Ubuntu One has APIs available but they need to be easy for those building new applications or wanting to integrate Ubuntu One services into existing applications. This includes providing wrapper APIs on existing Ubuntu One functionality (across the various services, files, contacts, etc.) along with reference documentation and examples.

APIs should be available to the Ubuntu desktop, to mobiles, to web applications: everyone should be able to make their apps better with Ubuntu One.

Part of this session is about not just which APIs applications need, but also where those APIs should be talked about; documentation for those APIs, where should it live? How do we get the word out to application developers? Which applications would be good to point out as "flagships", that demonstrate how to do this? If you're an application developer, what do you need from Ubuntu One?

Suggested APIs to provide, for discussion:

Desktop APIs:

  • publish file
  • share folder/unshare folder
  • add/remove a folder to/from ubuntu one
  • stream music (?)
  • desktopcouch
  • desktopcouch-health-monitor program to show which DBs are synced and when
    • they last synced, to help debugging and awareness
  • start up signup window to allow someone to join U1 (you choose "sync my
    • data using Ubuntu One" in the app, but you're not signed up/signed in)
  • is Ubuntu One available on this machine? (makes it easy to hide U1 features
    • on Fedora)
  • get a u1ms link and preview URL for a given song (if you have song
    • metadata: title, artist, album; musicbrainz id) (wrapper around web API)

Web APIs:

  • REST file API
  • share a folder (for vds fullcircle idea)
  • document /phones/creds/{android,ios}
  • SSO and how to get a token valid for U1 in your app
  • get a u1ms link and preview URL for a given song (if you have song
    • metadata: title, artist, album; musicbrainz id)
  • CouchDB per-db access, readonly access (needs admin on website to see and remove tokens granted to an application)

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UI Changes

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Code Changes

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  • data migration, if any
  • redirects from old URLs to new ones, if any
  • how users will be pointed to the new way of doing things, if necessary.

Test/Demo Plan

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