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This spec describes Ubuntu's Small Business Server e-mail, a solution aimed at making it easy for non-technical businesses set up an Ubuntu based server for a simple but scalable e-mail solution.

Packages and tools to make configuring of a Small Business Server for Ubuntu as easy as possible.


  • IMAP/POP service with SSL/TSL-option and server-side filtering
  • SMTP service with SSL/TSL-option
  • Calendar service
  • Contact service
  • Notes/todo service
  • SPAM and virus filtering
  • Single userid and password


The free software universe in general, and Ubuntu in particular, already provides most of the tools and infrastructure components needed to fulfill the needs of small businesses. What we need is good integration between these components and easy configuration.

Use Cases

  • Jane at HR gives Steve his e-mail-address (and credentials). Steve have then access to the e-mail, contacts, notes and calendar-service.
  • Rose will be un reachable for e-mail for a period of time, she can create her own vacation message.
  • John just works temporary and wants to forward his mail to another mail-account, he can do this by himself.
  • Cathrine thinks the spam-system is too narrow, she can lower the wall by her self and administer her own spam rules.
  • Tor uses both a workstation and a lap-top and some times wants to read hes mail by a webbrowser on a foreign computer, he wants to organize his mailbox to automatically create a new mail directory per month for archiving purposes. The filtering has to be done irrespective of client computer.
  • Celia and Tor wants to share a calendar and a contact-list for a project
  • Henrik wants to find an optimal appointment time within a project team where some people is not part of the company
  • Maria uses a smartphone to create appointments with customers when shes on the run, the calendar, notes, and contacts has to be synced with central resources.


Management of accounts, Storage and file servers. Announcing services, adding users and workstations. Administrating rights and adding resources. Implementing backup, redundancy and distribution.


* Postfix * Dovecot * Davical * OpenLDAP * Avahi? * phamm | Gosa

Backups of home-directories

  • Backintime, dirvish ???


Everything in this spec will likely be done as deb-packages that will fit in well with other Ubuntu distributed software.

BoF agenda and discussion


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