Session Descriptions and Leads

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Introduction – Jono Bacon

kicks off Open Week with our introduction. As the Ubuntu Community Manager Jono will explain how the week works and what to expect and then will open it up to questions for the remainder of the session. In his spare time Jono enjoys rocking out to heavy metal, and writing books.

Introduction to Ubuntu One – Stuart Langridge

Come find out what that means as we walk through Ubuntu One features and answer questions you may have about this exciting new addition to Ubuntu.

Stuart is a hacker of JavaScript, Python, Django (and much much more) fame. He says of himself that he’s a drinker of decent beers, he has a BSc in in Computer Science and Philosophy, was one quarter of the LUGRadio team and is going to talk to us about CouchDB and Desktop Applications. He can be found outside looking for the smokers’ area.

Getting Started with Social from the Start –Ken Van Dine

is the Integration Engineer on the Ubuntu Desktop Team, working primarily with the Desktop Experience Ayatana and Online Services teams to deliver the latest and greatest “hotness” to the Ubuntu Desktop. He is also passionate about the New Social from the Start Feature, and it’s role in the future of the desktop.

Byobu – Dustin Kirkland

In the not so humble opinion of its author, Byobu is one of the most useful applications to land in the Ubuntu Server in 2009! Participants of this session will join a shared screen session in EC2 through SSH, and receive a tour of Ubuntu’s command-line window manager. Learn how to create and browse windows, attach/detach from sessions, toggle notifications, customize the settings, all from a command line interface. This application is a must for users of the Ubuntu Server!

Dustin Kirkland is a core developer of the Ubuntu Server. He’s helping you cryptographically protect your data (eCryptfs & encrypted home directories), improve the energy efficiency of your data center (powernap & powerwake), and virtualize your workloads (qemu, kvm, libvirt, eucalyptus). When he’s not doing that, he’s training for the 2010 Austin Marathon, taking his dogs to the lake, or planning his next hike across Scotland.

Finding Help in Ubuntu - Mike Basinger

This session will assist new users find community based support for Ubuntu Linux. It will cover where to find help, how to search for answers for Ubuntu related problems, and how to provide the right information when asking questions.

Mike Basinger is an administrator on the Ubuntu Forums, where he helps users with Ubuntu questions everyday. He serves the Ubuntu community on the Ubuntu Community and Forums Council. He also write the Q&A column for Ubuntu User magazine.

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Wine Q&A - Scott Richie

Ubuntu Developer for 5 years.Although he is responsible for all things Wine in Ubuntu, he works onother parts of the distribution as well.

Marketing Your LoCoTeam - Leandro Gomez

Learn about how your LoCo Team can make use of different tools and techniques for letting people know what you're doing and recruit new members. This session will cover the use of social sites, blogs, podcasting and the creation of simple and effective newsletters.

Member of the Ubuntu Nicaragua LoCo Team and former team leader. Official member of the Ubuntu Spanish Translation Team. Part of the POSOL Podcast Team. Heavy metal junkie, apprentice Python developer and a shameless Quickly fanboy.

Patch Review Team - Nigel Babu

There are are about 1800 bugs with patches attached in Ubuntu. The Ubuntu Reviewers team aims to review these patches and get the patches integrated into Ubuntu. The Ubuntu Reviews team focuses on "giving back" to upstream. Any working patch, the preference would be to integrate into upstream code and then sync to Ubuntu.

Nigel Babu is a student of Computer Applications. He is an Ubuntu Member and part of the Ubuntu Reviewers team and Bug Control. He triages bugs, sends the bugs upstream, and helps review the patches attached to Ubuntu. The new workflow for patch review was made thanks to his efforts while being "bored"

Adopting a Package and being an upstream contact - Jorge Castro and Sense Hofstede

Are you an expert in your favourite application? Do you want to focus on a selection of the software Ubuntu offers? Or are you interested in working with upstream projects? You might want to consider adopting a package or becoming an Upstream Contact. In this session you'll get an overview of the duties of an Upstream Contact, what tasks you can do when adopting an upstream and how you handle the bugs of the package you've adopted.

Since communication with the upstream project is an important part of this all we will be covering that, but we will also take a look at the different ways you could organise your work and what work you can do. In the end there is the opportunity for people to ask random questions about the subject and hoop up with people interested in adopting similar applications.

Desktop Q+A - Rick Spencer

Join Rick in this session and ask him all about the Ubuntu Desktop.

Rick is not only the leader of the Ubuntu Desktop team, but also one of the lead hackers on quickly. He has a wealth of hacking experience and with quickly wanted to easily expose a fresh hacker to the power that our Desktop application frameworks have and the ultimate fun that it is.

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Ask Mark – sabdfl

Mark is founder of the Ubuntu Project, an enterprise Linux distribution that is freely available worldwide and has both cutting-edge desktop and enterprise server editions, and has become very popular.

He moved to London in 2001, and began preparing for the First African in Space mission, training in Star City, Russia, and Khazakstan. In April 2002 Mark flew in space, as a cosmonaut member of the crew of Soyuz mission TM34 to the International Space Station. In early 2004 he founded the Ubuntu project, which aims to produce a free, high quality desktop OS for everybody. This moderated session is for people to ask Mark about things they might be curious about.

Ubuntu Translations - David Planella

An overview of how Ubuntu can be translated to almost any language, including the work of our awesome translation teams, how Launchpad Translations can be used to translate Ubuntu in a distributed manner, and how to get started translating Ubuntu.

I work for Canonical as the Ubuntu Translations Coordinator (UTC)in the Community Team, and as such my job is to advise and represent Ubuntu translations, and act as a liaison with community translations leaders and upstreams.

As a contributor, I am mostly involved in localization: I lead the Ubuntu Catalan Translators team and I'm also a GNOME and Debian translator.

Edubuntu - Stephane Graber

During the 10.04 release cycle, Edubuntu went through a lot of changes both on the technical and community side of things. During this talk, we'll go through what changed, what our focuses are now and what we are planning to do on the short, middle and long term to make Edubuntu rocking even more.

Stéphane Graber (stgraber) is a long time Ubuntu contributor, Ubuntu Core Developer, Edubuntu council member and member of various councils (EMEA membership approval board, Developer Membership Board, ...). His main focus is maintaining LTSP in Ubuntu as well as developing and maintaining Edubuntu. He's an upstream developer for LTSP, LTSP-Cluster, pastebinit and a few other edubuntu-related projects.Other interests include virtualization, contextualisation and more generally server technologies. He works for Revolution Linux in Quebec, Canada deploying LTSP-Cluster and other large scale infrastructure for school districts, governments and large companies.

Energizing an Ubuntu Community - Randall Ross

Marketing Ubuntu locally is a great way to get people energized about not only the software but also the ethos. How can you get your neighbours excited about it? What works? Explore this topic with someone who has made it a personal mission to catalyze the conversion of an entire city to an "Ubuntu City"

Proactive Security Demonstration - Kees Cook

See the kinds of proactive security in Lucid, and how it works. I'll be using an EC2 "screenbin" session to show off how Ubuntu is protected from many common (and uncommon) security vulnerabilities.

Includes password hashing, stack protection, catching buffer overflows, non-executable memory, NULL-pointer protection, memory randomization, AppArmor, and plenty more.

Kees is an Ubuntu Security Team member, and an employee of Canonical. He's worked on integrating many of Ubuntu's proactive security features, while also working to publish security updates for past Ubuntu releases.

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Kernel Q+A - Kernel Team

This session will include various members of the Kernel Team standing by to tackle your questions about the Ubuntu Kernel.

Server Q+A - Server Team

This session will include various members of the Server Team standing by to tackle your questions about the Ubuntu Server.

Working on Bug Reports (aka Triage Class) - Pedro Villavicencio

Want to help Triage Bugs, participate in Bug Days and what the best practices Triaging Bugs are? The Pedro's session is for you.

Pedro can always be found in a muddle of Desktop bugs, and in Santiago de Chile. Pedro loves the GNOME Desktop, ice cream and photography. He’s a long lost brother of Jorge.

Ubuntu Women - Amber Graner

In this session Amber and UW team members will go over the -M project goals such as from a website face lift, UW mentoring program, translations efforts and much more.

Currently Amber is the UW Project Lead. She is an active Ubuntu Member, event planner, speaker, as well as Ubuntu User Magazine contributor and Blogger. With a smile and sense of humor she is always on the lookout for ways to encourage Ubuntu Users to become contributors.

Loco Council Q&A - Laura Czajkowski

join Laura Czajkowski and other LoCo Council Members for the Q&A Session.

Along with serving as a LoCo Council member Laura is also an organizer extraordinaire. She a very active member of the Ireland Loco Team and organizes every thing from geeknics to OSSBarcamps. She is willing to mentor and help those that want to get their feet wet and learn how to organize FOSS events.

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Ubuntu Development I - Daniel Holbach

In this double session, Daniel will show you how to best set up an initial Ubuntu development environment, pick a few simple bugs and fix them.

The sessions will also give you a good overview over how Ubuntu development works generally. We hope you'll understand many more "development conversations afterwards.

Daniel Holbach is 31, lives in Berlin, Germany, has a dog named Murphy, loves DJing and Drum'n'bass music, recently tried out climbing and works with three fantastic guys: David, Jono and Jorge.

Gaming on Ubuntu - Ben Crissford

Summary of Session: Ubuntu wasn't designed for games, and most games weren't designed for Ubuntu, so 'Gaming with Ubuntu' was never going to be easy. But Ubuntu and other Linux users have found many solutions to the Gaming problem, and this session is an introduction to them. You will learn the basics of using windows emulation softwares and how they work. You will also hear about some great games that are native to linux, and hopefully, afterwards you will understand that 'Gaming with Ubuntu' isn't easy, but it isn't as hard as people think.

Ben Crisford is a passionate gamer who has been using Ubuntu for quite some time, and has been contributing for over a year in various areas. He ran a similar OpenWeek session in 2009 and is hoping that the skills he has learnt in the last year can make this year's session bigger and better than last year's. Ben's blog -

How to participate remotely at an Ubuntu Developer Summit - Jorge Castro

In this session Jorge will walk you through how to connect to the session via iRC and the icecast streams. How you can get the most of the sessions personally and how to contribute to the success of the sessions you attended remotedly.

Feedback and Conclusion - Jorge Castro

We’re always looking to improve and expand Open Week. In this session we’re going to bounce around your ideas and feedback on how to make Open Week better for everyone!

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