Bugs targeted for Maverick release: (updated 2010-10-08)

  • N/A


Ubuntu One Maverick Features:

  • Contacts

    • Status: No new features for Maverick. Bug fixes only.

  • Desktop Login

    • Status: Desktop functionality complete after descoping. Server side issue being looked into that prevents valid tokens to be recognized.

  • File Sync Infrastructure

    • Status: Syncdaemon "generations" and proxy support for Ubuntu One client components & Tomboy done. Bug fixes currently.

  • File Sync UI

    • Status: New functionality complete. Bug fixes currently.

  • Preferences

    • Status: Most functionality descoped for Maverick. Bug fixes only.

  • Visibility & Discovery Improvements

    • Status: Done. Reached compromise on Evolution U1 intro email (615874) - English only for Maverick, i18n for Natty.

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