This will stay close in color to the current but throw out the design ideas. New engine. Whatever just as long as the Blue/Darker Gray/Black is in there.

The thinking behind this is professional multimedia editing apps.
avid_xpress_dv_76.jpg BIG ardour_ss.jpg BIG

Gutsy's Theme

twf_v2.png BIG

Viper 550


  • I used the Crux and Clearlooks engines for this, thinking Crux looked sorta like what you'd find in those media applications. Window border is temporary. -Viper550
    • Along with keeping in mind what "those media applications" look like one must keep in mind if it follows THIS. I'm unsure if it does. -CKontros

GTK/DIY Theme idea

How about extending the grungy/DIY concept to the GTK Theme? I've made a quick and dirty mockup, but since i'm no artist it doesn't look good; however, i'm sure you'll get the idea : gtkdiy.png

I have no idea which engine could display that, but I think any engine capable of displaying SVG could do the trick. -nilux


I definitely like this idea. If no one else is taking it, I can make a good gtk2 theme out of it. Should I take it with the murrine engine? - SzerencseFia

* Just use the engine that fits best; you can try with murrine but i don't think it will work.. - Nilux

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