This page reflects the current developmental concepts for Ubuntu Studio's 11.10 artwork.

[scott] I would still like to keep a dark UI theme going, it's kinda like a trademark...even if we go with XFCE. Lots of black with dark gray.

I would actually like to see a dark theme like this:

And maybe use the Faenza icons:

I think the basis for the new overall theme might come from how different it seems that 11.10 will be. The differences look to be:

  • using a new desktop environment, XFCE most likely
  • rocking a new UI
  • new kernel - snappier, -lowlatency (hopefully), can thread irq
  • better support for user tasks (i.e. documented work flows)
  • hopefully new website > [Jorge] New website/theme will be ready by then (and even a lot earlier)

  • hopefully new documentation (or at least in process)

The overarching theme might be "a new beginning" or "you thought you knew Ubuntu Studio" or similar. Somehow we need to mention the transition and the evolution/updating after a period of dormancy or stagnation.

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