What is Moblin

Moblin is a major initiative launched by Intel targeting the netbook market. Intel is the upstream and has developed some very appealing code for Moblin and it has gathered lots of momentum in the market. Moblin is not a distribution itself (but does have a reference implementation based on Fedora), but instead relies on OSV's (like Canonical and others) to support, package and ship Moblin on their distributions. So Canonical decided to release a version of Moblin running on Ubuntu (Ubuntu Moblin Remix) such that we could give users the freedom to try out Moblin on our great platform that they know and love

What is Ubuntu Moblin Remix

Overview of Moblin UI and Components

Moblin toolbar

  • My Zone- main home screen. Sections for calendar entries, favorites, recent docs, tweats from twitter, other social media information


  • Status - user's online/offline status for various social media sites


  • People - user's friends from Empathy


  • Internet - quick launch of url's, shows thumbnails of open tabs and pinned web pages


  • Media - quick launch/search of recently opened media files, playqueue display


  • Pasteboard - visual paste board


  • Applications - launcher for applications, shown by category, searchable


  • Zones - zone switcher shows active windows in all the zones (equivalent to workspaces)


  • Web Services - this panel is where the user configures specific information for enabled web services.


Status Area

  • Power - battery life monitor
  • Sound - volume adjustment and display
  • Network - Networking UI (carrick), talks to Connman backend, support for wired, wifi, 3G and wimax



  • Moblin Web Browser - uses mozembed with clutter wrapper (clutter-mozembed), moving to Firefox 3.5 in Moblin 2.1


  • Moblin Media Player - clutter based media player, talks to gstreamer back-end


Other major components

  • Mutter - clutter enabled window manager, Moblin Toolbar is a mutter plugin
  • mojito - daemon and API for social networking
  • bognor-regis - media playback daemon
  • bickley - media meta-data engine

How are Ubuntu Moblin Remix and Ubuntu Netbook Remix different?

Ubuntu Netbook Remix was developed by Canonical well before Moblin. Canonical continues to develop and support UNR going forward. We are testing and supporting many hardware models out of the box with UNR and will continue to develop UNR past Karmic. UNR is quite popular, intuitive and well integrated in our platform.

  • UNR is well integrated with the Ubuntu platform (gnome, Ubuntu One, notifications, etc..)
  • UNR user interface is straight forward, simple to use
  • UNR has been shipping commercially for over 1 year, it's well tested and proven

What vendors are shipping Ubuntu Moblin?

How do I get more information about Moblin?

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