Vid Ayer

My vote goes to keeping the #ubuntu-fridge, and making #ubuntu-news redirect there. Reason(s):

1. The Fridge has more of a public face so to speak, and it will be nicer to have all the news teams under one roof. To quote from the about page on Fridge, its the information hub for news about local marketing, advocacy, team events, official announcements, LoCo team events, announcing anything else that happens in the Ubuntu community.

2. If we want to keep news in a single place lets keep them together with the Fridge as the core with other groups collaborating with it to make it whole. The Fridge is already well known but few people know how to post stories or get news to us. So we just use the existing Fridge (list and irc channel can be open to all) as a place for anyone to post stories or news items which might be worthy for consideration on any of these : the Fridge, UWN, the Ubuntu website.

3. Most importantly we try to avoid duplication of effort with too many mailing lists seeking to accomplish one goal -NEWS- which is what we are all after. This should be an integrated goal, not a fragmented approach.

4. Volunteers - Like Daniel mentioned earlier, what is lacking is not news, but active volunteers.... people who actually get stuff done and pick up threads when the going is tough for other team members. In short, we need more active volunteers for both the Fridge and UWN.

My.02 (-VidAyer)

  • Vid - I disagree quite strongly. To address your points 1 and 2, there is a clear reason to distinguish between the various projects involved in these initiatives, they have different personnel and different scopes. There is no clear reason to "put the Fridge at the head" of this, ahead of other initiatives. It is simply a project with existing editors and existing processes. In general terms I agree with your points 3 and 4, but they are not actually justifications for your starting point. Point 3 is addressed by this spec, and point 4 is not directly relevant to this spec, but rather requires another one. --mdke

Joey Stanford

For the Fridge in particular:

  1. I'm ok with having one submission queue, in this case a new mailing list. The list has already been created and just needs to be tested to ensure it's open for submission.
  2. The irc channel migration has already begun to #ubuntu-news. Paul Sladen owns the channel so I can't put in a redirect without pulling rank on Freenode. I prefer to save that for emergencies. Martin has added me as the alt on ubuntu-news so I can do damage there if we need too. Smile :-)

  3. The Fridge editors should have their own forum to discuss Fridge related items. Everything from "can someone review this story" to "hey guys, I'm going to be making a change on the fridge and you won't be able to edit for a bit", to discussions about specs like this one. I'd like very much for that to be the Launchpad Mailing list associated with the Fridge editors. This would allow us to manage the editorial team, the ACL for the Fridge itself, and the email list all within Launchpad. The discussions would be public rather than in secret like we have now. I'd like to retire the private fridge-devel list.
  4. The spec comment "Members of ubuntu-fridge should be automatically subscribed to the new list" can be done on the new mailing list but not for any list run by LP other than the ubuntu-fridge editor's list.

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