Road map

  • Incorporate the CoF somehow
  • A fairly dark and neutral background color.
  • Visual elements from the kind of digital tools we provide, like sequencer graphics (not a real sequencer, but a simple design), 3D model fundamentals, a photograph, that sort of thing

Everyone could contribute with specific elements to the whole. Someone should be responsible for putting it all together, with feedback from others (zequence could do initial work for this, but then someone more suitable should finish it). --me?! --sakrecoer


About the colors




The colors in trunk are:

  • blue for audio (our standard blue, used for our CoF) #009BF9
  • orange for graphics #E27D15

  • purple for video #574BBC

The logic behind the colors: Purple is a mix between red and blue, just as video is a mix of audio and graphics. If having the colors side by side, purple seems the best fit to have in the middle, considering the relationship between the colors. Blue to the left (which from a western POW is the start of a page).


About Symbols and icons

We have a set of icons, lets consolidate it. The trunk can be found here:




Check List

  • Establish exact symbol for work-flow ( )
  • Layout this wikipage Big Grin :) ( )

  • Establish default wallpaper ( )
  • Consolidate trunk AKA Let's Do This:p ( )

ongoing discussion (draft-source)


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