The goal of this doc is to introduce the Ubuntu user into the practical usage of Python and shell scripting on an Ubuntu platform. Starting off with perhaps a brief tutorial on Python and then mostly using cookbook style scipts that people would find useful to illustrate various aspects of Python and shell usage. Not designed as a reference manual or programming doc so much as a introduction to what Python and shell can be utilized for in every day Ubuntu usage. Also could have some marketing impact as Python is a significant component of the Ubuntu desktop.


Ubuntu includes lots of Python packages by default and Ubuntu is know as a Python-centric distro. However, the only attempt at Python documentation so far is installing the Dive Into Python package by default. Dive Into Python is a great tutorial for learning Python, but I think it is perhaps gear more for programmers wanting to learn Python and it isn't readily available in the help system. System -> Help -> System Documentation -> Applications -> Programming . We could either put Dive Into Python in a more prominent place or we could develop a more Ubuntu-specific scripting doc that perhaps used parts of Dive Into Python with more code snippets contributed by the Ubuntu community.

Use cases




3 good Python references would be :


Data preservation and migration

Outstanding issues

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