Ubuntu Secwepemc Translators will translate Ubuntu packages into Secwepemctsín. Secwepemctsín is a Salishan language from BC. Having Ubuntu translated into our language will be another way that we are revitalizing our language and keeping it relevant in the modern world.


Mailing List:

You can sign up for the mailing list by going to https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-l10n-shs

Launchpad Team Page:

You can contact any of the team members through the team page at https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-shs

The team leader on this project was Neskie Manuel. Neskie passed away in the spring of 2011. He was a selfless promoter of both free and open-source software and his people's language and culture. Because of Neskie's passing there is a need for a new team leader for this project to carry on his work.

How to Contribute

Youth and Elders

Most people who would be willing and able to translate are elders. We are looking for youth who are comfortable using computers who would like to sit down with elders and learn the Secwepemctsín words and phrases to do translation.


With the new Hardy Release Ubuntu's Secwepemctsín support consists of a locale and a keyboard map. The font that will eventually be included in Ubuntu is in Debian unstable. ttf-lg-aboriginal is a font package that will be included in Ubuntu with the Intrepid release.

If you want to join this effort please sign up on the mailing list above and also get a Launchpad account and joing the Ubuntu Secwepemc Team

There are some packages for download from the Ubuntu Secwepemc Teams PPA.


A Screenshot of locale being used in GNOME

Launchpad Membership Policy

Anyone interested in joining. We are looking for people within the Secwepemc Territory (700kb) as long as you have access to a computer and are willing to travel to meet with Secwepemc Elders in the community to help translate.


No Meetings scheduled as of yet.

Help Files


Any Font that has support for the COMBINNING COMMA ABOVE is sufficient to display Secwepemctsín. The Aboriginal Series fonts have support for this character as well as Others such as Gentium.

The Aboriginal Series fonts from http://languagegeek.com have been packaged and are ready for download on the Ubuntu Secwepemc Team's PPA. For full Secwepemctsín support please add our links to your repository list. Please see the help file about Adding Repositories.

You can see the repetoire map on the Secwepemctsín Language Page.


We have generated some bugs that are being worked on to include Secwepemctsin support in various areas in and outside of Ubuntu.

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