This page is for ideas of the 3rd iteration of the Ubuntu Studio logo.

Logo should:

  • Use new Ubuntu font.
  • Use white for the text and the "Ubuntu Studio Blue" (#009bf9) for the C.O.F.

Cory K.'s Ideas

This current quick mockup is based on the new Ubuntu proper logo. The kerning and height is slightly different than the font. (though, the C.O.F. feels a bit heavy)

I feel this is a sophisticated look in keeping with out past and the rest of the Ubuntu line.


Here's one with the tagline (it's use would depend on scale because as-is, it's a bit small), version # and a bit of pretty.


Scott L.'s Ideas

studiologo-twotone-1.png studiologo-twotone-2.png

Brian David.'s Ideas

Logo and website layout idea.

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