Ubuntu One mobile music streaming

What is it?

Mobile music streaming is a new service from Ubuntu One. It enables you to stream your music from your personal cloud to your mobile phone using the Ubuntu One Music app.

About the beta

The Ubuntu One music streaming beta test period is over. You can now try the service free for 30-days. Check out the Ubuntu One Mobile page for more info and to sign up for the service.

How to use the app

Ubuntu One Music (beta)

Our music app was built in collaboration with the developer of Subsonic and is fairly straightforward. We think we’ve made it fast and easy for your to get on with enjoying your music.


Ubuntu One Music for Android has four basic functions.

  1. Home - Manage settings like caching and the number of songs to preload.
  2. Browse - Tap through all of your artists, albums, and songs.
  3. Search - Search your music.
  4. Current Song - Tap to display information about the song currently playing and control play functions.

You can even change the theme between light and dark.


Feature FAQ

We know that you have a few questions. Please review the Ubuntu One FAQ.

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