The next Ubuntu Scientists meeting is NOT PLANNED.

Ubuntu Scientists Group

We are a group made up of scientists, people who work in science related jobs and people with interest in science who share a common bond as Ubuntu users.

This is our team home page where you can find information on us, how to join, and more. All of our pages are listed on this Site Map of this team wiki page.

We also have a team blog!

Our Goals

Our team has goals to help other scientists:

  1. Help scientists find FLOSS alternatives
  2. Get universities to teach FLOSS instead of proprietary software. (or at least mention/show it...)
  3. Get scientists to be more involved in Ubuntu
  4. Try to convince scientist to make a career in FLOSS development
  5. Develop FOSS Based Work-flows for Scientists.
  6. Specify/Develop Custom FOSS Packages
  7. Address Challenges in Emerging Fields


There are three (3) ways to contact us:

How to Join Us

It is very easy to join us, you only need a LaunchPad/Ubuntu SSO account (you need both if you want to edit the Ubuntu wikis) and just join the team on LaunchPad (there should be a botton that says "Join this team:, on the right hand side).


This Team page contains the following sub-pages:

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