Ubuntu Studio 7.10 Release Notes

Ubuntu Studio is a multimedia editing/creation flavor of Ubuntu. It's built for the GNU/Linux audio, video, and graphic enthusiast or professional.

The Ubuntu Studio team is proud to announce its sophomore release: Ubuntu Studio 7.10. With this release, which you can download for DVD in little over 800 MiB, Ubuntu Studio offers a pre-made selection of packages, targeted at audio, video and graphics users. Ubuntu Studio greatly simplifies the creation of Linux based multimedia workstations.

Quite possibly the most requested feature for Ubuntu Studio 7.10 has been delivered, full 64-bit support. This has been made possible thanks to Canonical, Ubuntu's parent company. They have graciously agreed to assist in building and hosting the disks. Full 64-bit support brings Ubuntu Studio that much closer to being a fully recognized derivative.

In addition, the Ubuntu Studio team has endeavored to include all of our packages in the standard Ubuntu repositories. From this release on, there will be no need for an external repository, making for a pain-free upgrade path in the future.

Also, a customized Audio/Visual menu has been developed for this release. The new submenus organize the audio and video applications into to their respective places. This addresses another one of Ubuntu Studio's user-base annoyances, namely that the previous menu was too cluttered.

With Ubuntu Studio 7.10, the real-time (RT) kernel is shipped by default. The real-time kernel drastically lowers latencies, especially important with audio applications such as Ardor.

In this release, Ubuntu Studio has built upon the usability and support of Ubuntu as a foundation. Ubuntu Studio draws upon the firm base of Ubuntu and Debian. This allows Ubuntu Studio to benefit from all the improvements occurring there.

As our wiki page at states: "Our aim is to make it more accessible for new users to get into the tools that GNU/Linux has to offer for multimedia creation/production. We also want to spotlight what's out there,show users tools they might not have know existed." We have certainly fulfilled that aim with our second release with 7.10, and can only continue to improve.

Thanks to all who helped in Ubuntu Studios creation! Bring on the show!

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