Welcome to the Open Week Prep page.

  • add topics that you would like to see discussed
  • sign up to run a session

If you want to run a session, add your name and topic. Make sure your topic is:

  • Ubuntu-related
  • "IRC able" - something that can be explained to someone in an hour or less on IRC.

Warning /!\ keep in mind that this is a brainstorming space and we have limited slots on the schedule, so we're looking for a good mix of topics but can't guarantee that everyone will have a slot - remember you can always run a session outside of Open Week in #ubuntu-classroom.

Once the schedule is finalised we will start filling it up on the UbuntuOpenWeek page.

Call for Sessions

We'll need some info for our program book so if you want to do a session please send along your info to Amber.

  • Name: (person giving session)
  • Topic: (Title of session or what area of Ubuntu it is on - ie desktop, community, kernel, server etc)
  • Summary of Session : (please give a short (300 words or less)- summary of what you plan or would like a session to be on)
  • Bio: (short couple sentences about the you and if you have one a link to your wiki, blog, etc about you) to be used in the program schedule
  • Photo: (please include a photo or yourself or an image to represent you if you don't want you picture in the program schedule)

Proposed Sessions

After you've sent us your info add it here so we have a list:




Bug Triaging


Bug triaging -- concepts and process

Holding in-person Loco events


Q&A session to help those interested in holding local events

5 easy ways to give back


Askubuntu, Forums - Tutorials and Support areas, IRC, Wiki

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