<ronnietucker> hi all! Smile :)

<TheDead1> late

<_Nicola_> hello!

<Old> hi

<_Nicola_> a great philosopher once said: "lets get this party started!"

<topaspv|laptop> hi

<ronnietucker> _Nicola_: indeed Smile :)

<topaspv|laptop> england's macht is so boring.. so i decided to be here instead of watching it

<topaspv|laptop> macht = match

<ronnietucker> ok, first thing: Gutsy

* mrmonday prepares for his hanging

<topaspv|laptop> 2:0 Big Grin :)

<ronnietucker> Gutsy is released in October and our #5 and #6 is release before and after the Gutsy release so i'm thinking about putting in an extra article just to talk about and show the new stuff in Gutsy... any objections??

<jwill> sounds good

<_Nicola_> that sounds good to me

<mrmonday> ronnietucker, I was thinking of doing that for the flavour of the month

<ronnietucker> mrmonday: because you haven't written one yet? :P

<mrmonday> you want to do the article for me :)?

<mrmonday> ronnietucker, meant after fluzbuntu

<mrmonday> *x

<ronnietucker> i've sent a message to the Marketing Team mailing list asking for a link to a definite list of new features and screens if possible...

<_Nicola_> sooner or later there won't be anymore flavors of Ubuntu to talk about!

<ronnietucker> if we get a nice list of features and screens then i could write this up as the FotM for #5 then use fluxbuntu for #6 mrmonday?

<mrmonday> if you like

<ronnietucker> _Nicola_: you'd be surprised at the amount of *buntu derivitives! 8O

<ronnietucker> 's up to you mrmonday ... I can add the Gutsy thing as a one off extra feature type thing... ?

<mrmonday> well I was thinking I'd do fluxbuntu for #5 then a features thing for gutsy for #6 but I don't mind

<ronnietucker> _Nicola_:

<_Nicola_> ! wow

<mrmonday> ronnietucker, I though there were loads more than that?

<ronnietucker> by #6 you could be doing a Gutsy install! Big Grin :)

<ronnietucker> mrmonday: there are but those are the kinda 'official' ones...

<jwill> that list doesn't have some of the smaller ones like Wubi.

<ronnietucker> what the heck... lets put the fluxy and Gutsy thing in #5 hm??

<mrmonday> so I now have to do 2 articles?

<mrmonday> or would you be doing the gutsy thing?

<ronnietucker> no no, i'll do the Gutsy one Big Grin :)

<mrmonday> Smile :)

<ronnietucker> unless someone else wants to do it??

* topaspv|laptop prepares for the 20mb download of #5

<_Nicola_> maybe they could just be shorter ones focusing on the main points of difference

<ronnietucker> the Gutsy article will just be a few pages talking about 'whats new'... nothing too long...

<mrmonday> ronnietucker, could you maybe rather than writing it as an article, have each feature separate, and scattered through the mag?

<mrmonday> king of like a gap filler thing

<mrmonday> *kind

<mrmonday> then just have a page with the rest of the features

<ronnietucker> possibly... but the reader might wonder why these boxes - not relevant to the article - keep appearing? Big Grin :)

<ronnietucker> and hopefully with word counts (etc) we won't have any extra space Big Grin :)

<jwill> I think that unless that is something that is a convention that happens every issue from now on, it would be very disorienting

<ronnietucker> i'd find it quite off putting... :/

<ronnietucker> anyway... there'll be Gutsy stuff in #5 Big Grin :)

<topaspv|laptop> yaaaay Big Grin :)

<ronnietucker> next: who wants to volunteer a photo of their PC for MyPC???...

<ronnietucker> someone must want to show off their PC?.... Big Grin :)

<topaspv|laptop> i guess you're gonna have to buy yourself a new one

<ronnietucker> alternatively remove the MyPC section.... :/

<ronnietucker> no takers for myPC then?... Sad :(

<_Nicola_> id do it, but my computer is not very exciting

<_Nicola_> in fact, it is pretty boring

<ronnietucker> doesn't have to be exciting... just a photo of it and 150 words...

<ronnietucker> myPC sold to _Nicola_ ... NEXT! Big Grin :)

<topaspv|laptop> 3:0

<_Nicola_> !?

<_Nicola_> hehe

<ronnietucker> articles... two people in particular................

<ronnietucker> (i correct myself... THREE people)

* mrmonday ducks

<topaspv|laptop> it's not me. hurrah

<ronnietucker> thats one

<ronnietucker> mrmonday: still owes me Q&A and Fluxy install.....

* TheDead1 pulls mrmonday back out

* mrmonday hides in the cube while finishing his articles

<ronnietucker> would mrmonday like to explain to the class why his homework isn't done? Big Grin :)

<topaspv|laptop> hehe

<ronnietucker> faemir - you too... website of the month?

<ronnietucker> sampbar (not here) - Ubuntu Youth...

<mrmonday> I started them...

<TheDead1> get the ruler out

<mrmonday> and was gonna finish them yesterday but I had a headache Sad :(

<ronnietucker> ruler nothing... when i was at school it was the belt...

<mrmonday> plus I've had a busy day today...

<mrmonday> sorry Sad :(

<ronnietucker> this all brings me to:

<ronnietucker> 1) the /docs wiki needs updating a bit quicker. I know it's a bit of a pain and all but even after one week I had to put up the Top5 and Review articles... seven days of proofing lost Sad :(

* mrmonday would like an easier way of uploading images to the wiki if possible

<mrmonday> a mass upload option

<ronnietucker> 2) people are waiting too close to deadline to write articles *cough* faemir and sampbar too *cough* the longer the article is up on the /docs wiki the more proofing it can get and it makes my life a bit easier...

<_Nicola_> what about just an upload of a tar or something?

<_Nicola_> the images don't need to be on the text in the wiki, do they?

<ronnietucker> _Nicola_: has to be editable for the proof-readers

<_Nicola_> yeah, a tar along side the normal text

<_Nicola_> ?

<ronnietucker> still need to put up the text either way... defeats the purpose of the tar?

<_Nicola_> nono, the tar would just be for the images

* linuxgeekery (n=ubuntu@fullcirclemagazine/webmaster/linuxgeekery) left irc: "Lost terminal"

<ronnietucker> convenient ;P

<mrmonday> :P

<ronnietucker> _Nicola_: possibly, yeah.

<ronnietucker> mrmonday: would that be easier?

<mrmonday> a lot easier

<ronnietucker> ok, sold. Smile :)

<mrmonday> but you said to me no tars

<TheDead1> can i buy some thing :p

<ronnietucker> if it means you guys will update the /doc wiki then fine, have your tars! Big Grin :)

<ronnietucker> but only the images go in the tar!

<ronnietucker> text must be editable Smile :)

<mrmonday> Smile :)

<ronnietucker> second last: any questions for the OpenFont Library guys?...

<mrmonday> what is the openfont library?

<mrmonday> what inspired you to make it?


<mrmonday> how long did it take you to make it?

<ronnietucker> they've agreed to be interviewed

<faemir> ronnietucker, i can't talk now, however I have been really really busy in the last 2 weeks, but i will do the article tonight.

<mrmonday> what purpose does it serve?

<mrmonday> etc

<ronnietucker> the 'mrmonday book of default questions' then? ;P

<ronnietucker> faemir: ok

<mrmonday> Smile :)

<mrmonday> I'm good at making up Qs

<mrmonday> it's quite simple Smile :)

<ronnietucker> except when it's Q&A!

<faemir> lol

<ronnietucker> and lastly (from me) - we seem to have two proofers AWOL so we're down to 4 proofers at the moment...

<mrmonday> lol

<_Nicola_> hehe

<mrmonday> do we get to shoot them Smile :)

<mrmonday> :P

<topaspv> awol?

<ronnietucker> unless i hear otherwise, they are deserters... Big Grin :)

<ronnietucker> AWOL = Absent With Out Leave

<topaspv> thx

<ronnietucker> topaspv: Army term, means they've ran off and deserted... Big Grin :)

<topaspv> i'm german. i should be the army guy here

<topaspv> which reminds me of.. OH NO! Smile :)

<ronnietucker> and... i'm done. Anyone want to ask anything??

<mrmonday> are there enough people here to decide if we should become official?

<sampbar> hi all

<_Nicola_> what would the difference be if we were official?

<_Nicola_> hi sampbar

<sampbar> ronnietucker, need to have a word with you! pm?

<jwill> official how?

<ronnietucker> sampbar: please do Smile :)

michaelramm ( joined #fullcirclemagazine.

<michaelramm> hello to all

<ronnietucker> before we decide we'll need to find out what being official means... ie: benefits/losses... ?

<topaspv> hello to you

<_Nicola_> jwill, i think it means as in: FCM, the official ubuntu magazine, an affiliate

<ronnietucker> hi michaelramm

<jwill> oh ok

<_Nicola_> it would mean more responsibility!

<ronnietucker> as far as i was told by Jono Bacon it wouldn't affect us at all...

<_Nicola_> that's good news then

<ronnietucker> as in; there'd be no censorship etc

<jwill> cool

<topaspv> cool? anything else would be ridiculous

<_Nicola_> we will never stand to have our voices silenced! Sing with me!

<ronnietucker> but i'll check into it more...

<mrmonday> bbs

<ronnietucker> any other things?

<jwill> how can I sign up as a proofreader?

<ronnietucker> jwill: ok, you're in Big Grin :)

<jwill> haha

<_Nicola_> but first you must answer these questions three...

<ronnietucker> jwill: just send me an email and i'll get back to you with details

<jwill> k, will do


<ronnietucker> anything else?

<ronnietucker> going...

Last message repeated 1 time(s).

<ronnietucker> goi... was that a question?... Big Grin :)

<ronnietucker> *crickets*

<_Nicola_> so in conclusion, im doing the mycomputer?

<_Nicola_> pc

<_Nicola_> ?

<ronnietucker> gone....

<ronnietucker> _Nicola_: yep Smile :)

<_Nicola_> ok, just wanted to be sure

<ronnietucker> nice of you to volunteer Big Grin :)

<_Nicola_> hehe

<ronnietucker> thanks _Nicola_ Smile :)

<mrmonday> bk

<ronnietucker> remember to clean the desk and dust before the photo Big Grin :)

<_Nicola_> : P

<ronnietucker> well... unless there's any last things from anyone, this meetings done! Smile :)

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