Membership Project

The Ubuntu Students team Membership Project promotes membership and orientates new members. This project welcomes new members and helps them get started with one of the team projects. The Membership Project reaches out to existing members and helps them reach the resources they need to pursue their goals within the team. Membership Project participants may also encourage new team members when existing member participation is low.

Project Contact

Are you interested in participating in the Membership Project? The lead contact for the Membership Project is harrisony in the Freenode #ubuntu-students channel. Reach out to the lead contact for any questions regarding this project.

Project Goals

The Membership Project current goals are establishing a small team and initiating discussion on further goals. Some future goals may include:

  • Reaching out to existing members to validate their continued interested in the Ubuntu Team.
  • Generating a list of members and their contact information.
  • Informing existing members about on-going team projects.
  • Watching for new members and reaching out to them, helping them feel comfortable participating within the Ubuntu Students team.
  • Help new members find local linux groups (such as LUGs and LoCo teams)


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