Ubuntu Developer Summit

During Ubuntu Developer Summits community members and Ubuntu contributors discuss and collaborate with Canonical people in many parallel tracks. Before scheduling a session, someone has to create a blueprint on Launchpad. At the end of a session all notes are copied to the blueprint and people can subscribe to it to receive updates and partecipate to the process.

But what really happens during the process?

Ubuntu Release Sprint

The idea is to have a sprint meeting in the middle between an UDS and another to discuss about:

  • what progresses have been done during the past months?
  • what need to be reviewed?
  • what need to be dropped because it won't make in time for the next release? etc...


The ideal period would be to have one on July and another one on January.


Completely remote! Yes, you've read correctly.


Using Google Hangouts to organize the meeting. 10 people will be able to attend the meeting using the audio-video chat (I suggest to select 5 from community and 5 from Canonical if there are many requests), the other will be able to follow the stream, ask questions using the chat and partecipate to the notes with etherpad. At the end of the session all notes taken with the etherpad will be copied to the blueprint as usual.


There are some things to take in consideration regarding this particular summit.


  • it doesn't cost anything except some spare time to dedicate to it


  • attendees must have a Google account, but since it's free and open to everyone I don't see any problem here.

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