Ubuntu SDK Days is an online event on Thursday, 14th March 2013 and Friday, 15th March 2013 where a number of app developers and Ubuntu SDK creators will get you started writing apps for Ubuntu on multiple devices.

Simply head to http://ubuntuonair.com to join the session.

You can ask your questions on the chat widget on http://ubuntuonair.com or join the #ubuntu-app-devel IRC channel on Freenode directly.

Thursday, 14th March 2013

Friday, 15th March 2013

15:00 UTC

Keynote - Ubuntu App Development State of the Union - Q&A
Jono Bacon, David Planella and Michael Hall

Ubuntu SDK Q&A
Zoltan Balogh and the SDK Team

16:00 UTC

Installing and configuring the SDK.
Zoltan Balogh and Timo Jyrinki

Making the best of the Ubuntu App Design Guides
Calum Pringle

17:00 UTC

Writing your first app with the Ubuntu SDK
David Planella

SDK Skunkworks projects
Michael Hall

18:00 UTC

Ubuntu Touch Platform Q&A
Gerry Boland and Michał Sawicz

Introducing Friends and Gwibber QML
Ken VanDine and Robert Bruce Park

19:00 UTC

Writing games with QML and Javascript
Martin Kaistra

Lightning talks / project demos

20:00 UTC

Live Update from the Ubuntu Touch Core Apps project
Alan Pope and friends


Unfortunately the session "Writing the new generation of Scopes - David Callé" had to be moved because of unforeseen events.

Lightning talks

Lightning talks are 5 minute sessions in which you can show off cool projects related to or built with the Ubuntu SDK. They don't have to be finished and don't be afraid to break things and show us the latest edge Smile :)

Lightning talk participants


G+ profile

Lightning talk title

IRC nick

Diego Sarmentero


Current state of some Apps


Zoltan Balogh


Investigating and prototyping on-device Ubuntu app development, build and packaging


Stuart Langridge


Ex.fm app for Ubuntu: listen to any music you want, hooray!


Matthias Gehre


WhosThere: A telepathy-based WhatsApp client for Ubuntu and Ubuntu touch


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