Full Circle Meeting #7 Log

This is a log of Full Circle Meeting #7, held on Saturday 13th October 2007 at 17:00 UTC.

<ronnietucker> ok, i'm assuming for now, neither are here, but we'll give them another shout at the end just in case...

<ronnietucker> moving on...

<ronnietucker> mrmonday: how goes it with the articles... ?

<mrmonday> ronnietucker, they're hard to do when my PC keeps crashing like just then

<mrmonday> Q&A needs a couple more Qs

<ronnietucker> did you get the ones I email you?

<mrmonday> yes I did

<mrmonday> I'll add them soon

<ronnietucker> cool. Maybe add something along the lines of 'how do i upgrade to Gutsy' ?

<mrmonday> the other article will be done right after it

<ronnietucker> we only really need four or five q's at most

<mrmonday> How do I upgrade to gutsy? See the article on page

<ronnietucker> roughly 300 words

<mrmonday> I think I've got about 200

<ronnietucker> cool, adding a feisty>gusty Q will bump it up?

<ronnietucker> *gutsy

<ronnietucker> reckon you'll have both done by tomorrow?

<mrmonday> yep

<mrmonday> it'll be done about an hour/2 after I get up

<ronnietucker> cool.

<ronnietucker> Faemir... anyone heard from, or seen, him?

<ronnietucker> emailed him a few times, no reply. So unless he emails me his article by early tomorrow his page will be left out this month.

<ronnietucker> unless someone out there wants to write a 'website of the month' page? 350 words, one screen

<mrmonday> I talked to him yesterday

<mrmonday> hang on

<ronnietucker> ok

<ronnietucker> Andrew (tuna) from Teens on Linux will be filling in for Samuel (sampbar) while he's studying for his English exams.

<mrmonday> <~faemir> when is the next article due?

<mrmonday> <mrmonday> faemir, sunday afaik

<mrmonday> <~faemir> I better do it now then xd

<mrmonday> <~faemir> since as I'm out most of weekend

<ronnietucker> mrmonday: please tell him to check his emails!

<mrmonday> ronnietucker, if I see him I will do Smile :)

<ronnietucker> ok, thanks Smile :)

<mrmonday> just sent a message to him that he'll see next time he comes on IRC too

<ronnietucker> thanks mrmonday Smile :)

<mrmonday> np

* linuxgeekery (n=linuxgee@ has joined #fullcirclemagazine

<mrmonday> hey linuxgeekery

* ChanServ gives voice to linuxgeekery

<ronnietucker> ok, thats the 'news' out of the way. Only other thing I want to add while i remember is that I am now using Gutsy (7.10) and Scribus 1.3.4 so if anyone has problems with open Scribus files, please upgrade to 1.3.4

<Maitre`Spike> hi ronnietucker

<ronnietucker> hi Maitre`Spike

<Maitre`Spike> Smile :)

<linuxgeekery> << is back

<linuxgeekery> Meeting in progress already?

<topaspv> yep

<ronnietucker> yep, just passing on the news linuxgeekery

<ronnietucker> anyone else want to chip in anything?

* RockerMONO (n=Nick@unaffiliated/rockermono) has joined #fullcirclemagazine

<mrmonday> don't think so

<RockerMONO> hey everyone

<ronnietucker> hi RockerMONO

<mrmonday> is there anything on the agenda we want to discuss anyway?

<RockerMONO> what's up, ronnietucker?

<ronnietucker> any questions, moans etc?...

<ronnietucker> we can discuss the things on the agenda sure but neither catfacts/onlineapps are here it seems...

<mrmonday> :/

<ronnietucker> wow, this could well be the shortest meeting we've ever had...

<mrmonday> yeah

<ronnietucker> last call for questions.... Smile :)

<linuxgeekery> podcast?

<ronnietucker> moans? No one even wants to moan at me?... Big Grin :)

* Monie (n=Monie@unaffiliated/monie) has joined #fullcirclemagazine

<RockerMONO> =o Monie

<RockerMONO> hi

<Monie> hi

* Monie (n=Monie@unaffiliated/monie) has left #fullcirclemagazine ("Leaving")

<RockerMONO> lmao

<ronnietucker> linuxgeekery: we could discuss it but catfacts (proposer) isn't here so not sure what he wants to discuss about it

<linuxgeekery> ah ok

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