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Meeting log can be read Here starting at 09:30.

Some of the meeting took place in #ubuntu-marketing

<sara_> 1st order, Rich 9nixternal, has agreed to fix our wiki
<j_baer>        What kinds of things are going to be fixed?
<nixternal>     i will be coming up with a design for one
<nixternal>     well..it is going to be cleaned up 
<sara_> well, I tihnk that the whole organization right now there are bits and pieces all over the place
<j_baer>        Ok by me, just ask if you need any help ...
<nixternal>     made clearer, with correct design layout as proposed via guidelines..as well as creating the correct directory structure for subpages
<sara_> wait a sec
<nixternal>     the /UbuntuMagazine page will be about the project itself..then there will be /UbuntuMagazine/Meetings for meetings of course and maybe /UbuntuMagazine/Content or whatever to fall underneath it
<nixternal>     that way there, people who come to the page, don't see a table full of names and times available
<nixternal>     sara, i am logging this, and i will convert it to a minutes format..that way there anyone that is fashionably late won't be totally left out ;)
<j_baer>        I agree, the magazine project is big enough ...
<j_baer>        Sara, do u want to see if everyone is here?
<sara_> ok, I'ma back my little cousin just fell and hur himself
<sara_> We alredy did the chakc and is only you, nixternal and me
<sara_> checked
<j_baer>        Ok, I see 24 users on my list ...
<nixternal>     24 idleing users
<j_baer>        Ok, let's move on ...
<j_baer>        Sara do you want to run the agenda?
<sara_> yeah

NOTE: This meeting then leads back into #ubuntu-meeting, log file above


Ubuntu Magazine Wiki Page

  • Rich Johnson will be the person in charge of redesigning the wiki page.

  • John Baer wants to know about the redesign
    • Redesign will clean up the current page
      • Create a smooth flowing topic structure
      • Concise, straight to the point
      • Meetings, Member Lists, Minutes, and other stuff to fall under the /UbuntuMagazine directory as subpages

      • Snip from #ubuntu-marketing above confers the redesign

Project Charter

<j_baer_> I know this charter business is a bit different from the norm.
<j_baer_> And if we were building a widget for Efty the current process is ok
<j_baer_> But Marketing is different, our deliverables are different.
<j_baer_> So the point of the charter is to describe as best as possible what this is all about.
<j_baer_> If there is a question down the road everyone needs to know how we got there ....
<j_baer_> The magazine in a very big way represents Ubuntu!
<j_baer_> What we do and how we do it will be very important ....
  • The topic of approval via Canonical arises.
    • Corey Burger lets it be known there is no need for approval, as there is no need to get anybody to "buy in" on an official level, at least not yet.
    • Corey also makes it known that Canonical is not Ubuntu (Canonical != Ubuntu)
    • Corey states "just start producing good stuff"
      • This is what would lead to potential discussions with the upper echelon.
  • Resources, (i.e., DNS, Web space, and such) being official.
    • It is made known that good content is needed before anything can be brought to the order of being official
  • Bazaar (bzr) is brought to the forefront in a question concerning what exactly it is, and is it usefull for the magazine.
    • Rich Johnson states that bzr is a tool for version control of source code and/or documentation.
    • It is made known that is could be usefull for storing article content that people write, and the members edit.
  • Launchpad integration and use for the team is discussed
    • bzr, specifications, and such

Magazine Name & Identity

  • Members are interested in a name for the Ubuntu Magazine
  • John Baer brings up the name "Ubuntu Abanta" which means Ubuntu People.
    • Rich Johnson states he likes the name
    • Sara Vasquez states she likes the name
  • It is aggreed the name will be brought up to other members of the community as well as on the Ubuntu Forums.

  • Sara Vasquez states that naming it Ubuntu something may alienate Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and Edubuntu users.

<nixternal> i don't see how using "Ubuntu Magazine" would alienate..for one, the magazine would have definition far past that of the Ubuntu Linux Operating System..there is the "real" definition of Ubuntu that goes along with it...that means no matter how you are different (Kubuntu, Edubuntu, Xubuntu), it is all one *Ubuntu*
  • Logo is brought up
    • Rich Johnson states "Ubuntu Logo"
    • Corey Burger states that the fact this is a magazine, a branding logo with the Ubuntu logo implemented just might be warranted.
      • Other's agree
  • Sara Vasquez likes the line logo HERE. Please save the ubuntumagazine.svg and open it with Inkscape.

Offtopic Conversations

  • Red Hat magazine brought up
    • Noted it isn't a publication
      • online & newsletter only

    • Noted they are seeking publication
  • Mark Shuttleworth autographed CD's and/ord DVD's
    • Discussed as a prize in the event a contest is created for naming the magazine or creating a logo
    • Rich Johnson states that if Mark Shuttleworth cannot sign them, that he will Smile :)

  • The original Ubuntu Magazine meeting created a Table of Contents
    • Sara Vasquez emailed the original to the team
      • Comments, suggestions, and questions to be in the form of a reply to the email

Meeting Adjourned

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