Full Circle Meeting #1 Log

This is a log of Full Circle Meeting #1, held on Saturday 26th May 2007 at 5.00GMT.

This log is unedited!

<sampbar> Hello All and welcome to the first meeting!

<maniacmusician> ah speak of the devil

<drhood_FCM> Hi All

<@ronnietucker> ok, MrM, are we recording? Big Grin :)

<sampbar> ronnietucker: can you voice contributers?

<sampbar> so we know who we are?

<mrmonday> ronnietucker, yes

<@ronnietucker> cool... Smile :) thanks MrM

<mrmonday> ronnietucker, op fcmbot

<@ronnietucker> ok, where do you folks want to begin?...

<sampbar> leadership

<drhood_FCM> How many?

<@ronnietucker> Editor = Ronnie (me)

<drhood_FCM> We do have a leader...

<sampbar> we need a leadership team

<@ronnietucker> admin (website etc) = RobK (linuxgeekery)

<drhood_FCM> Consisting of what roles?

<mrmonday> !admin

<FCMBot> Contact Rob K. (aka: linuxgeekery - Webmaster) on

<sampbar> not just ronnie who is only on the irc for 1hr-2 a week

<mrmonday> !ronnie

<FCMBot> Ronnie Tucker is Full Circle Magazines editor in chief -

<@ronnietucker> IRC stuff = Robert (MrMonday)

<sampbar> i nominate mrmonday to be joint leader

<mrmonday> !mrmonday

<FCMBot> Robert Clipsham is Full Circle Magazines Q&A Geek -

<@ronnietucker> thats the main three...

<drhood_FCM> Looks like there is a team of individuals with defined roles - three already.

<@ronnietucker> indeed, and all of this is on the website/wiki

<mrmonday> I nominate me as a communicator

<sampbar> ive only seen mrmonday lead so far - it may just be that i havent been around long enough

<drhood_FCM> This is new stuff to me too, so this meeting is of value to me.

<mrmonday> ronnietucker could pass messages on and things

<maniacmusician> sampbar: they all just have different roles

<mrmonday> and I could communicate them using IRC

<sampbar> 1 person being the leader is not a good thing though

<@ronnietucker> do you think its possible for me to work 40hrs a week, create layout on a magazine, do all the background stuff AND be on IRC 24/7 ??

<maniacmusician> sampbar: ronnietucker mainly works on magazine layout and editing, and he works during the week so he doesn't get on IRC very often

<sampbar> im not saying 24/7

<maniacmusician> sampbar: linuxgeekery works on the website and forums

<sampbar> well he shouldnt be team leader then... somebody else who can talk to the community should be

<sampbar> he should be editor

<@ronnietucker> i AM editor!

<maniacmusician> sampbar: and mrmonday is the one who hangs out in the IRC channel fielding questions and whatnot

<@ronnietucker> read the wiki/forum!

* mrmonday likes how he is recognised

<sampbar> this whole magazine and leaders team is a mess! i dont understand any of it anymore

<@ronnietucker> sampbar, i think you need to read through the forum and wiki first before trying to start a revolution! Big Grin :)

<mrmonday> agreed

<maniacmusician> mrmonday: you're very important Smile :)

<drhood_FCM> How many of the members are familiar with IRC - if they are new Linux users, it might be foreign to them.

<mrmonday> maniacmusician, thanks Big Grin :)

* sampbar thinks that if the forums and wiki were clear there wouldnt be this mess

<mrmonday> how could they be clearer?

<mrmonday> tell us how to improve

<@ronnietucker> i think if sampbar had read the forum/wiki there wouldn't be any mess or misunderstanding!

<mrmonday> don't bash us

<sampbar> and there should be future plans as well "how can a dream come true if there is not dream"?

<maniacmusician> sampbar: like I said before, the magazine doesn't really have goals that high. It's just a community based magazine that wants to put out good content every month for the community to read. It's not a professional project and it doesn't need to take over the world

<sampbar> <sampbar> 1. sort out leadership team

<sampbar> <sampbar> 2. produce magazine 2

<sampbar> <sampbar> 3. ambitions and targets

<mrmonday> sampbar, I think this is a see what happens magazine

<mrmonday> we just make it up as we go along

<@ronnietucker> 1 = done

<drhood_FCM> I do think that there are some things that can be done to make it easier for the new person to get up to speed and wanting to contribute.

<sampbar> not a good way to run a magazine though

<@ronnietucker> 2 = done

<mrmonday> There is no need for goals at the moment

<@ronnietucker> 3 = done, see 2

<drhood_FCM> Forum is good for Q&A, but it really isn't good for disseminating important information.

<madmetal_spyros> 2 is almost done or done?

<mrmonday> see #0

<mrmonday> #1 is nearly here

<@ronnietucker> sorry, point 2 i mean...

<sampbar> i dont see any targets or ambitions? there has to be at least some! everybody dreams

<maniacmusician> sampbar: targets and ambitions are to put out a magazine every month that the community will enjoy. that's it

<@ronnietucker> sampbar - we are a group of volunteers, if we even reach #5 i'll be delighted!

<madmetal_spyros> i agree with maniacmusician i

<mrmonday> agreed with the above

<sampbar> well what is the point in volunteering if there is no future?

<@ronnietucker> our goal is to give people a magazine each month. FULL STOP

<@ronnietucker> and for free

<sampbar> we could reach a wider audience with it shipping with the cds

<drhood_FCM> I think that the goal of a monthly issue is warranted.

<sampbar> but nobody seems interested in that

<@ronnietucker> how do you plan on getting CDs shipped?

<maniacmusician> sampbar: if you mean in print, that will never happen

<drhood_FCM> I think the biggest concern is building up the contributor base so that there is a reliable stream of articles.

<madmetal_spyros> sampbar i preffer shipping xubuntu than FC

* txwikinger (n=txwiking@sblug/member/txwikinger) has joined #fullcirclemagazine

<maniacmusician> I agree with drhood_FCM

<mrmonday> !hi txwikinger

<FCMBot> txwikinger: Hello, and welcome to #fullcirclemagazine - Full Circle Magazines official IRC Channel!

<madmetal_spyros> and also agree with drhood_FCM

<@ronnietucker> exactly my next point madmetal... if Canonical dont see Xubuntu being important enough for ShipIt what chance would we have??

<mrmonday> +1 madmetal_spyros

<sampbar> if we benefit the community and advertise ubuntu

<sampbar> why wouldnt they print or include the magazine on the cds?

<madmetal_spyros> i print FC and give it to local LUG Wink ;)

<@ronnietucker> we already are advertising Ubuntu and have the backing of the Marketing Team in getting each issue out

<drhood_FCM> I don't see the purpose of ShipIt - The magazine is only a few Mb. This is an e-magazine after all.

<maniacmusician> sampbar: there isn't enough CD space as ti ic, it's chock-full. and printing is *way* too expensive

<@ronnietucker> exactly drhood

<mrmonday> sampbar, I think you should bring this up in a few meetings time

<maniacmusician> as it is*

<sampbar> how do you know all this? we should actually talk to canonical

<drhood_FCM> I can see providing a ShipIt CD for a full years worth of issues if there is an interest.

<sampbar> and see what they believe and think

<mrmonday> as we haven't even reached #1

<@ronnietucker> why would Canonical want to invest in an emag that hasn't even got a #1 yet??

<sampbar> well there is goals... whats the point in making a magazine?

<mrmonday> sampbar, when we have some issues out, then we can look into this

<@ronnietucker> so what goals are you thinking of sampbar?

<sampbar> printed magazine is no.1 then reach a certain amount of audience

<@ronnietucker> my goal is to give people a free magazine each month...

<sampbar> translate in to as many languages as possible

<@ronnietucker> translation is ongoing now

<sampbar> provide it in large print for the blind and partially sighted

<drhood_FCM> I do agree that we need some objectives to help reach the goals.

<@ronnietucker> printing is unrealistic, would cost too much

<madmetal_spyros> greek will begin from #1

<mrmonday> see !translate and !translations sampbar

<sampbar> ive seen the

<sampbar> *them

<txwikinger> Is there already something setup for a German translation or do you need help there?

<@ronnietucker> so you would pay £6 or whatever for it?

<sampbar> yes i already do

<drhood_FCM> Do we have a contributor base to ensure that we can provide a magazine each month? If not, then this would be an objective.

<sampbar> i buy linux format... but that shouldnt be the case

<@ronnietucker> txwikinger, no German translation as yet, feel free... Smile :)

<mrmonday> I belive these issues are long term goals, and aren't of much improtance at this early stage

<sampbar> if they can distrubute 100 cds to me their is no reason why the cant print magazines

<@ronnietucker> so you want a printed magazine for free????!

<maniacmusician> lol

* FCMBot laughs

<mrmonday> --- Next Issue ---

<@ronnietucker> with a free CD too??!

<@ronnietucker> you gotta be kidding me...

<madmetal_spyros> and a free pc :P

<drhood_FCM> Would it benefit those that want to contribute if the magazine had some definable areas that appears in the magazine each month?

* sampbar ( has left #fullcirclemagazine ("Leaving")

<maniacmusician> **awkward silence**

<@ronnietucker> what definable areas would you mean drhood?

<madmetal_spyros> brb once more

<drhood_FCM> Definable areas would be - Hardware Reviews, Software Reviews, News, Letters, etc.

<@ronnietucker> yeah we've got that mentined in the wiki

<drhood_FCM> Okay

<@ronnietucker> and you'll see all those areas with articles in #1

<drhood_FCM> hehe

<drhood_FCM> Good

<mrmonday> Translations

<mrmonday> Next issue

<maniacmusician> brb everyone.

* mrmonday nominates himself to take charge over each thing on the agenda

<mrmonday> !translations

<FCMBot> Languages currently under translation are French, Chinese, Italian, Greek, Brazilian Portuguese, Norwegian, Persian/Farsi and Basque.

<FCMBot> Languages that are currently available are Dutch, English, Galician, Indonesian, Russian and Spanish.

<mrmonday> Is that up to date?

<drhood_FCM> Are these translations done automagically?

<mrmonday> drhood_FCM, no

<drhood_FCM> No?

<mrmonday> they are done by volenteers

<drhood_FCM> Wow

<@ronnietucker> FCMbot - can i do the English translation? Wink ;)

<mrmonday> oops

<madmetal_spyros> greek translation wotn be for #0 only for #1 and on..

* mrmonday writes english down so he doesn't forget

<@ronnietucker> ok, cool. Thanks Spyros

<drhood_FCM> So, there has to be a lead time for the magazine to be finished so that the magazine can be translated.

<drhood_FCM> Is this correct?

* sampbar ( has joined #fullcirclemagazine

<@ronnietucker> aww... sampbar's left! Just when I was getting warmed up! Wink ;)

<drhood_FCM> Is there enough content for Issue #2?

<@ronnietucker> plenty of content for #2

<drhood_FCM> Ronnie: I will be sending in my article this week.

<drhood_FCM> Still room for my article?

<@ronnietucker> the translators already have access to the #1 files

<madmetal_spyros> huh?

<madmetal_spyros> :P

<@ronnietucker> not for #1 drhood but you'll still have a chance for #1

<drhood_FCM> I mean for #2.

* sampbar where are the logs kept?

<@ronnietucker> yep, you should still be good for #2

<drhood_FCM> Thanks...

<@ronnietucker> assuming your article is any good that is... ;P

* maniacmusician (n=maniacmu@ Quit (Excess Flood)

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<mrmonday> is there anything else anyone wants to say about translations?

<drhood_FCM> How do I know if it is not good enough?

<drhood_FCM> Sorry if I am off topic.

<@ronnietucker> i'm just joking... i'm sure it'll be fine!

<madmetal_spyros> where i can find #1 draft so that i can begin translation?

<mrmonday> !translate

<FCMBot> If you would like to help translate Full Circle Magazine, follow the instructions, at

<mrmonday> madmetal_spyros, there

<@ronnietucker> FCMbot strikes again...

<mrmonday> click the link

<madmetal_spyros> thans mrmonday

<mrmonday> ronnietucker, He's prepared :P

<@ronnietucker> who is that FCMbot guy... someone give him a job... Wink ;)

<mrmonday> that is the next topic

<maniacmusician> lol Smile :)

* FCMBot laughs

<mrmonday> what do we think of

<mrmonday> !fcmbot

<FCMBot> I am the friendly Full Circle Magazine bot, maintained by mrmonday Smile :) If you would like a command adding contact him!

<sampbar> it needs to be op'd

<maniacmusician> he's pretty handy

<maniacmusician> as long as you're around

<@ronnietucker> i dont like his know-all attitude... Wink ;)

<mrmonday> I need to find a server for him

<drhood_FCM> I have a question about the wiki and the article ideas area.

<mrmonday> so he can stay here

<sampbar> if he is op'd i can play timebomb Smile :)

<mrmonday> sampbar, I am not activating timebomb

<sampbar> Sad :( :P

<drhood_FCM> What happens to the article ideas posted at the wiki that are published?

<sampbar> deleted?

<@ronnietucker> once #1 is out, they'll be moved

<drhood_FCM> Will those ideas be archived?

<@ronnietucker> NOT deleted

<mrmonday> drhood_FCM, they will be archived

<mrmonday> see the howto page on the wiki

<sampbar> i have a question

<drhood_FCM> So, the ideas at the wiki will be CURRENT ideas for the next magazine. Is this correct?

<@ronnietucker> shoot

<mrmonday> drhood_FCM, yes

<sampbar> do writers have any options about how their article is layed out?

<@ronnietucker> the ideas are just inspiration

<mrmonday> sampbar, good question

<drhood_FCM> I don't want control over the layout.

<mrmonday> sampbar does

<sampbar> i would like some though

<@ronnietucker> if you have a particular way you'd like it laid out then i'd try and accomodate that but just realise that it can be difficult sometimes with a ton of images etc

<mrmonday> and I might at one point

<sampbar> also are we looking for editors? as i dont see any advertisments etc. (i dont want to be one) but im just wondering

<mrmonday> should contributors get IRC cloaks? ronnietucker what do you think?

<mrmonday> ronnie is editor

<sampbar> and voiced?

<sampbar> !time

<FCMBot> It is Sat May 26 18:32:03 where sampbar is!

<maniacmusician> I think it may be good to have junior editors for different categories eventually, so ronnietucker doesn't have to do all the work

<mrmonday> ronnietucker, I think we should set up cloaks for anyone who wants one

<maniacmusician> ronnietucker would still be senior editor and have control over the final copy

<sampbar> another thing is i keep getting errors on the site: The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

<mrmonday> sampbar, I don't have that problem

<drhood_FCM> What would junior editors do exactly?

<sampbar> design the pages

<@ronnietucker> if you have a monthly column/area then effectively you are that sub-Editor. I don't alter/edit peoples articles for content

<mrmonday> ronnietucker, I think we should set up cloaks for anyone who wants one

<@ronnietucker> why cloaks mrm?

<sampbar> e.g. me

<drhood_FCM> What is a cload?

<drhood_FCM> cloak?

<sampbar> cloak= hides your ip

<maniacmusician> ronnietucker: I meant for things like hardware reviews, software reviews. They would do some literary editing in those categories and you would eventually do the layout and give it a once-over. I think it may reduce the amount of work you have to do

<mrmonday> maniacmusician (n=maniacmu@ has joined #fullcirclemagazine

<mrmonday> see that?

<@ronnietucker> yes but thats what i mean mm, whoever writes an article IS a sub-editor, i don't alter/edit content...

<drhood_FCM> There may be a time when editing for content would be desired.

<@ronnietucker> i don't tell them what to write

<mrmonday> a cloak changes the bit after @ from your IP to something like /fullcirclemagazine/admin/ronnie

<maniacmusician> ronnietucker: oh, yeah. forgot that you dont make any changes at all

<mrmonday> I think we should set up that

<drhood_FCM> So, if there is objectionable content, then the article would be rejected. Is that correct?

<mrmonday> as it will help to advertise fullcirclemagazine

<@ronnietucker> if you want to do the upkeep of the cloaks then feel free mrm but i'm not too fussed if people see my ip :/

<mrmonday> I'll look into it

<mrmonday> what do we think about a web-based interface for IRC?

<sampbar> the other thing is about voiced, op'd and the bot

<mrmonday> as in one on the site

<mrmonday> so people can use IRC on the FCM site

<sampbar> e.g. mrmonday = op'd bot = op'd contributers = voiced

<drhood_FCM> Anyone?

<@ronnietucker> if it makes it easier for people to get on IRC then good, but i'd ask linuxgeekery about that one first

<mrmonday> drhood_FCM, it would probably be sked for editing

<mrmonday> ok

<madmetal_spyros> sorry i lost you for a while :P

<mrmonday> ronnietucker, op my bot

<@ronnietucker> drhood; if content was adult/swearing then yes it'd be rejected

<mrmonday> or me

<sampbar> op mrmonday and the bot

<sampbar> Smile :)

* ronnietucker sets mode: +o mrmonday

<drhood_FCM> Thank you Ronnie

<sampbar> Big Grin :)

<@mrmonday> yay!

<@mrmonday> thanks

<sampbar> mrmonday: can you op the bot now?

* mrmonday sets mode: +o FCMBot

<sampbar> Smile :)

<@ronnietucker> be careful with op-ing!

<drhood_FCM> What is op-ing?

<@mrmonday> !voice drhood_FCM

* FCMBot sets mode: +v drhood_FCM

<madmetal_spyros> i want a ban :P

<@ronnietucker> giving people IRC god-powers... Big Grin :)

<@mrmonday> !voice sampbar

* FCMBot sets mode: +v sampbar

<+sampbar> thanks mrmonday

<@ronnietucker> Spyros - you need a kicking... ;P

<@mrmonday> anyone else for voice?

<madmetal_spyros> yeap ronnietucker kickban :P

<@ronnietucker> i should be so lucky Spyros... Wink ;)

* mrmonday sets mode: -o FCMBot

<@mrmonday> he is just a bot :p

<+sampbar> why did you remove it mrmonday?

<@mrmonday> sampbar, --^

<+sampbar> Sad :( hes a useful bot though

<+sampbar> and it enables him to do stuff

<@mrmonday> I think now would be a good time to test FCMBot

<+sampbar> op him Smile :)

<@mrmonday> !list > ronnietucker

<@mrmonday> !list

<@mrmonday> !commands

<madmetal_spyros> !trivia

<madmetal_spyros> :P

<+sampbar> !games

<FCMBot> Games currently available with FCMBot are: !trivia, !scramble, !hl on <number>, and !roll

<FCMBot> To stop a game, type !stop

<+sampbar> !hl on 500

<FCMBot> Higher/Lower game enabled! I picked up a number between 0 and 500. Type !hl <number> to try to guess it and you have 1 minute to do so!

<+sampbar> !hl 250

<FCMBot> Lower, sampbar.

<@mrmonday> !stop

<+sampbar> :P

<@mrmonday> this a meeting

<+sampbar> you wanted to test the bot!

<@mrmonday> not gametime

<@mrmonday> more for people who haven't used him before

<madmetal_spyros> so you are most people from UK?

<+sampbar> yep

<FCMBot> Time's up! I can't figure it out how you didn't guess this number. It was 150. Game is now over. Type !hl on <number> to play again!

<+sampbar> that was my next guess as well Sad :(

* mrmonday changes topic to 'Full Circle Magazines Official IRC channnel - Meeting in progress!'

<@mrmonday> ronnietucker, can I remove -c please

<+drhood_FCM> How many contributors do we have?

<+drhood_FCM> How large is our active contributor group?

<+drhood_FCM> Just general/qualitatively is all that is needed.

<@ronnietucker> ok mrm

<@ronnietucker> drhood; contributors... let me just get you a number...

<+drhood_FCM> okay

<@ronnietucker> approx. 20 not including translators

<+drhood_FCM> Is this a critical mass number?

<@mrmonday> they won't work??

<@mrmonday> I mean appear

<@ronnietucker> absolutely not... the more people the better

<+drhood_FCM> The minimum number needed to product a magazine each month?

<+drhood_FCM> How many is critical mass?

* mrmonday sets mode: +o FCMBot

* mrmonday sets mode: -o mrmonday

<@ronnietucker> i doubt we'd reach critical mass as people are always coming and going or will be incommunicado

<mrmonday> !op mrmonday

* FCMBot sets mode: +o mrmonday

* FCMBot sets mode: +o mrmonday

* mrmonday sets mode: -o FCMBot

<@ronnietucker> examples being that people say;

<@ronnietucker> 'count me in!' then vanish

<madmetal_spyros> count me in Wink ;)

<+drhood_FCM> I am thinking that a critical mass might be 40 (a guess), not of specific people but of people. The idea is that if the number of people is at or above this number, then it will ensure a steady stream of articles.

<@ronnietucker> Big Grin :)

<madmetal_spyros> greek linuxformat has about 10 i think

<+drhood_FCM> Exactly...So, our critical mass would be larger than if there was a paid staff.

<madmetal_spyros> and its printed and costs 8 euros

<@ronnietucker> well, as long as the main contribs (ie: those with a page/column) continue to contribute then we'd only need a few HowTo's each month to fill the (current) 40 pages

<@mrmonday> ronnie, there isn't a button for -c, can you remove it please

<madmetal_spyros> if we have a steady core of 10 people then its ok

* ronnietucker changes topic to 'fullcircle - first meeting at 5pm UTC (6pm UK) - ALL WELCOME!'

* ronnietucker sets mode: -c

* ChanServ sets mode: +c

<@ronnietucker> that better mrm?

<@mrmonday> no...

<@mrmonday> it got put back on

<@mrmonday> and the topic changed back

* ronnietucker sets mode: -c

* ChanServ sets mode: +c

<@ronnietucker> preferably more than 10 since we have a few different areas to cover...

<+drhood_FCM> So the magazine will be dependent on having this "core" group being reliable at contributing. Is this correct?

<@ronnietucker> ChanServ keeps turning it back on again Big Grin :)

<@ronnietucker> correct drhood... without monthly contribs then we'd need far more HowTo's to fill the magazine

<+drhood_FCM> Is the magazine only HowTo's?

<+drhood_FCM> I don't think it is...

<@ronnietucker> not just, no.

<+drhood_FCM> The wiki has many more ares.

<@ronnietucker> #1 has about 4 HowTo's

<+drhood_FCM> Thanks ronnie.

<+drhood_FCM> I would like to see a mix of different topics.

<+drhood_FCM> Will the number of topic areas that the magazine has be consistent every month?

<@ronnietucker> there is one of each wiki topic in #1 Smile :)

<+drhood_FCM> Thanks ronnie.

<+drhood_FCM> You were reading my mind.

<@ronnietucker> yes, one of each wiki topic and some HowTo's Smile :)

<madmetal_spyros> i think we should have more meetings to discuss about articles

* PriceChild (n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pricechild) has joined #fullcirclemagazine

<@mrmonday> PriceChild, can you help us?

<+drhood_FCM> Apologies for spewing the questions so rapidly.

<@ronnietucker> thats ok drhood, if it wasn't for you it'd be the most quiet meeting ever Big Grin :)

<+drhood_FCM> I thought this was the first meeting. Has there been others?

<@ronnietucker> it is the first, i meant the most quiet meeting in the history of ALL meetings! Big Grin :)

<+drhood_FCM> hehe

<+drhood_FCM> I have another question.

<+drhood_FCM> What do users see first, the Forum or the Wiki?

<madmetal_spyros> forum Wink ;)

<madmetal_spyros> personal experience

<+drhood_FCM> This concerns me a little bit...

<+drhood_FCM> The wiki has some really good basic information that explains what the FullCircleMagazine is all about.

* ChanServ sets mode: -c

<@ronnietucker> yes but the forum points to the wiki

<+drhood_FCM> On the front page?

<@ronnietucker> and anyone who ever asks me about helping, i always tell them to read the wiki

<+drhood_FCM> I haven't found it yet.

<+drhood_FCM> On the front page of the forum I mena

<+drhood_FCM> mean

<@ronnietucker> if you read the article on the forum about contributing, it refers to the wiki

<@mrmonday> !google full circle magazine

<FCMBot> *** Google:

<FCMBot> *** Google:

<FCMBot> *** Google:

<@mrmonday> Big Grin :)

<@ronnietucker> 'full-circle-magazine-low-cost-french-computer' ??????

<+drhood_FCM> Would it be helpful to the new user to put a link on the front page of the forum directing them to the wiki?

<maniacmusician> way to go, FCMBot

<+drhood_FCM> Like the link to the first issue?

<@ronnietucker> effectively there is, the article on contributing...

<madmetal_spyros> ronnie about FC mails..

<@mrmonday> !article

<FCMBot> If you would like to write an article for Full Circle Magazine, see

<@mrmonday> theres the page ronnie mentioned

<+drhood_FCM> It doesn't hit the new user right on the head though.

<@ronnietucker> its the first item on the front page...

<+sampbar> have i missed much?

<@ronnietucker> a link that says: please consider contributing an article

<+drhood_FCM> If I go to the front page of the forum and I do a search for 'submit' I get no hits.

* mrmonday changes topic to 'Full Circle Magazines official IRC channel - Meeting in progress'

<@ronnietucker> your linking directly to the forum i think... you should enter by :

<madmetal_spyros> dear friends.. i am leaving Wink ;)

<@mrmonday> !bye madmetal_spyros

<FCMBot> Bye madmetal_spyros! See you soon!

<maniacmusician> see you later, madmetal_spyros

<@mrmonday> !bye

<FCMBot> Thank you for visiting #fullcirclemagazine - See you soon!

<madmetal_spyros> see yo ulater Smile :)

<@ronnietucker> what was your question about mail spyro?

<+drhood_FCM> Thanks guys...

<madmetal_spyros> bye FCMBot :P:P

* madmetal_spyros ( Quit ("Leaving")

<@ronnietucker> oh well... bye Spyros! Big Grin :)

<@mrmonday> Are there any other issues for the meeting?

<+drhood_FCM> When we advertise the FullCircleMagazine, what is the official link. The Forum or the Wiki?

<+drhood_FCM> Yes...

<+drhood_FCM> I am not done...

<+drhood_FCM> lol

* FCMBot laughs

<+drhood_FCM> Only a few more...

<@ronnietucker> fire away

<+drhood_FCM> See question above.

<@mrmonday> !contact

<FCMBot> Contact:

<FCMBot> Website:

<FCMBot> IRC: #fullcirclemagazine on

<FCMBot> Editor: Ronnie Tucker -

<FCMBot> Webmaster: Rob K. (aka: linuxgeekery) -

<@mrmonday> use the site

<+drhood_FCM> It is the forum then.

<@mrmonday> next Q

<@ronnietucker> which question was this drhood?... the wiki one?

<+drhood_FCM> Correct?

<+drhood_FCM> The forum is the official link for advertising purposes.

<+drhood_FCM> That is my question.

<+drhood_FCM> Next question...

<@ronnietucker> you need to enter the site via the above website address and not straight into the forum

<@ronnietucker> before you reach the forum there is a portal with news items

<+drhood_FCM> For me...The contributing article is not prominent enough.

<+drhood_FCM> Next question.

<+drhood_FCM> I have found this meeting to of benefit to me as a contributor.

<+drhood_FCM> I have asked some pointed questions

<@ronnietucker> cool... Smile :)

<+drhood_FCM> And received answers that was helpful.

<+drhood_FCM> I realize that some in the community might come to IRC and not find much 'action'.

<+sampbar> the meeting got better as it went aong

<+drhood_FCM> I hope that there will be another meeting in the future.

* mrmonday sets mode: +o FCMBot

* mrmonday sets mode: -o mrmonday

<+drhood_FCM> I suggest of soliciting "contributors", as in the core group, for agenda items.

<+sampbar> btw... earlier i didnt have anything against anybody

<mrmonday> !op mrmonday

* FCMBot sets mode: +o mrmonday

* FCMBot sets mode: +o mrmonday

<+sampbar> i just was trying to get my point across

* mrmonday sets mode: -o FCMBot

<+drhood_FCM> And send out an agenda.

<+drhood_FCM> Then feed questions from the public.

<maniacmusician> !op maniacmusician

<maniacmusician> :p

<+sampbar> mrmonday: op the bot a min

<+drhood_FCM> I would like to see the meetings very productive, like this one, or more productive if possible.

<@ronnietucker> i dunno... i think its better to just have everything out in the open here...

<+drhood_FCM> I agree....

<+drhood_FCM> Open is great...

<+sampbar> including my rants?

<maniacmusician> sampbar: yeah :p

<+sampbar> lol :P

* FCMBot laughs

<@ronnietucker> yes sampbar, every group needs a trouble maker... ;P

<+sampbar> i hope it gave you all something to think about Smile :)

<@ronnietucker> not really, no. Big Grin :)

<+drhood_FCM> It might be more of a Question and Answer session with the FCM Team.

<+sampbar> !say ronnie that is the wrong answer

<+sampbar> :P i have access to the bot as well Big Grin :)

<@mrmonday> ronnietucker, do you get PMs?

<@ronnietucker> and i have access to you sampbar! Big Grin :)

<+sampbar> :P Sad :(

<@mrmonday> sampbar, if you misuse the bot, I'll take you off it's master list

<+drhood_FCM> Anyway...I want to thank you all for allowing me to ask my questions and let me express some thoughts.

<+sampbar> ok :|

<+drhood_FCM> I hope that none of what I have typed has offended anyone.

<+sampbar> same

<+drhood_FCM> I look forward to contributing my article next week, and making more contributions.

<+sampbar> !op sampbar

<@ronnietucker> not at all drhood... any other questions just fire away...

<+drhood_FCM> Thanks ronnie

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