[17:13] <_Nicola_> what kind of help is needed?

[17:14] <Ttech> Yeah, I almost forgot. So one or two more people who are good with PHP -> XML-RPC and writting (eventually) a app just for Magazine collab

[17:14] <catfacts> so php mysql if you have really good css that wouldnt be bad

[17:15] <Ttech> Yeah, CSS is something none of us really are good at

[17:15] <linuxgeekery> I can do some CSS

[17:16] <catfacts> this is far out there

[17:16] <catfacts> anyone know AJAX

[17:16] <_Nicola_> I've programmed a few sites, but wouldn't call myself a css guru, i've never worked with php and mysql though

[17:16] <linuxgeekery> I can do REALLY basic AJAX

[17:16] <Ttech> AJAX? Well, your hired. :P

[17:16] <-- orangePnut has left this server ("Shutting Down/Disconnected").

[17:16] <linuxgeekery> Except I can't right now :/

[17:16] <linuxgeekery> I'm busy with other stuff lol

[17:16] <Ttech> I don't know about Catfacts but JS is not my good point.

[17:16] <catfacts> same here

[17:16] <Ttech> I know, but we will need some help eventually.

[17:17] <linuxgeekery> I can't do much coding for you right now but I can give you some pointers

[17:17] <Ttech> I'm ripping code form examples on the web, and it ain't pretty

[17:17] <catfacts> i can do a simple redirect script and popup window but nothing really big

[17:17] <Ttech> I'll put it this way, I do AJAX and I managed to kill Firefox

[17:17] <linuxgeekery> XD

[17:18] <linuxgeekery> <-- good AJAX framework

[17:18] <Ttech> _Nicola_ -> Well, any contribution is helpful.

[17:18] <Ttech> Are meetings this ah, quiet. usually?

[17:18] <Ttech> @linuxgeekery: I'm taking a look at that.

[17:19] <Ttech> I'm going to have to do alot of reading. Smile :)

[17:19] <catfacts> hehhe

[17:19] <Ttech> We still could use someone who is good at API's eg XML-RPC

[17:19] <catfacts> does gCal have an API

[17:19] <Ttech> Thanks...

[17:20] <Ttech> No, to sync with Gcal you can only import to actually sync you ahve to use a service like (thought I think I didn't spell it right)

[17:20] <linuxgeekery> scheduleworld

[17:20] <linuxgeekery> Actually, google calendar does have an API

[17:20] <linuxgeekery>

[17:21] * Ttech slaps Ttech repeatedly.

[17:21] <linuxgeekery> lol

[17:21] <catfacts> self harm is not the answer

[17:21] <Ttech> Ok, I was wrong, though, as ronnietucker said orig, we wanted to move away form GApps.

[17:22] <catfacts> hm i still say google calendar is pretty nice

[17:22] <ronnietucker> Ttech: it'd be nice to have Google Calendar sync with the GroupWare calendar if it's possible...

[17:23] <Ttech> Need more freedom, we have a XML-RPC interface for the Addressbook, Calendar and todo list, but not the wiki, so we need to write one, and figure out how do post something to the todo / calendar when a new post is added. (am I right ronnietucker?)

[17:23] <Ttech> Alright. I'll see what I can do

[17:24] <Ttech> So if we could put a little word out in the next issue / podcast asking someone to help out with API's naimly XML-RPC, we could make the eGW app more effective

[17:24] <catfacts> in the end we plan on slowly moving from a hacked egw to a fully fcm app

[17:24] <catfacts> but that is a long way off

[17:24] <ronnietucker> Ttech: email some info to Matt and ask him to put out a 'developer appeal' Big Grin :)

[17:24] <Ttech> And as catfacts has mentioned, we will hopefully eventually roll out our own magazine-specific Collab app.

[17:24] <Ttech> ronnietucker: Will do.

[17:25] <linuxgeekery> ooh

[17:25] <ronnietucker> Ttech: thanks. Lets hope some dev's step up...

[17:25] <linuxgeekery> Turns out you can install a wiki plugin that installs XML-RPC capability

[17:26] <Ttech> I'm packed this weekend, but in 3 weeks we should have the basic interface setup, although it would be better with the XML-RPC beacuse Common Writters would be ableo to use it to post to, eg, by using a blogging app like BloGTK

[17:26] <Ttech> linuxgeekery: For eGW?

[17:26] <linuxgeekery> I was thinking of our current docs wiki

[17:26] <linuxgeekery> Ttech:

[17:26] <Ttech> I think I took a look at that.

[17:26] <Ttech> I'm not sure if I liked it or not

[17:26] <linuxgeekery> and EGW has XMLRPC

[17:27] <Ttech> Oh yeah, I don't think it owuld work. Because eGW has their own Wiki

[17:27] <Ttech> yeah I read up on it. it only supports the to-do list, calendar, and address book. Don't ask me why

[17:27] <linuxgeekery> yeah, strange

[17:28] <Ttech> Oh and we have the email it app, which I have partly done, but it WILL NOT be in version one

[17:28] <Ttech> (too much hacking of the orig script) the script is complete with everything you want.

[17:28] <catfacts> huh there is email validation in 1.0

[17:29] <Ttech> No, this is the email montiroing script.

[17:29] <Ttech> linuxgeekery: Does your host allow you do run cronjobs?

[17:29] <linuxgeekery> yup

[17:30] <linuxgeekery> ssh in and crontab -e

[17:30] <Ttech> lg: ok

[17:30] <Ttech> linuxgeekery

[17:30] <Ttech> Odd.

[17:30] <Ttech> so we shouldn't ahve a problemt there

[17:30] <Ttech> My last issue on the Agenda was solved thanks to linuxgeekery

[17:30] <linuxgeekery> yay :P

[17:31] <Ttech> So we have our dev site (and I'm wokring on porting all our work there, well my wokr

[17:31] <Ttech> heh

[17:31] <Ttech> But I still have to create the accounts.

[17:31] <Ttech> ronnietucker: We got anything else?

[17:32] <ronnietucker> we'll open the meeting up for any other questions anyone might have?

[17:33] <ronnietucker> I think the dev stuff put everyone to sleep... thanks Ttech! Wink ;)

[17:33] <linuxgeekery> Big Grin :)

[17:33] <Ttech> Well, I said my only complaint in the beging. I saw this on the one that was about 7.10 (before it was out) you were showing mainly Kbuntu and only one pic of Ubutnu. If your talking about a new version, Banense? Smile :)

[17:33] <Ttech> ronnietucker: Sorry. Smile :)

[17:33] <Ttech> I can't help it.

[17:34] <ronnietucker> anyone? Any questions or comments??

[17:34] <Ttech> As it is in Blazing Saddles "I like to keep my audience riveted..."

[17:34] <Ttech> I said my comment. Other then that. Great magazine. Its grown, started at like 25 pages and is now right about 50 pages. Smile :)

[17:34] <Ttech> Good going. Smile :)

[17:35] <Ttech> Can't wait till we read 100. Smile :)

[17:35] <Ttech> But we need more writers

[17:35] <Ttech> Oh, one other, and I write an how-to about apt

[17:36] * Ttech thinks I should have put my tech stuff last. :P

[17:37] * Ttech checks to see if everyone is still alive?

[17:37] <keen101> I think there should be more how-to's or introductions to the terminal command line functions.

[17:38] <catfacts> the terminal, however scary, is one really nice thing to have

[17:38] <_Nicola_> I'm working on a short article about a project I did with the command line, how it came in handy

[17:39] <Ttech> ronnietucker: Agreed. Well with that said. I'm going to add a new subcategory for the Aritcle Submitter

[17:40] <keen101> sweet.

[17:40] --> andrewmin has joined this channel (

[17:40] <Ttech> Big Grin :) Lol

[17:40] <Ttech> Welcome andrewmin...

[17:40] <Ttech> You have arrived just in time

[17:40] <_Nicola_> there should be headings, though, grading the level of command line articles into things like, beginner concepts, and advanced concepts

[17:41] <ronnietucker> andrewmin: you made it just in time to put in your 'apt' piece... Smile :)

[17:41] --> andrewminirc has joined this channel (

[17:41] <andrewminirc> hi hows the meeting going?

[17:41] <andrewminirc> or is it oover?

[17:41] <ronnietucker> andrewminirc: you made it just in time to put in your 'apt' piece... Smile :)

[17:41] <catfacts> uh ttech ur forgetting an #endvote

[17:41] <andrewminirc> yay!

[17:41] <keen101> still going.

[17:41] <Ttech> We have poll on writing more command line how-to's

[17:41] <andrewminirc> should i start now, or are we in teh middle of something?

[17:41] <ronnietucker> fire away

[17:41] <andrewminirc> ok

[17:41] <Ttech> We are in the middle of the linux how-to's stuff. So feel free to go

[17:42] <andrewminirc> well, as some ofyou know, ubuntu gutsy added a program named apturl

[17:42] <Ttech> The poll is what I said above +1 vote or -1 don't like

[17:42] <Ttech> apt-get?

[17:42] <Ttech> #endvote

[17:42] <andrewminirc> basically, taht lets firefoxuse apt:packagename to batch install a program

[17:42] <ronnietucker> Ttech: the HowTo thing wasn't even up for a vote, it was a definite from the get go, it just needs a writer!

[17:42] <andrewminirc> so apt:frozen-bubble would install frozen bubble

[17:42] <ronnietucker> sorry, go on andrewminirc

[17:42] <Ttech> Big Grin :) LOL

[17:42] <andrewminirc> now, it works also in kpdf

[17:43] <andrewminirc> but idk about any other pdf readers

[17:43] <andrewminirc> and also, feisty would not work

[17:43] <andrewminirc> so should we use apt: links in the magazine?

[17:43] <andrewminirc> and stop interrupting me Wink ;-)

[17:43] <andrewminirc> ok im done

[17:43] <Ttech> Big Grin :)

[17:43] <Ttech> Ah, should we vote on tis one?

[17:43] <Ttech> I don't know, I can bet we don't have all tech savvey readers

[17:43] <ronnietucker> no voting as MootBot is a spammer

[17:44] <Ttech> Sad :(

[17:44] <andrewminirc> Ttech: it's fairly straightforward. just double click on the link.

[17:44] <andrewminirc> and it installs using apt-batch

[17:44] <andrewminirc> or whatever its called

[17:44] <catfacts> hmm your talking kde

[17:44] <catfacts> for me it is

[17:44] <Ttech> Oh, reallly?

[17:44] <andrewminirc> sorry, i meant apt-get

[17:44] <ronnietucker> MEETING NOTE: I'm removing the MootBot interruptions at the start and in the previous 'vote'

[17:44] <catfacts> apt-get install frozen-bubble

[17:44] <andrewminirc> it works in gnome, i tetsted it

[17:45] <andrewminirc> yeah thats what i meant

[17:45] <catfacts> hmm

[17:45] <catfacts> oh

[17:45] <_Nicola_> i dunno, installing is such a thorny issue, people will debate endlessly what the best way to do something is, is it a bad idea to have fcm "endorse" one method over another?

[17:45] <-- Ttech has left this channel ("Leaving").

[17:45] <-- andrewmin has left this server ("FCM WebIRC (Ping timeout)").

[17:45] --> Ttech has joined this channel (n=Ttech@fullcirclemagazine/developer/ttech).

[17:45] <Ttech> Doh!

[17:45] <Ttech> Stupid

[17:45] <Ttech> Comptuer

[17:45] <andrewminirc> i just quit?

[17:45] <andrewminirc> lol

[17:45] <Ttech> Ah, Synaptic, or etc.

[17:45] <andrewminirc> heres a sample pdf

[17:46] <andrewminirc>

[17:46] <MootBot> LINK received:

[17:46] <Ttech> I'd vote for apt.

[17:46] <Ttech> But we need ot make sure that if the user does not want to sue X method they can use another

[17:46] <andrewminirc> what other methods are there besides apt? i mean, synaptic is just a frontend to apt.

[17:46] <ronnietucker> remember guys: we can't explain every install method every time on every page so we need to keep it brief

[17:46] <Ttech> Synaptic, Add/Remove programs

[17:47] <ronnietucker> the apt links is a good idea but a lot of people are still in Feisty or not using Ubuntu

[17:47] <andrewminirc> true

[17:47] <Ttech> Alright. Se we do apt. But we need to make sure hte user knows that link does

[17:47] <andrewminirc> in my case (top5) i was planning on providing instructions and a link

[17:47] <andrewminirc> so if they dont have gutsy, they can still install the package using th einstructions

[17:47] <andrewminirc> but that wont work for everyone

[17:47] <Ttech> gusty?

[17:47] <ronnietucker> i think it's probably best to just say 'install "blah"' and that way the person can choose which way they want to do it... ?

[17:47] <Ttech> Apt-Works in 6.06 (I sued that before 6.10

[17:48] <andrewminirc> thats what iw as going to do, but i was also going to hypterlink blah

[17:48] <_Nicola_> that's how we have it now, have there been any complaints?

[17:48] <andrewminirc> Ttech: we mean the apturl (thats what i mean anyway)

[17:48] <Ttech> I like that link idea

[17:48] <Ttech> oh

[17:48] <catfacts> this goes back to the one problem i have with linux

[17:48] <catfacts> it splits so much

[17:48] <Ttech> yeah link sounds good, just make sure the user knows what they a clicking is not iformation on hte ap

[17:48] <Ttech> p

[17:48] <catfacts> there are almost to many different flavors

[17:48] <andrewminirc> yeah

[17:49] <Ttech> catfacts: almost?!

[17:49] <catfacts> just think ther is u/k/x/free/buntu

[17:49] <catfacts> gOS

[17:49] <catfacts> fedora

[17:49] <catfacts> suse

[17:49] <Ttech> I wonder if my firend is up.

[17:49] <catfacts> dsl

[17:49] <Ttech> Don't list em

[17:49] <_Nicola_> aren't apt, apt-get, and aptitude all different programs?

[17:49] <Ttech> I don't htink so

[17:49] <andrewminirc> apt-get is a subprogram of apt

[17:49] <Ttech> Well yes an no

[17:49] <andrewminirc> aptitude is a frontend

[17:49] <andrewminirc> to apt

[17:49] <andrewminirc> they all use the same base

[17:49] <andrewminirc> (apt)

[17:49] <ronnietucker> as is Adept

[17:49] <andrewminirc> and synaptic

[17:49] <Ttech> listen to the smart guy (andrewminirc

[17:49] <andrewminirc> lol

[17:49] <catfacts> linux needs some constraint, people seem to think i want this feature, lets make our own distro, instead of liets make an app

[17:50] <andrewminirc> lol pretty much

[17:50] <Ttech> catfacts: Do I see another article comming? Smile :)

[17:50] <_Nicola_> exactly, an article explaining these things might be helpful, then a reference to the article

[17:50] <catfacts> no rants allowed in fcm

[17:50] <andrewminirc> so going back to the issue at hand...

[17:50] <Ttech> I was Joking

[17:50] <andrewminirc> any ideas?

[17:50] <ronnietucker> catfacts: correct but opinions are...

[17:51] <ronnietucker> how about if we phase it in?

[17:51] --> jimhu has joined this channel (n=jimhu@

[17:51] <Ttech> andrewminirc, we have some issue that we start it explain the new "feature" in the magazine, and let them [the readers] know how it works. and what to look for like a diff icon around the install link

[17:51] <Ttech> Then we do it from them on

[17:51] <Ttech> *then

[17:51] <andrewminirc> hmm

[17:51] <Ttech> Welcome jimhu...

[17:51] <ronnietucker> put the apt links into your Top5 Andrew and see what kind of reaction it gets?

[17:51] <andrewminirc> ok

[17:51] <andrewminirc> that sounds good

[17:51] <Ttech> top5?

[17:51] <andrewminirc> are you going to mention it in the edtorial?

[17:52] <ronnietucker> andrewminirc: i'll try and remember to Smile :)

[17:52] <andrewminirc> k

[17:52] <Ttech> Do we have a "montly download" for linux

[17:52] <Ttech> ?

[17:52] <andrewminirc> Ttech: that's sorta what Top5 is

[17:52] <Ttech> We need to let the users know some now

[17:52] <ronnietucker> Ttech: kinda, yeah, in the Top5

[17:52] <Ttech> Oh, because I was going to do something like that

[17:52] <andrewminirc> well, if that's the decision, i think i may need to leave

[17:52] <Ttech> Big Grin :)

[17:52] <andrewminirc> cya!

[17:52] <Ttech> Bye

[17:52] <ronnietucker> thanks andrewminirc

[17:53] <ronnietucker> ok, anyone else got any questions/comments??

[17:53] <_Nicola_> bye bye

[17:53] <Ttech> No

[17:53] <jimhu> hello

[17:53] <ronnietucker> hi jimhu

[17:53] <Ttech> _Nicola_, bye

[17:53] <Ttech> hello jimhu

[17:53] <Ttech> Ok, so we going ot wrap things up?

[17:53] <jimhu> i have some translation issues

[17:53] <Ttech> Hmm?

[17:53] <catfacts> we could do a featured program

[17:54] <Ttech> I'll do It~! I'll do it!

[17:54] <Ttech> Big Grin :)

[17:54] <catfacts> but try to find things you wouldnt know about

[17:54] <Ttech> err...

[17:54] <ronnietucker> nah thats already in the Top5 piece

[17:54] <jimhu> i've writen to Ronnie and told him that we are going to add some articles about Chinese Enviroment

[17:54] <ronnietucker> go ahead jimhu

[17:54] <catfacts> we should get software that is kinda rare but good, not like audacity of firefox

[17:54] <Ttech> catfacts: Top5

[17:54] <Ttech> Big Grin :)

[17:54] <catfacts> sigh ok

[17:55] --> celem has joined this channel (n=celem@

[17:55] <Ttech> Welcome celem...

[17:55] <jimhu> and do we have to translate it into English? since it is no use for english user

[17:55] <Ttech> Ah, then why put it in the english version?

[17:55] <ronnietucker> jimhu: if its for the Chinese market then there's no need to translate it to English

[17:55] <-- celem has left this channel.

[17:56] <Ttech> But it just adds to something we don't need if we are reading in english

[17:56] <jimhu> thanks ronnie

[17:56] <Ttech> ?

[17:56] <catfacts> whoh

[17:56] <Ttech> I scared everyone away. :p

[17:56] <catfacts> if you hit ctrl+alt+shift+left/right it moves the window around the cube

[17:56] <Ttech> I've been having htat problem

[17:56] <Ttech> tyou didn't know that

[17:57] <_Nicola_> exactly, maybe at the download page we could mention articles that are in other translations, so others know and can follow up if they care to

[17:57] <catfacts> lol it is cool

[17:57] <-- andrewminirc has left this server ("FCM WebIRC (Ping timeout)").

[17:57] <Ttech> Smile :)

[17:57] <ronnietucker> jimhu: as long as we have a promise that the additions are nothing offensive

[17:58] <ronnietucker> (since, to be honest, I have no way of checking the non-English articles)

[17:58] <jimhu> what about podcast? we want to translate it into Chinese too. Can you send me what has been said in the podcast in written forms?

[17:59] <Ttech> Big Grin :)

[17:59] <_Nicola_> well, there would have to be a person to transcribe it

[17:59] <catfacts> ttech, hey why dont i have an account on the dev.fcm site

[17:59] <Ttech> because I forgot

[17:59] <Ttech> dev channel

[18:00] <catfacts> yea you dont anser me there

[18:00] <catfacts> sigh, ronnietucker i would make an english trasncript if i had time Smile :) but so far i dont

[18:00] <Ttech> from chineese?

[18:00] <ronnietucker> jimhu: i'll ask Matt if he could maybe draw up some rough notes on what is said... ?

[18:01] <Ttech> Or I think thats wht it is

[18:01] --> rrbiz has joined this channel (

[18:01] <ronnietucker> jimhu: either that or use Matt's show-notes to create a Chinese podcast with similar content?

[18:02] <jimhu> no we just plan to make a subtitle

[18:02] <_Nicola_> maybe in the future we can start getting polyglots to do dubbing on the podcast, Smile :)

[18:02] <Ttech> Ah LG-> Catfacts needs SFTP access to the dev site

[18:02] <Ttech> Welcome rrbiz...

[18:03] <rrbiz> thnx Ttech Smile :) greetnz all

[18:03] <_Nicola_> jimhu, does the subtitle have to be for translation into chinese, or is it as a guide of what the people are saying?

[18:03] <ronnietucker> jimhu: its an audio only podcast

[18:04] <Ttech> linuxgeekery catfacts needs SFTP access to the Dev site

[18:04] <ronnietucker> jimhu: subtitles are usually text placed over a video

[18:04] <linuxgeekery> sorry, had to leave for a few minutes

[18:04] <jimhu> it is much easy for us to translate if we have what Matt have said which is not just a guide

[18:04] <linuxgeekery> I'll set it up

[18:04] <Ttech> thanks

[18:05] <catfacts> thanks 2

[18:05] <catfacts> wait, the podcast is video

[18:05] <_Nicola_> jimhu, I can work on a transcript of the podcast, but it may take a few days after the podcast airs to be complete

[18:05] <ronnietucker> jimhu: I doubt Matt would want to transcribe the entire podcast word for word... :/

[18:06] <_Nicola_> but if it is too long, it may not be practical!

[18:06] <ronnietucker> _Nicola_: I think it's going to be about 1hr and thats each fortnight

[18:07] * Ttech is watching the chat go on from MootBot

[18:07] <ronnietucker> _Nicola_: but if you want to transcribe it, it's up to you... Smile :)

[18:09] <Ttech> So we winding down?

[18:09] <ronnietucker> jimhu: if nothing else i'll certainly ask Matt to email you his notes

[18:09] <Ttech> Don't they have a script?

[18:09] <ronnietucker> any last questions before we wrap up?

[18:09] <Ttech> Ah, is everyone having a good day? Big Grin :)

[18:09] <ronnietucker> Ttech: they'll use some items to spark discussions

[18:09] <Ttech> LOL

[18:10] <jimhu> if someone here can help transcribe it, that'll be great. but it doesn't matter if no one here can help transcribe, we can do it ourself.

[18:10] <Ttech> oooh

[18:10] <Ttech> now I get it

[18:10] <linuxgeekery> Ttech: catfacts might have to use your sftp login

[18:10] <Ttech> linuxgeekery but its a temp one anyway?

[18:10] <linuxgeekery> yeah

[18:10] <linuxgeekery> since the subdomain is hosted under your account, he can't access any of the files through his SFTP account

[18:10] <ronnietucker> jimhu: ok, good luck with it!

[18:10] <Ttech> And I don't have the pass anymore just hte username (autofill

[18:10] <jimhu> thx

[18:11] <ronnietucker> ok, lets call that a meeting then...

[18:11] <Ttech> linuxgeekery? Why is that? Can't you share access?

[18:11] <ronnietucker> all done.

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