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Issue 1

Directory Structure


Scribus (series)

Gramps (genealogy)

(Q&A) how to get Sun Java

encoding DVDs

Issue 2 setting up a VPN

(Q&A) change username and password

OpenGL support

Bling: compiz

Issue 3




(Q&A)install Windows after Ubuntu

Adding menu items

installing Wine

Software index is broken

jittery touchpad

Issue 4


launchpad account

safe ubuntu


blog tools

(Q&)login as root

sharing (firefox) settings between Ubuntu and Windows

repair X

Issue 5


launchpad bug reporting


strategy games

(Q&A) racing games

dual boot gnome and KDE

web sites for eyecandy

best dock

Issue 6

Upgrade ubuntu

photoshop plugins in gimp


ubuntu tutorials web site

racing games

(Q&A) registered user

file browsing over SSH

trash icon on desktop

set Windows as default OS

Issue 7

audio/video programs

Ubuntu Studio

SSH setup

terminal on desktop

converting from Windows

WUBI installer

linux in library

(Q&A) disable IPV6

more than 4 GB RAM

GUI on server

Linux commands web site

Issue 8

Christmas apps


wubi install



(Q&A) Christmas

Issue 9

Download managers


directory service (primary domain controller)

create a server (series)

gimp video tutorials

making DVDs


Issue 10

chess games


compile from source


rip DVD

eee PC

(Q&A) sidebar

program like dreamweaver

multiple monitors

desktop system monitor

Issue 11


ipod with amarok


(Q&A) multiple OSes at the same time

delete a file whose name contains an asterisk

thmbnails in nautilus

monitor resolution too low

Issue 12

disk usage analyzers

create deb files

using gimp (series)


wiki on a stick

(Q&A) install from within Windows

greyscale printing as default

new mail notification

MP3 in amarok

video screen captures

devede sound distorted

Issue 13

unusual consoles

demo day

TV feast

(Q&A) disk usage analyzer size wrong

wubi vs dual boot

flash player in Firefox

desktop is home directory

Issue 14

space games

command and conquer (series)

install from network

pictures on ipod

(Q&A) BIOS "before cutoff"

troubleshooting sound problems

installing KDE

Issue 15

slim web browsers

create a separate home partition

grub 101

(Q&A) copying files to Windows

no video in Firefox

fsck died with exit status 8

running shell scripts

Issue 16

twitter clients

make your own buntu


(Q&A) installing niwbillmanager

Novatel 3G card

installed Windows after Ubuntu

playing aac files (bad answer!)

Issue 17

email notifiers

nano and vim

program in C (series)


scan to PDF

(Q&A) change MP3 tags in rhythmbox

screen resultion fragged

enable visual effects

sigmatel 92xx sound card

Issue 18

Mind mapping

package management from command line

secure network drive

(Q&A) dual boot suse and ubuntu

googling full circle

triple boot

Issue 19

virtualization apps

(CC) finding files

create wifi access point

multimedia on cell phone

automount internal hard drive

network manager fubar

partitions and speed

Issue 20

backup programs

web development (series)

(Q&A) fixing broken link in grub

what is gvfsd-http

zeroing a hard drive

Issue 21

torrent tools

(CC) formatting output

change video aspect ratio

making a bootable USB with unetbootin

FCM survey

(Q&A) what programming languages


ext3 to ext4

installing themes

Issue 22

DVD rippers

bulk resizing images

spread ubuntu (series)


(Q&A) screen resolution too small

starting wubi

making a file executable


Issue 23

Task managers

(CC) troubleshooting

(Q&A) alt to photoshop

keeping settings on new install

need swap?


Issue 24

(CC) bash script

Inkscape (series)

MAME (arcade machine)

(Q&A) install on Mac mini

data vs music CDRs (???)

Logitech STX webcam

Update - lose files?

ltsp server (terminal server)

mapping shared folder


Issue 25

(CC) selecting a shell


(Q&A) USB Startup, format?

No sound (bad answer)

updates not happening

lost grub

out of space

Issue 26

Ubuntu as a guest

apt cacher

letter from me - pulseaudio

(Q&A) which Virtualbox?

disable one wifi card

acpi - old computer

Issue 27

Screenshot tools

Program in python (series)

scanning documents

associating a file type

air-cooled home server

amarok 1.4

(Q&A) permissions for external ext3 drive

finding a file containing words

list of commands

program quietly aborts

Issue 28

Top 5 sip clients

(CC) help and man pages

LAMP server (series)

SSH networking


tellico database

(Q&A) transparent background in Virtualbox

installing tar files

playing video slowly

move menus to bottom

Issue 29

Physics games

(CC) key bindings

setting up a VPN


(Q&A)how to start an open-source project

sound in Skype

VPN to SBS 2003

using squid

Issue 30

Writers' tools

eBook and Calibre

(CC) disk cleanup

apps for bookworms base

recording from Internet radio

(Q&A) joining a domain

no sound

HP printer

Netbeans for Java development

Issue 31

SVN clients

Perfect server (series)

(CC) laptop power management for hard drives

audio players/organizers

(Q@&A) deleted essential files

Windows Media Player plugin

PHP coding

flash drive not automounting

Issue 32

Top 5 media centers

(CC) GNU Screen (series)

installing Chromium

offline package installation

(Q&A) webcam upside down

deleting duplicate pictures

Karmic network problems

watermark in GIMP

logout command

Issue 33

Top 5 sync clients

Boxee on a Revo

Exaile music organizer

(Q&A) youtube videos

Windows 7 and Ubuntu

Adding a hard drive with XP installed

bittorrent speed

Issue 34

Research tools

(CC) more terminals

retouch pics in GIMP (series)

(Q&A) files created at lgin

limiting kids' Internet use

cellphone controlling computer


Issue 35

Android apps

(CC) more shells

Google sketchup

(Q&A) Update failed

bluetooth dongle

"session lasted for less than 10 seconds"

Seg fault

Issue 36

Ubuntu manual

scanning apps

(CC) terminal colours

using Google

(Gord's Q&A) restoring grub

acrobat reader

find files

choosing a wireless card

hardware identification

Issue 37

tiling window managers

(CC) secure connection


streaming media


(Q&A) max/min/close button position


display upside-down

name of computer

is a package installed?

recording voice

using Google

Issue 38

(CC) diff

Virtualization (series)

Browser blogging

(Q&A) list of installed apps

using dial-up

grub on external hard drive

execute permission

Toshiba overheating

Future Releases

Issue 39

(CC) Curl and wget

Virtual memory stats

iRobot aPad review

(Q&A) download apps using a different computer

eliminate Kubuntu

Command line resources

256 MB of memory

entering unicode

WUSB54GC wireless

permissions on external drive

Songbird and M4A files

*** documentation sites ***

Issue 40

(CC) ping ifget dhclient ifconfig wpa_supplicant

(connecting from the command line)

Installing Open Solaris

ADSL modem as a switch

SOFA statistics



(Q&A) Backup from a LiveCD


multiple kernels

reducing memory requirement

Dell 1450 USB wireless

zapping clearing a hard drive

Inspiron N4010 ethernet

Simple answers: wireless driver and Windows Share.

Top 5 photo management apps

Issue 41

(CC) fdisk mkfs find locate whereis


writing for Full Circle

Ubuntu for a photographer


Streaming to PS/3 and media server

downloading all issues

Gish (game)

(Q&A) saving streaming audio

HP G62 wireless

using USB sound card

Inspiron 9400 video shimmer

Samba complaint

Sopcast channel server

nVidia Xserver doesn't recognize monitor

Triple boot with odd Linux version

Four primary partitions

running Windows apps

Issue 42

(CC) essential commands: man vi ls cd ping iwconfig

halt alias rsysnc cp mv cat rm su locate ln echo pwd

mkdir touch grep find

installing Arch

Shotwell to organize photos

write for Full Circle

puppy vs slax

reader survey 2010


Kubuntu 10.10

pinyin input


business programs

penumbra overture

(Q&A) editing a file in /usr

secure delete

LiveCD - locked folders

U3 autoinstaller on flash drive

ATI 9550

Asus A8AE-LE motherboard

viewing raw images

fixing video settings

Sansa Fuze

Sansa e260

compiling to a .deb

default OS in grub

No Sound

flicker with ATI X1200

Top 5 alternatives to gnome

Issue 43

(CC) SCIM and ibus

Debian Xen server

Raw Therapee

Lucid Puppy and Slax on flash drive


Untangle router

reconfigure display

And yet it moves game

(Q&A) double-click to view text file

Windows 7 viewing Share

Converting 3GP to Xvid

default terminal window size


Top 5 backup ideas

Issue 44

(CC) more Conky

link shortening


tazndis (ndiswrapper replacement)


QGIS (letter)

more backup ideas

Quake live

(Q&A)sharing a printer

Ubuntu daily build

wake from sleep

NFS mount

nvidia 96 and 173 in 10.10

running a closed laptop

alsa-base options

webcam in 10.10

router blocking shares

stopping automatic login

playing DVDs in 10.10

freeing space in external drive

playing swf files

top5 bittorrent clients

Issue 45

(CC) conky scripts

virtualization programs

m23 to admin multiple computers

multi-boot USB flash drive

kde 4.5

(Q&A) apt-get update doesn't work

list of shares

security in Linux?

TL-WN727N wireless

router setup

no grub menu

turn off ipv6

video for ipod

windows disappears from grub

router doesn't accept password

(top 5) music notation apps

Issue 46

(CC) To-do list


Libre Office (series)

install Mythbuntu

File systems part 1

Boxee Box

(Q&A) gimp docs

"places" don't open properly

CBS news video

radio streams in Windows format

installation fails - community docs

"who are you" can't go forward

opensuse and grub

no icons for running tasks (spotify)

slow SSD

Ubuntu for PowerPC

can't grab window borders

nvidia wrong screen resolution

audio optical output

(Top 5) guitar apps

Issue 47

(CC) Conky and lua


ebook software: calibre

piano booster (review)

Vendetta Online

(Q&A) text to speech

Canon Lide 110 scanner

Updates available error?

IR blaster for Mythbuntu

dual-boot disappeared

Dell thermal issues

portable apps

menubar damaged

dummy packages in the repositories

install to external drive

(Top 5) School tools

Issue 48

(CC) Asian language support

Finding ebooks

Arduino hardware and software

Swapiness part 1


Copy and paste from Full Circle

No Internet in Firefox/10.x

(Q&A) Format for external drives

Share access issues

Virtualbox: image or fresh install?

Sound delays

Copying a VCD

Elusive netgen

Sharing an external drive

3 TB external drive

Webgl videos

To keep up to date or not

Xubuntu themes

Video card driver disk

(Top 5) Project management tools

Issue 49

(CC) graphicsmagick

Ubuntu Development (series)

gmail in Thunderbird

Unity opinions


(Q&A) Gnome in 11.04

.doc differences in Open/Libre Office

11.04 CPU usage

Wine expectations


start a process before login

German keyboard

Wireless disconnects when playing video

USB device identification

TRIM in 11.04

MSI U135 wireless

Natty or not?

(Top 5) Web development apps

Issue 50

(CC) LaTeX

KDE 4.6

Gnome Shell vs. Unity

PAM facial recognition

Kindle for PC and Google Earth

(Q&A) Asus laptop too hot

BIOS update without Windows

Blue videos

11.04 window maximize

Unity hardware

Soundtrack for Libre Office presentation

Adding a hard drive, also Moving /home

Remote desktop file transfer

IP addresses on local network

Conky configuration

Converting video to H.264

Using floppy drives

Sun Java

Converting audio to aac

Two monitors


File ownership

(Top 5) USB installers

Issue 51

(CC) Xmonad with dzen2

KDE effects

Private repository

Which distro

Gramps review (series)

(Q&A) Kernel cleanup

Sound issues (two approaches)

skinny scroll bars

Truecrypt / file encryption

video with multiple languages

Fixing Grub

default program is deleted

private files

Unity mouse cursor

local web server

Conky temperature display

(Top 5) VOIP clients

Issue 52

(CC) CJK Latex

Zoneminder (series)

(my opinion) Install Microsoft Office

Chromebook review

(Letter) compiled wireless driver

(Q&A) Permission denied in root

Xbox controller

Deleted synced folders


lowfat linux

CPU speed seems low

Home file server

Can't afford to lose my files

Removing dependent packages

Sis video

Broadcom wireless

Combine MP3s

Sharing NTFS drive

Switchable graphics/Nvidia Optimus

Crash when DSL cable is not plugged in

Issue 53

(CC) Message of the day

Backup Strategy (series)

Ubuntu in my classroom

Mint 11 review

(Q&A) jumpy video

Truecrypt trash

3G modem

MySQL forgotten password

installing Blender

sharing an optical drive

WEP key not stored

converting video

how to compile

Server error message

Editing community docs

Issue 54

(CC) Vim and Gvim



Synergy review

(Q&A) Not junk mail


find and replace paragraph breaks

Unity no panel or launcher


Huawei E1691 rocket stick

current Ubuntu too slow

video card fan always on

scanning with HP B110A

not enough space on boot partition

Issue 55

(CC)Vim advanced

Deja Dup

Audacity for podcasts


VOIP at home

Upgrade vs fresh install

Backtrack vs Backbox

(Q&A) gnome panel


what to do after installing

groups in 11.10

speed up web browsing

Android development

Upgrading Wubi


(Game) Frozen Synapse

Issue 56

11.10 Classic look


Persistent USB

Connect to IRC


Ubuntu in the Office

Puppy Linux 5.2.5

MySQL to SQLite

(Q&A) Customizing Gnome Classic

Nvidia driver affecting performance

Convert mkv for iPad

Unetbootin and NTFS

Unity alternatives

CD opening file manager

Resume from suspend without password

Oneiric tweaks

SSH to encrypted home folder

Backlight going off with Intel Mobile 4 chip

Thinkpad X120 no grub

English to Arabic

Custom login screen


Changing video card

Freezy Linux

(Games) Multiwinia


Ronnie's computer

Issue 57

(CC) SSH and Rsync



Encrypted flash drive

Varnish web cache

Mana World server

Network and wireless settings


Using Garmin datalogger

Keyboard shortcuts

Screensaver in 11.10

(Q&A) Uninstall


Password reset after old password forgotten

Microsoft Office 2010


Firefox bookmarks to new install

Intel GMA500

Package availability


UEFI, SSD and large hard drives

Startup Disk Creator


(Games) Crayon Physics Deluxe


Installing Minecraft

Issue 58 (CC) Trivialibre Ubuntu One screencast with recordmydesktop scan with gscan2pdf system information: hardinfo, lsh, lspci, dmidecode, df, disk usage analyzer (CW) format a USB flash drive (Q&A) vdpau suspend can't resume two monitors moving unity launcher icons downloading Firefox ATI 9100 Launcher hide-and-seek compiling C programs server protection eboard chess duplicate files

Issue 59 Portable Linux disk size in vbox greeting cards foremost data recovery (CW) task manager myunity bodhi with e17 (enlightenment) (Q&A) RAM and disk space anomalies ripperx to flac mdb plop boot manager no hard drive block program version upgrades java list of computers on the network brightness adjustment software update says another package manager is running compile to the dash boot from CD - Toshiba Satellite drivers (games) snes emulation

Issue 60 (CC) Japanese conky colors prey for stolen laptops GIMP - beanstalk (series) Inkscape (series) serial connection RS-232 (CW) sound settings doit, evernote, moneydance, dropbox iPod davmail for Exchange (office365) (Q&A) gnome classic in 12.04 intel and nvidia switchable video network monitor: ntop image thumbnails nvidia second monitor conky in xubuntu headless server saving to network drive new computer, old hard drives HD video on Ion graphics night and day with f.lux sharing just works

Issue 61 top - CPU and memory usage Virtualbox networking DVD ripping (CW) adding and removing software epub creation FCM table of contents redshift (Q&A) make a backup! Ubuntu boot process Nautilus background sound in VLC/Mint drive missing message at boot up partition alignment functions keys on Lenovo Skydrive Belkin F5D8053 N wireless Android phone as a VLC remote video playback on underpowered CPU weather applet wireless to Beagleboard free music (series)

Issue 62 (CC) where to put scripts Unison file synch astronomy (series) tweet screen (continued in 64) (CW) equivalent applications installing software: sites and programs promoting Ubuntu (Q&A) unsupported graphics cards webcam in Skype Software Center doesn't run inhibit Shotwell Wacom tablet sharing a printer Sopcast log files Nvidia drivers program list playing .rm files (real media) shutdown doesn't external monitor on netbook installing TTF fonts Visual Basic in Ubuntu quiet headphones environment variables SSD plus hard drive libre kernel Why Mint

Issue 63 (CC) Multi-user documents Retro photo in GIMP Web development (series) (CW) Folder sharing gpodder running from a DVD (Q&A) Sopcast in Mint HDMI sound slow wireless running on battery install Openshot editing PDF WEP wireless remove a program and its files UEFI and secure boot overlay scrollbars multiple VPN connections sound on HP DV6 many icons on desktop grads McPixel

Issue 64 (CC) IDEs (Integrated development environment) Kivy in Python Libre Office macros Davmail kdenlive (series) webdev: config mysql, php and Couchdb autostart a program wallpaper and themes flirc laptop speedup (Q&A) black screen at boot audio fixes from Canonical moving to a larger hard drive mouse stuck in Unity hotspot converting video files Intel 64-bit crop video in Openshot restoring dual boot after reinstalling Windows dual boot time conflicts lvm in Ubuntu server virus scanning Windows partition

Issue 65 Guild wars in WINE Libre office slide transitions Encryption Inkscape gradients Webdev: crud Mapping a network drive Ubuntu manuals FVWM installation (Q&A) changing wallpaper Keep or lock a program in the launcher Libre office Present to Windows users finding files grub boot repair open clip art laptop cooling, Jupiter monitor cables HP wireless printer, static IP address Irfanview in WINE MSN photo sharing read-only system upgrade, Firefox

Issue 66 (C&C) wunderlist and airdroid latex Libre office database planning painless (?) reinstalls credits in kdenlive Inkscape paths file associations UEFI Nexus 7 Peppermint three Dark screen after suspend Inactive dark screen shutdown fails Windows program, doesn't work in WINE Sigil on old CPU Launching a second instance of a program in Unity connect to remote server network simulator plop, boot from USB

Issue 67 (C&C) Linux/windows cohabitation Python for Android Thief-proof computer (encryption, two-factor authentication) kdenlive video effects customize the desktop adding fonts PGP encryption (Q&A) shrunken screen, no panel Flash drive size Shotwell doesn't start turn off sleep mode wirenet trojan installing MS Office RAID and backups battery display VLC no audio Installing a .deb old computers and video cards Linux stickers podcasts and iTunes distro testing

Issue 68 (C&C) NAS setup Libre office Base input forms 12.10 on EEE netbook Blender (series) Phoronix benchmarks Startup applications Raspberry Pi (Q&A) Copy text from FCM 12.10 minimum memory screenshots partial upgrade -- to command line papersize portable performance USB 3 mouse vulnerable VLC getting softwware, no CD drive switching dual-boot lirc Dell crummy wireless performance Celsius table Didier Roche: Ubuntu development Steam Certification (series)

Issue 69 (C&C) Google music Ubuntu looking like Gnome 2 The Cloud Tomato router firmware Chinese in Libre Office (Q&A) Print to PDF Kindle for PC Two USB flash drives Partition setup ATI 4670 (old video card) Lock the screen Flicker in XFCE Remove PPA Slow format Xubuntu folder sharing Specifying DNS server

Issue 70 (C&C) Record guitar Barcode scanning Transfer photos wirelessly Cable management Cron Watching videos DVD ripping speed tests Laptop too hot (Q&A) Restoring the /tmp folder Retina display LibreOffice build databases (12.10) Static IP address Wireless firmware missing Mute Mac Mini Rocketraid controller File Types

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