Feature definition for multimedia application categorization in Ubuntu Studio and Debian

There are many parts to categorizing applications. We will begin by overseeing freedesktop categories in desktop files for packages that belong to our focus area - which basically means all packages in the Debian sections: sound, graphics and video.

The way we categorize our applications will be reflected in the design of our meta packages, as well as the outlay of our menu.

Follow standards as closely as possible - using debian sections and freedesktop categories as base.

Applications are first divided into three main categories: Audio, Graphics and Video. These exist also as main freedesktop categories, as well as Debian sections (audio is named sound in Debian sections).

Freedesktop Categorization

Below are the pages where the work on freedesktop categories is organized.


When checking for which categories a desktop file should belong to, use this page as reference - UbuntuStudio/FreedesktopCategories.

Phase 1: Make suggestions

During the first phase:

  • Pick one or more workitems in one of the three blueprints, fdc-audio, fdc-graphics or fdc-video. Replace [ubuntustudio-dev] with your launchpad name, and change TODO into INPROGRESS.

  • Install the package that the desktop file belongs to, if needed, in order to learn what the application that you start with the desktop file is used for. Make sure you are starting the correct desktop file by investigating the contents of /usr/share/applications/<name>.desktop, if needed.

  • Determine if the categories are correct for the desktop file.
    • If yes, add the word OK in the column for "Suggested FDC" for that desktop file in the wiki page where the categories are organized.
    • If no, use the page UbuntuStudio/FreedesktopCategories as reference to determine which freedesktop categories seem appropriate for the desktop file (add more changes than less at this first stage, since we will still review all desktop files before changing them upstream). Then, add your suggestions to the wiki page.

  • Finally, in the blueprint, change the INPROGRESS to DONE for your workitem.

Phase 2: Review

Phase 3: Implementation

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