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This spec describes Ubuntu's Small Business Server directory services, a solution aimed at making it easy for non-technical businesses set up an Ubuntu based server for a simple but scalable administration of users and user information.

Packages and tools to make configuring of a Small Business Server for Ubuntu as easy as possible.

Some goals:

  • Easy configuring user credetials at a sigle point
  • Easy configuring and distributing user configuration for e-mail, IM, filebrowser/mount-points etc


The free software universe in general, and Ubuntu in particular, already provides most of the tools and infrastructure components needed to fulfill the needs of small businesses. What we need is good integration between these components and easy configuration.

Use Cases

  • Jane logs in to a computer she newer used before in the corpnetwork, she can instantly use evolution for her mail, contacts, notes and calendar. In nautilus she can find both her documents and shared documents. The IM- and telephony system are updated where to find Jane.
  • Steve is new in the company, Helen who is responsible HR updates the directory and gives Steve his user-name, initial password, e-mailaddress, IM-id and telephone-number. Steve can now use the corporates resources.
  • Rose is a temp and when she is not working the security officer wants that Rose does not have access to corporate resources. This is done at the directory.
  • John is not working any-more at the corp, when his deleted at the directory he does not have access to shared resousrces any-more.
  • Cathrine works some-times off-line...


Adding and removing users. Distribute new and updated user oriented configuration data. Authorization on and off-line, web resources and fat clients.


* Avahi? * OpenLDAP, Gosa, Phamm, LAT

Backups of home-directories


Everything in this spec will likely be done as deb-packages that will fit in well with other Ubuntu distributed software.

BoF agenda and discussion


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