Full Circle Meeting #3 Log

This is a log of Full Circle Meeting #3, held on Saturday 16th June 2007 at 17:00 UTC.

This log is unedited!

<ronnietucker> hi all! Ready for another monthly meeting? Smile :)

<mrmonday> no :P

<topaspv> i am

<linuxgeekery> Big Grin :)

<sampbar> indeed Big Grin :)

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<sampbar> ronnietucker: my article is ready!

<lionel> hi everybody

<drhood_FCM> Sure thing

<drhood_FCM> Hello everyone!!

<kosnick> hi all

<Sefhilion> Me too!

<linuxgeekery> let's get this meeting started, then

<linuxgeekery> First topic of discussion: ronnietucker?

<ronnietucker> ok... first; articles...

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<ronnietucker> sampbar and mrmonday have their articles nearly done yeah?

<sampbar> ronnietucker: tis done... ready to send to you after the meeting

<mrmonday> mine need another couple of hours

<ronnietucker> ok... Q&A too mrmonday?

<mrmonday> I have sent you the screens though

<ronnietucker> yep, got the screens... lookin' good

<mrmonday> that may be another hour

<ronnietucker> ok, no probs mrm

<mrmonday> ronnietucker, I spent an hor cropping them perfectly

<sampbar> ronnie, is it ok if i leave you to crop my screenshots?

<mrmonday> so there wasn't a pixel wrong Smile :)

<sampbar> (i dont know what size they need to be etc.)

<ronnietucker> Top5 list... Andrew has assured me he's doing that, so we'll see...

<ronnietucker> i'd prefer if you could crop the screens sampbar...

<mrmonday> I'll do them?

<ronnietucker> this one could be for all ;

<mrmonday> It will delay my articles a bit more though

<sampbar> what size do they need to be etc.?

<sampbar> as i have many shots

<mrmonday> sampbar, any

<ronnietucker> keep the screens full size sampbar

<ronnietucker> just crop out things you think people shouldnt see, maybe like your taskbar or something?

<sampbar> ok

<sampbar> its all default install anyway.. so the user will be able to see how it looks

<ronnietucker> next; this can include all - NEWS... we need news articles

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<sampbar> democracy player is changing its name!

<ronnietucker> if anyone has news articles they can email in the text and maybe a screen to go with it...

<mrmonday> I would volunteer, but I feel I already have too much to do...

<ronnietucker> you stick with what you've got mrm! Big Grin :)

<_Nicola_> Maybe it would be a good idea to have a cut and paste bin where any one can take internet news sources that are interesting, then we can pick out which ones we like best from that list

<_Nicola_> that doesn't solve our problem now, though

<mrmonday> linuxgeekery, look into that maybe

<mrmonday> linuxgeekery, you would need a way of preventing spam

<topaspv> i could write this articles if no one else wants to..

<ronnietucker> kinda Nicola but we need the news near the end of the deadline to keep it as fresh as we can

<ronnietucker> topaspv: feel free to email some news Smile :)

<_Nicola_> how fresh? a week? 3/4 days?

<mrmonday> _Nicola_, as recent as possible

<ronnietucker> newer the better. Best example being #1, i put in a news article about Dell CEO using Ubuntu, had to change it a week later to Dell going to use Linux, had to change it again to Ubuntu!

<ronnietucker> so... if anyone has a news story... email it in! Smile :)

<mrmonday> Wow the open source world moves fast...

<linuxgeekery> maybe a wiki-type software for news?

<linuxgeekery> since, like people says, news changes

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<mrmonday> linuxgeekery, would you be able to keep the same accounts as for the blog?

<ronnietucker> wiki is a bit overkill for just a few news stories per month tho surely ??

<mrmonday> to save people making *another* account for full circle

<linuxgeekery> ronnietucker: I said wiki-like, not a wiki

<ronnietucker> fair enough but people could just email them in... :/

<linuxgeekery> ronnietucker: I'm just responding to MrM Big Grin :)

<mrmonday> and then we would have the problem of them going old...

<ronnietucker> i reckon email is fine...

<ronnietucker> we could maybe put a sticky on the blog to let people know to keep an eye out for news and where to email it?

<mrmonday> I think anything will work really: we just need stories

<sampbar> are we moving on? could i just have a talk about bittorrent?

<mrmonday> ronnietucker, good idea

<linuxgeekery> ok

<linuxgeekery> so that's resolved

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<mrmonday> ooh

<mrmonday> better wait to speak

<sampbar> ok... so i thought it might be a good idea to try using bittorrent as another alternate download source for #2

<ronnietucker> seem to have lost lg but i'll go on to :

<ronnietucker> next; MyDesktop/PC

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<sampbar> Sad :(

Action: sampbar got ignored

<ronnietucker> need volunteers to email in screens of their desktops and a bit about what they did to get it

<mrmonday> sampbar, we'll do that when lgs back

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<linuxgeekery> I just had a short power outage... and it's sunny outside :P

<mrmonday> <ronnietucker> need volunteers to email in screens of their desktops and a bit about what they did to get it

<linuxgeekery> k

<mrmonday> linuxgeekery, thats all you missed

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<ronnietucker> as well as Desktop; we need photo's of peoples PC's, their spec and a brief paragraph on it

<_Nicola_> should the desktops be exceptional in some way? or also normal ones?

<ronnietucker> at the moment we have NO MyDesktop and NO MyPC sections...

<_Nicola_> well...i gues that question has an obvious answer

<ronnietucker> if you love your desktop, email it in... doesn't matter if its plain-Jane or not... just tell us why you love it

<ronnietucker> same with the PC

Action: sampbar loves brown becuase.... its default

<linuxgeekery> you say you have none for Issue 2?

<Sefhilion> I would like to help on the desktop, but right now I'm almost with the default one

<ronnietucker> as yet, no screen/photo

<linuxgeekery> I'll do one, then... I have a bit of a 'different' setup than the Ubuntu default

<topaspv> i'll send some pics and you can tell me if that's interesting. ok?

<ronnietucker> cool, go for it lg. Single screenshot and a brief paragraph telling how you got it

<linuxgeekery> k

<mrmonday> I'd do one, but it will double the size of the mag...

<linuxgeekery> lol

<ronnietucker> topaspv: ok, will do.

<mrmonday> next then

<sampbar> downloads?

<mrmonday> downloads?

<mrmonday> lol

<sampbar> lol snap

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<ronnietucker> ok, we'll do downloads...

<sampbar> ok... so i thought it might be a good idea to try using bittorrent as another alternate download source for #2

<mrmonday> it would save bandwidth

<sampbar> its a good way to reduce costs, ease load, and save bandwidth

<ronnietucker> i agree but which tracker do we use?

<_Nicola_> Would that be the only way to download it?

<mrmonday> is't there a linux one?

<sampbar> linuxtracker

<linuxgeekery> no, we'd have direct HTTP also

<mrmonday> _Nicola_, no


<mrmonday> ronnietucker, that one?

<linuxgeekery> we could just say "If the website is acting a bit slow, try using bittorrent to help the bandwith" or something like that

<sampbar> i think we should give people the choice

<mrmonday> we could make the servers torrent too

<sampbar> let them choose whether they would like to http or bittorrent

<ronnietucker> it'll screw up our download tracking but i agree it'd help

<mrmonday> if the servers torrent, the torrend won't die

<sampbar> i can also peer/seed

<mrmonday> ronnietucker, does countering matter?

<mrmonday> if we have a rough number..

<mrmonday> thats al we need

<mrmonday> *all

<sampbar> im sure there is a way to get stats for torrents

<ronnietucker> we can never have the exact number of downloads but its always nice to know how many downloads we've had Smile :)

<mrmonday> I think it is something for linuxgeekery to look into, as he has the server

<ronnietucker> doubt dreamhost will allow a tracker?

<mrmonday> sampbar, did you say you'd volunteer yours?

<linuxgeekery> mrmonday: nope

<sampbar> mrmonday: i will see what i can do

<linuxgeekery> also, it'd be simple to track bittorrent downloads

<linuxgeekery> just track the downloads of the .bittorrent file

<linuxgeekery> .torrent, actually

<mrmonday> sure

<mrmonday> next then

<lionel> do we still want to keep fullcircle website the only place where we kept the magazine? For translations, LoCo would also like to redistribute it (at least french LoCo) (I think that is also a countering matter)

<ronnietucker> hang on, has anyone read the FAQ for LinuxTracker?

<ronnietucker> I think users need to be registered with LT before they can download... thats no good

<mrmonday> oh...

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<sampbar> ronnietucker: we just host the .torrent

<sampbar> ronnietucker: or we can find another tracker

<ronnietucker> we'll come back to that in a sec lionel Smile :)

<ronnietucker> sampbar: who hosts the torrent?

<sampbar> Do I have to Register?

<sampbar> Simple answer: NO. You don't. But we'd really like it if you did. By registering you allow us to keep better stats and track downloads a lot better. Plus, you have to be a registered member to submit a torrent.

<lionel> (ronnietucker: yes sorry for sending it before the end of the topic Funny :))

Action: sampbar says give me a min

<sampbar> we host the .torrent i believe but they are something like 1kb

<mrmonday> 31986 <-- Downloads so far, if you are interested

<ronnietucker> sampbar: who's the 'we'?

<mrmonday> ronnietucker, FCM

<sampbar> ronnietucker: the magazine....

<mrmonday> next?

<ronnietucker> whoa

<linuxgeekery> ?

<ronnietucker> we still need an open tracker though...

<ronnietucker> LT looks to be open but have we decided on it ???

<sampbar> ronnietucker: Do I have to Register?

<sampbar> Simple answer: NO. You don't. But we'd really like it if you did. By registering you allow us to keep better stats and track downloads a lot better. Plus, you have to be a registered member to submit a torrent.

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<mrmonday> I think we should look into this outside of the meeting...

<mrmonday> it is taking a while

<linuxgeekery> ok

<mrmonday> next then...

<ronnietucker> i'm seeing :

<ronnietucker> No. We are a closed, limited-membership community. Only registered users can use LinuxTracker(TB tracker). Posting our torrents on other trackers is useless, since most people who attempt to download them will be unable to connect with us. This generates a lot of frustration and bad-will against LinuxTracker, and will therefore not be tolerated.

<sampbar> but then things dont get decided

<sampbar> ronnietucker, where did you get that from?

<linuxgeekery> how much bandwith does the tracker need?


<sampbar> ronnietucker: thats using another tracker though

<ronnietucker> but if it was an open tracker it wouldn't matter where you put the torrent

<linuxgeekery> how much bandwith does the tracker need?

<ronnietucker> an open tracker should let anyone download no matter where they found the torrent

<ronnietucker> probably not all that much lg but a lot of hosts just dont allow trackers, legit or otherwiswe

<linuxgeekery> I could host it

<linuxgeekery> I'm hosting FCMBot currently

<mrmonday> yep

<linuxgeekery> If it needs <50KBps bandwith, I'd do fine

<ronnietucker> what we don't want is 100 people downloading it at once and only getting a few kb's a second...

<sampbar> the more people that download = the better the torrent

<mrmonday> I'll help seed it

<ronnietucker> but only if the tracker is up to it...

<sampbar> i will too

<ronnietucker> if you want to try it lg, feel free, but you'd maybe need to give it some sort of stress test

Action: mrmonday doesn't really know anything about torrenting, but knows he can help

<linuxgeekery> it'd be fine if we had a few people seeding

<sampbar> mrmonday and me will seed...

<ronnietucker> yeah but its not just the people seeding, its whether the tracker can cope with it

<sampbar> im sure we can find more

Action: mrmonday doesn't have a server though...

<sampbar> mrmonday: you dont need a server

<sampbar> mrmonday: a normal pc is fine.

<linuxgeekery> the tracker doesn't serve much data, it turns out

<mrmonday> but I can only seed it when I'm online

<sampbar> mrmonday: that is fine as well Smile :)

<ronnietucker> linuxgeekery: yeah but you have that x 1000 downloads Big Grin :)

<linuxgeekery> Wikipedia: "Trackers merely coordinate communication between peers attempting to download the payload of the torrents."

<ronnietucker> as i say, if you want to try it go for it lg but stress test it first! Smile :)

<linuxgeekery> ok

<mrmonday> Next then:

<ronnietucker> next lionel's question

<ronnietucker> should translators be distributing issues?

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<ronnietucker> i'd say yes; since we're also going to use bittorrent trackers.

<ronnietucker> BUT; i'd still like the fullcircle site to be the FIRST to release it....

<lionel> I think the main concern was countering

<sampbar> combine stats?

<lionel> Sure, fullcircle is the first place

<ronnietucker> lionel: our countering is pretty much an average at the moment but it'll be less so with the torrenting

<mrmonday> I'd agree about countering

<Sefhilion> Galician releases will always be first released in Full Circle

<Sefhilion> I can grant you that

<ronnietucker> thanks guys Smile :)

<ronnietucker> as long as we get maybe a day at most headstart you guys can distribute from there, everyone agree with that??

<mrmonday> k

<sampbar> ok

<lionel> Perfect for me

<ronnietucker> Sefhilion: you ok with that too?

<Sefhilion> yeah, ok too

<ronnietucker> ok, lets go with that then...

<ronnietucker> next...

<ronnietucker> translations for #1... how goes it?

<Sefhilion> Galician release is almost ready,

<_Nicola_> the italian translation is underway, it should be done soon

<topaspv> still waiting for the german volunteers to do something.. can't and won't do it alone

<Sefhilion> we are two and I'm already taking screenshots

<lionel> For French, 3/4 is translated, need reviewing (next week) and adapted in scirbus. I would say should be ready for next week-end

<ronnietucker> excellent Sefhilion, thanks _Nicola_ as the current Italian translators have been sending broken files... :/

<_Nicola_> you mean scibus files?

<mrmonday> spanish is 99% complete

<ronnietucker> _Nicola_: yes and pdf's

<mrmonday> Hungarian has started

<Sefhilion> I'm not a member of the Spanish Translation Group, but I can see at their wiki that they are 98%

<_Nicola_> hmmm, maybe that issue can be discussed when we talk about rw text versions to work on?

<ronnietucker> excellent, so most of the #1 translations should be out before #2 Smile :)

<fi_Nicola_> rw=raw

<Sefhilion> That's the idea!

<ronnietucker> _Nicola_: the Scribus files i've been sent in the past have broken links to images...

<lionel> concerning the scribus files, could we think in getting a structure for the archive

<lionel> like page1/text page1/images/ etc.

<lionel> I would be happy to have text in plain text for the pages

<ronnietucker> unfortunately i can't predict which pages articles will be on until near the end lionel

<_Nicola_> I think that plain text would be helpful, not only for translations, but also for proof-readers

<lionel> I don't know how other team do (I'm happy to have feed back from them !), but we extract the text for giving people texte to translate, and extracting is... not fun Sad :-(

<lionel> ronnietucker: ok, I understand

<lionel> plain text would be a good start

<topaspv> lionel, i agree

<Sefhilion> I agree too

<mrmonday> translators seem unanimous on it ronnietucker

<ronnietucker> by extract, how are you doing it lionel? As you could just copy and paste the text from the Scribus file... (in Scribus i mean)

<topaspv> perhaps that's a job for a single person to extract the texts to a textfile

<_Nicola_> along these same lines, I will soon upload an openoffice document with a proposal on how to do edits, so keep the eyes peeled

<lionel> (just for information for other translators, we use gobby to translate)

<lionel> ronnietucker: exactly, I go through scribus and copy-paste the text

<ronnietucker> articles come to me mixed you see, some are HTML pages, some are AS emails some are OpenOffice docs etc...

<_Nicola_> Would it be better if instead of having to extract the files, they were already present in some form?

<lionel> but with 42 pages, It's a significant amount of time

<_Nicola_> like presenting the whole text of the magazine in text format (no pictures) on the collab site?

<ronnietucker> but how _Nicola_ ?

<lionel> If we can't get it, I think it would be a good idea for us translators to coordinate our efforts

<Sefhilion> Scribus allows to import files in .txt format.

<lionel> it's bad that we all spent 3h to extract the text...

<topaspv> as long as there are no active german translators i'd volunteer to copy&paste the texts into a text file

<linuxgeekery> yikes

<linuxgeekery> 3hrs?

<_Nicola_> well, before the articles are pumped into the magazine, they can be submitted before hand, in some way., just in plain text, then the magazine can be built normally with a pool of text and images

<Sefhilion> If every text was exported as txt and edited as txt

<lionel> topaspv: I can give you the plain text if you want

<Sefhilion> it would be easier the postintegrating in Scribus back again

<mrmonday> I think we need someone to extract the text for each issue, then translators can use that

<topaspv> at the moment i don't need it, lionel

<topaspv> mrmonday, that's what i am offering

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<lionel> thanks mrmonday Smile :)

<mrmonday> lionel, you can do it too

<mrmonday> lionel, !voice

<lionel> yeah, I was disconnected, i didn't notive I was not voiced

<mrmonday> lionel, add it to connect

<_Nicola_> but if the problem is extracting text from scribus, wouldn't it be better to do "extract" a scribus file from a plain text?

<lionel> the question is: is it a translation matter (and we have to coordinate this action), or should be do that in the archive release

<_Nicola_> that is, start with all the articles in plain text and cut and paste into scribus?

<ronnietucker> the ideal way would be that people give me text and I import the text into Scribus, leaving the text in the Scribus archive agreed?

<_Nicola_> if it's done before hand, it will work for all teams, everyone has access to the same plain text files

<topaspv> ronnietucker, that's good.

<lionel> ronnietucker: that would rock!

<_Nicola_> yes, ronnietucker

<_Nicola_> but where will the text be stored?

<Sefhilion> I agree once more

<topaspv> but that's additional work, i guess

<_Nicola_> the wiki? the collab site?

<ronnietucker> why do i keep giving myself jobs?? Big Grin :)

<linuxgeekery> lol

<lionel> he Smile :)

<Sefhilion> hahaha

<_Nicola_> no, it would be less work, each author contributes a text file and a scribus file

<ronnietucker> if i leave the text files inside the Scribus tar file on the wiki _Nicola_

<mrmonday> then the author need scribus...

<mrmonday> needs

<mrmonday> I'm off in 15mins BTW

<ronnietucker> no i do the copy & paste from text into scribus and into a text file which the translators can use

<lionel> I don't think we need scribus file from the author. Only a plain text file

<_Nicola_> but if they don't that's fine too, because one of us can put it together during the final issue building

<ronnietucker> (and proof-readers)

<_Nicola_> exactly

<mrmonday> next then?

<ronnietucker> only difference is an extra step from me but if it helps in translating then i'll do it...

<_Nicola_> so to conclude, the autors need to submit a plain text file of their work, with an attachment of the pictures they want to use

<ronnietucker> _Nicola_: yes

<_Nicola_> and reference the pictures in the file, of course (fig.1, fig 2)

<ronnietucker> _Nicola_: yep, like most do now but some submit links to their articles on the web

<ronnietucker> in which case, i'd copy and paste the article into Scribus but also into a text file

<ronnietucker> in the end; translators download the tar file, and in there will be texts of the articles... ?

<ronnietucker> sound good?

<topaspv> yes

<lionel> sounds great

<linuxgeekery> So, next topic?

<_Nicola_> and they will be placed on the wiki?

<ronnietucker> the texts will be inside the TAR which will be on the wiki

<linuxgeekery> souds good to me

<ronnietucker> we'll try it for #2 and see how it goes...

<_Nicola_> sounds good

<Sefhilion> This way it would be much faster to translate for people who don't use Scribus.

<ronnietucker> it does mean that someone in the translation teams will need to know how to use Scribus

<Sefhilion> Yes, but not the other members

<ronnietucker> to paste in the text, bold, italicise etc and ensure the layout is working...

<ronnietucker> correct Sefhilion

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<Sefhilion> This way it is easier to have people working

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<_Nicola_> so each translation team should have a "scribus user" who will make the final translated scribus file?

<ronnietucker> preferably, yes...

<ronnietucker> also from #2 onwards i'm compressing the PNG images slightly to try and make the filesize a bit smaller...

<sampbar> !bk

<ronnietucker> ok, important one before mrm vanishes...

<mrmonday> 8mins

<ronnietucker> As you all know; we are NOT the official Ubuntu magazine, should we apply to the Community Council to be an official magazine?

<sampbar> yes

<mrmonday> will it make any difference to our rights?

<linuxgeekery> No, we'll keep our independence

<mrmonday> for example if we want to mock them for a bad decision?

<ronnietucker> Jono has said to me in email that Canonical would not censor or edit anything

<_Nicola_> I don't think so, notyet, not until we really have a smashing, organized product

<topaspv> i agree with _Nicola_

<Sefhilion> Well, it would be nice; but I agree with Nicola.

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<lionel> Community Council is community not canonical (at least in theory)

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<linuxgeekery> we'd probably move our forums to ubuntuforums

<lionel> _Nicola_: what do you think is missing in the organization?

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<ronnietucker> the Council has Mark Shuttleworth as a member

<mrmonday> If we can still say they have made a bad decision, I think we should go for the Official community magazine

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<mrmonday> moving the forums is fine

<ronnietucker> all that would happen is the C.Council would give us their 'blessing' to say we are official. Like LoCo Teams do

<sampbar> yes go for it!

<lionel> I don't see reasons why we should not go to CoC

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<_Nicola_> nothing is really missing, per se, but I think the magazine could still use to solidify some general aspects of it's design, what we are doing in these meetings!

<mrmonday> I think we wait for #3

<mrmonday> then make the decision

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<_Nicola_> I agree with MrM

<topaspv> i, too

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<ronnietucker> any objections to waiting then?...

<linuxgeekery> agree

<linuxgeekery> ronnietucker: none, for me

<_Nicola_> agree, let's wait

<lionel> no objection

<mrmonday> #3 it is

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<Sefhilion> Yes, one more number to get things more stable. I agree.

<ronnietucker> agreed... after #3 we see how things are and rethink applying

<_Nicola_> can we talk about the length of articles, word wise?

<mrmonday> any other important things before I go

<_Nicola_> and the length of the magazine at some point?

<ronnietucker> sure _Nicola_

<ronnietucker> ok, hang on

<ronnietucker> one more thing before moving to _Nicola_ things

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<_Nicola_> I think the length of the magazine should be somewhat consistant between issues

<ronnietucker> cover... any ideas for a cover? for #2

<kosnick> (can someone ask a question here about translations , or is there some other place to submit the question?)

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<ronnietucker> 2 secs kosnick and we'll get your question too Smile :)

<kosnick> ok

<ronnietucker> any cover ideas??...

<mrmonday> I think we should talk to PeaceYo

<mrmonday> he seems very keen with design

<_Nicola_> is he the cover designer?

<mrmonday> we could get him to design covers?

<ronnietucker> no _Nicola_ I did previous covers

Action: mrmonday has a very artistic idea for the cover

<ronnietucker> but the covers have to be designed around the magazine contents

<linuxgeekery> mrmonday: what's your idea?

<mrmonday> it's none issue specific mine...

<ronnietucker> the cover has to tell people whats inside

<mrmonday> mines no good then

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<mrmonday> right I'm off

<_Nicola_> but there's also a graphic that has to pull people in

<mrmonday> be back at 8.00

<_Nicola_> to want to read the text on the cover

<ronnietucker> ok mrm, bye

<_Nicola_> bye mrM

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<linuxgeekery> What would you consider the "feature" in Issue 2?

<ronnietucker> well this is it lg... everyones idea of the feature may be different, thats why i'm asking...

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<ronnietucker> so there's no ideas for the cover?....

<ronnietucker> ok, lets move back to the question from _Nicola_ ...

<ronnietucker> the length of the articles and magazine... whats your idea _Nicola_ ?

<_Nicola_> well, I think that individual articles should not be longer than 3000 words, the big features

<_Nicola_> I say 3000, but I don't actually know how long that is, we should come up with a number

<sampbar> 3000? that is a lot!

<sampbar> mine is something like 500... i believe that is plenty big enough

<ronnietucker> i know what you mean _Nicola_ but a lot of people offer us articles from webpages, blogs and so on... most of them are not word counted

<_Nicola_> 1000 is like 3 pages double spaced

<ronnietucker> and i'd hate to knock back a good article. If an article was really long, i'd chop it into a series

<_Nicola_> 1000=~3 pages 12pt font double spaced

<_Nicola_> yeah, these would just be guidelines, if an article merits it, it can be a bit longer, shorter, it should be flexible

<ronnietucker> yeah, we've not had an extra-long article as yet but if we did, i'd definitely chop it into a series across a few issues...

<_Nicola_> so what about the length of the total magazine, should we in general try to keep the page range consistant, say, between 30 and 40 pages?

<lionel> I think we should more concentrate on magazine length than on article length

<lionel> he Smile :)

<ronnietucker> at the moment its sitting at about 40 pages which may increase by a few pages but not much...

<ronnietucker> to have less pages would mean cutting out a feature or two...

<ronnietucker> we have about 3 How-To's in #2 and one of each feature...

<linuxgeekery> I think the magazine is at a good length

<_Nicola_> yes, and it is at a good size for download

<ronnietucker> yep... i've no intention of making it longer and my life more difficult! I can assure you!! Big Grin :)

<_Nicola_> hehe Smile :)

<ronnietucker> ok, what was your question kosnick ?

<lionel> around 40 page is just fine

<kosnick> hi , what happens if the character is not exactly the same in my language? i use greek and

<kosnick> i have downloaded the file from issue #0. There everything is under Nimbus , but in greek Nimbus seem hell

<kosnick> at least to my system (i mean maybe i am doing something wrong)

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<ronnietucker> kosnick: if you need to change the font then go ahead... Smile :)

<kosnick> just as simple as that

<kosnick> ?

<lionel> we use another font for titles in french translation

<ronnietucker> are you talking about the Scribus files or the PDF...

<_Nicola_> yeah, each translation team will be responsible to do anything necessary to make it look good!

<kosnick> ok

<sampbar> ronnietucker: slightly offtopic, but do i email my article to you? and what address?

<ronnietucker> if its the Scribus files and your doing a translation then you can certainly change the font... it's a more 'normal' font for #2 Big Grin :)

<ronnietucker> sampbar

<kosnick> i guess every translation team aranges the language so that it fits right to their own language

<ronnietucker> correct kosnick

<kosnick> ok thx

<ronnietucker> ok, i'm done. Anything from anyone else???

<kosnick> who will check it ? i mean my translation in greek , will there be someone to do that?

<_Nicola_> I have something else!

<ronnietucker> shoot

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<sampbar> ronnietucker: can you confirm that you have recieved it.

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<ronnietucker> sampbar: is yours the email marked {SPAM?} Wink ;)

<_Nicola_> Kosnick, i guess there will have to be another greek speaker who is willing to work

<sampbar> ronnietucker: nope :P title = "Ubuntu Youth Article"

<linuxgeekery> wow this is a long meeting Big Grin :)

<ronnietucker> sampbar: got it

<sampbar> Smile :)

<kosnick> Nicola , hopefully , i just need to sign in to the wiki

<_Nicola_> hopefully!

<_Nicola_> can I bring up my last question?

<ronnietucker> sure _Nicola_

<sampbar> ronnietucker: can i get you to do me a favour after the meeting... i can no longer login to the forum after resetting my password... can you reset it for me?

<ronnietucker> lg, help the man... Big Grin :)

<ronnietucker> shoot _Nicola_

<_Nicola_> Some criticisms of the magazine were the two column format. I think that for the next issue, #3 we could try to make the format a little more varied

<linuxgeekery> sampbar: sure Smile :)

<_Nicola_> most magazine use 2 columns for the bulk of the text, but sometimes there's indivudual pages, articles, that have 3 columns. It all goes around the pictures and images that they are working around

<ronnietucker> I get what you mean _Nicola_ but again it comes down to time. I've only a limited time that I can spend on the layout :/

<_Nicola_> we could take ideas from any publication, really. Maybe if someone is willing, we can create other images (not screen shots, or pictures) to go into the magazine.

<sampbar> linuxgeekery: thanks Smile :)

<_Nicola_> ah, well, we can only do our best

<ronnietucker> what kind of images _Nicola_ ?

<_Nicola_> For example, I was flipping through the pages of PC magazine, and if there's an article about cameras, for example, there may be a picture of a person using a camera to take a picture, or plugging the camera into the computer, things like this

<ronnietucker> thatd be up to who ever is writing the article to include the photo's i'd think...

<ronnietucker> thatd be up to who ever is writing the article to include the photo's i'd think...

<ronnietucker> or to search the net and find these images...

<_Nicola_> or if an article is about how fast a particular computer is, the headline could be something like, Faster than a horse! with a small picture of a horse galloping

<ronnietucker> one problem though is; are the photos copyrighted ?

<_Nicola_> that's something that the authors would have to work out.

<ronnietucker> people have complete freedom in their writing... it's up to them to supply these images...

<ronnietucker> but once we print it, it's our problem...

<ronnietucker> we'd need an assurance that photo's are free of copyright... which may even mean contracts.... ??

<_Nicola_> Ronnietucker, I would be willing to help out for the next issue in terms of putting together the scrubus files

<_Nicola_> scribus

<_Nicola_> ay, that might be a problem

<ronnietucker> just what i was about to write... :/

<ronnietucker> any last questions ??

<_Nicola_> do we get paid?

<_Nicola_> Smile :)

<linuxgeekery> lol

<ronnietucker> cheques in the post _Nicola_ Wink ;)

<lionel> _Nicola_: yo're not paid ? Smile :)

<ronnietucker> well... i think this meeting is finished! Smile :)

<sampbar> Smile :)

<_Nicola_> paid subscriptions may be a good idea, i can be the treasurer... Smile :)

<linuxgeekery> one more note - the bittorrent tracker is being tested

<sampbar> ronnietucker: take a peek at my article and keep me aware of any problems Big Grin :)

<ronnietucker> see you all later!

<_Nicola_> bye bye

<ronnietucker> sampbar: will do

<topaspv> bye

<linuxgeekery> I guess - meeting over!

Action: sampbar is pleased with himself as he did not rant!

<_Nicola_> Ronnietucker, what do you think about having a little format help in the next issue?

<lionel> thanks all. See you

<_Nicola_> bye bye, people that are leaving!

<ronnietucker> _Nicola_: it'd be difficult as while i'm editing you couldn't and vice versa and it'd mean the constant transfer back and forth of scribus files and anything you/I might have added to that issues folder...

<kosnick> in the issue #0 are there any scribus files? cause i get a message for any .sla files from my scribus...

<kosnick> i mean the tar file

<_Nicola_> ok, i understand

<ronnietucker> sla is the scribus file and you need to have scribus-ng installed.

<_Nicola_> i have to get going now, talk to you later!

<_Nicola_> bye bye

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