Fix the meta-packages to pull the seeds directly from bzr.


Now that the seeds have been moved to bzr on the supermirror where any ubuntu-core-dev team member can get at them rather than the awkwardness of having them on chinstrap, we should make the meta-packages pull the seeds directly from bzr. This will eliminate delays between committing to the seeds and being able to update the meta-packages.

Use cases

  • Matt is in a hurry shortly before a release, and wants to be able to commit to the seeds and not have to wait for up to twenty minutes or so before being able to update ubuntu-meta.


Move the update script into germinate so that the code only has to be modified once. Introduce a configuration file so that most of the code can be generic.

Refactor germinate to have only one function that knows how to pull seeds. Enhance that function to be able to optionally pull seeds from bzr (by doing a bzr get or a bzr checkout, as appropriate).

Add options to germinate and to the new generic meta-package update script to pull seeds from bzr.

Write configuration files for {ubuntu,kubuntu,edubuntu,xubuntu}-meta.

Replace the update script in {ubuntu,kubuntu,edubuntu,xubuntu}-meta with a stub that calls the generic update script in bzr mode.


2006-06-09 ColinWatson: Implemented in germinate 0.16, ubuntu-meta 1.0, kubuntu-meta 1.0, edubuntu-meta 1.0, and xubuntu-meta 2.0.


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